Everything we do conveys our understanding of God.

Everything we touch, and how we touch it, says something meaningful about our relationship with the Creator of everything.

Everything that we think, say, eat, wear, buy, sell, play, promote, tolerate, laugh at, dread, or enjoy manifests a sort of doctrinal position regarding our appreciation and respect of God’s nature as reflected in the things that we think, say, eat, wear, buy, sell, promote, tolerate, laugh at, dread, or enjoy.

Whether we realize it or not, like it or not, or believe it or not, everything that we say, think, or do about anything in God’s creation reflects our approach to God.

Everything is theological.

Sports, music, art, science, comedy, philosophy, business, economics, and law in practice are all expressions of theology – either good theology or bad theology, depending on how they conform to the Nature of God as revealed in His Word.

While this reality could, and will, be elaborated upon for an eternity of eternities by His people in the restored, perfected cosmos that they will inhabit, cultivate, and explore without end, the simple bottom-line reality that I’d like to key on today as we roll into the first days of the Year of Our Lord 2018 is this: Jesus is Lord.

Over everything.

Right now.


Every thought, concept, sound, sight, plant, animal, mineral, planet, star, moon, and galaxy.

He owns them all.

He defines them all.

He sustains them all…for His glory and to the eternal benefit of His people (see: Colossians 1:15-20).

There is no neutral ground in all of His creation. There is no area of life beyond His present  lordship. There is no realm of His creation that is beyond His present rule.

So the next time you hear someone dismiss the importance of theology in life, understand one thing: They’ve just made a theological statement; a confession of sorts concerning their own ignorance and rebellion against the God who owns them and everything they say, think, see, taste, feel, and do.

Contrary to the popular “little Jesus” preaching that dominates American religion these days, the Gospel-fueled Great Commission is no small thing.

It touches and radically impacts everything – every nook, cranny, and corner of life.

It’s not about you (or any other person…or any group of people, for that matter).

It’s all about Him.

His comprehensive rule.

His lordship over everything.

His grace through His people advancing His Kingdom on His earth in His creations of time and space.

If we really and truly want to see lives, families, churches, communities, and cultures saved, we will live this everything-defining truth out in our approach to art, politics, education, economics, business, science, and everything else.

If we don’t, we won’t.

It’s just that simple.

May God give His people the grace to desire, pursue, and apply His lordship in every area of life here and now in His year of 2018.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!

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