Wanna try a fun and illuminating little exercise?

Think of nothing.

I mean nothing, as in: No thing.

Can’t do it, can ya?

And no, imagining a black space, a blank page, or an empty room doesn’t count as a win here, since a black space is a space, a blank page is a page, and an empty room is a room. Those things are things.

As finite, created beings, we are only able of approximating or grasping at the edges of a concept as (seemingly) simple as nothing.

This should help to put and keep us in our place, shouldn’t it?

If we can’t even nail down nothing in and of ourselves, then how can we expect to define anything else in an of ourselves?

The same goes for the much more (seemingly) lofty concept of infinity.

Try imagining that one with specificity.

Can’t do that either, can ya?

But at least it doesn’t grate on our ego the way that our inability to get nothing might, so this is at least a generally less painless and easier exercise for us to own up to. Even so, it’s important to note our profound limitations and let them sink in.

We, as created beings, can precisely comprehend neither nothing nor infinity. We are bound on both ends by parameters of understanding on either side of the spectrum.

That should be humbling.

And inspiring.

Humbling because the God who is infinitely more than everything in His creation has chosen, for His own purposes, to show us all sorts of things about Him through that creation. More cool still is the fact that He has called and equipped His people to not only witness, but actively participate in His work in space and time so that His Gospel-fueled Great Commission might eventually and inevitably move – sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly as we measure things – each and every realm of life completely under the loving rule of Christ as King.

Time itself is His creation. It is His tool. He is not bound by it. It is bound by Him.

In this context, time is no different from his many other immaterial creations like law, logic, economics, and philosophy.

They’re all His. He owns them and uses them as He sees fit. Always and without exception (see: Colossians 1:15-20, for example).

He is the Meta-Author who owns and uses every author and subject beneath Him.

While the potential for healthy, vibrant variety of life in His creation may indeed be limited by the parameters set in His Nature and revealed in His Word, this in no way means that His people and the culture they create cannot be infinitely vibrant, rich, and glorious. Quite the contrary, actually.


Because He is infinite.

No matter how much we learn, grow, explore, build and adventure over the course of our eternal lives, there will always be infinitely more and infinitely deeper joys ahead.

How infinitely cool is that?

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