Of the many fundamental, life- and world-defining truths that Right-and Left-wing advocates of The System cannot abide us getting a handle on, among the most critical is that we don’t need them.

We don’t need The State or its advocates to manage our lives outside of the very, very, very narrow parameters prescribed for civil government in Scripture.

We don’t need them – through the coercive power of their beloved State – to dictate the details of our lives “for our own good”.

We don’t need them to “protect” us from true liberty, true freedom, and true prosperity.

We don’t need them to manage or supervise our education.

We don’t need them to manage or supervise our businesses.

We don’t need them to manage or supervise our investments or retirements.

We don’t need them to manage or supervise our pursuit of professions or the way we build on our property.

We don’t need them to manage or supervise our use of free speech or dictate the amount of water that we use to flush our toilets.

We don’t need them to manage or supervise our roads, our driving on roads, or our development of personal vehicles that don’t need roads.

We. Don’t. Need. Them.

Moreover, in order for us to flourish into true adulthood and experience the unmatchable beauty of real liberty and freedom, we must get them out of these areas of our lives.

Not “we might need to” or “we ought to consider” getting them out.

We must get them out.

We must get them and their endless rationalizations for anti-Christian Statism out of our lives. We must remove all ability for them to deploy the coercive power of the State in order to take away our freedom, our liberty, our property, and our life-defining responsibility.

We must push them back into the darkness from which they came.

How do we do that?

How do we remove from them their precious and irreplaceable power of coercion?

How do we end their control and domination of our lives?

By patiently using the freedoms and opportunities that we have at any given moment to move ahead in spite of them while teaching our children to take the next steps toward true freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity.

This concept – this mission – is something we should strive to consciously instill in the hearts and minds of our young, lest they be tempted, corrupted and coopted into the pride and futility of the doomed State-worshipping religion and worldview that’s crashing and burning around us.

Thankfully, and to the great horror of those who want to preserve All-American Socialism and its Big Government Leviathan, God is raising up technologies and circumstances right here and now that are at this very moment making pathways toward freedom and opportunities that were unimaginable only a short time ago.

The Internet, personal computers, smartphones, robotics, 3D-printing…these are but a handful of the liberating, bottleneck-breaking, system-shaking tools that God is putting in our hands right now, with even better equipment coming faster than we can find ways to productively use it.

How cool is that?

For the truly liberty minded, I mean.

For those who desperately desire and cling to the centralized powers that define our presently perverted approach to things like civil government, these tools are threats. They’re dangerous. They must be…regulated and controlled by the State.

“For our own good”, of course.

To that I say (and invite you to join me in saying):



Go play in the traffic!

We don’t need your anti-Christian schools.

We don’t need your massive media conglomerates.

We don’t need your System-programmed politicians and sock puppet political party constructs.

We need only look away from these trappings of the dying zombie culture around us and notice that God is raising up everything that we do need and can use right now to pursue true freedom in a land and culture still clinging to pride in its death throws as the NSA does what it can to monitor every thought and expression made here in “the land of the free” and “home of the brave”.

While so many prideful State-worshippers look to their god for their salvation, let’s model true bravery.

Let’s seize the day that God has given us.

Let’s seize the technologies that God has given us.

Let’s seize the opportunities that God has given us.

Let’s do these things in all the ways that “they” fear most.

Let’s not simply say that we don’t need their management or supervision in order to survive. Let’s show them that we won’t allow them to hold us back and prevent us from thriving and pursuing true freedom, liberty, joy, and prosperity…all by doing what God has called and equipped us to do.

Right now.

There’s no need to wait for an empire to completely fall before we as Christians start building on its ruins.

We can – and should – start that process right now.

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