[Note: As the title and content of this article should make plain, the above is not a picture of Jesus Christ.]

The above gem of a meme-starter-wannabe was spotted on Facebook a little while back, so I set it aside and admired it for a while before sharing it with you fine folks here.

In this rendition we are treated to the 47,342,916th incarnation of “do not judge” Jesus, also known as, “Satan”.

Or maybe it’s just Jim Caviezel. Can’t be sure.

Either way, it isn’t the Jesus of Scripture and Christianity. And since I’ve never heard anything so hypocritical, oxymoronic, or flat out stupid as this ever come out of Jim Caviezel’s mouth, I’m gonna stick with the initial conviction that the figure most likely and accurately represented here by the lily-white, sparkling clean guy in the sandals is, in fact, the devil.

Here’s why:

First off, its his opener, which reads, “Ok, so here is what I want you to do. Love others just as I have loved you. Take care of them and don’t judge them.”

This one should be a fairly obvious ginormous red burning flag to anyone familiar with what the Christ of Christianity actually teaches about love and judgment.

The Jesus of Christianity embodies a love that drives away hypocritical, self-righteous judgment in favor of true, coherent judgment as acquired by the perfect light of the Word of God. The Jesus of Christianity commands and equips His faithful followers to “test all things” in light of Scripture (1 Thessalonians 5:21) so that they might correct error, rebuke, (2 Timothy 3:16) and even drive out unrepentant sinners from His Church (Matthew 18:15-17).

That’s the true Christ.


By way of fairly glaring contrast, the satanic counterfeit posing with the toddler above only offers self-righteous, hypocritical standards of judgment as the means by which he encourages his faithful followers to reject the standards of loving, righteous judgment made plain by the Christ of Christianity.

Where the sandled satanic knockoff tells his folks “not to judge”, he models for them the very essence of hypocritical, incoherent, oxymoronic double-speak.

He judges those who would judge.

This is what’s known as a “self-defeating statement”, meaning that, as soon as it is finished being spoken, it has already proven itself to be untrue.

Therefore, it’s also known as a “just plain stupid” statement.

After all, if judging another is wrong, then how can you coherently judge another for judging another? That has to be wrong, too, doesn’t it?

So please stop, ideally before even beginning down such an impossibly idiotic, self-refuting path.

“Judge nobody…except those making judgments…which must include me as I say this, of course.”

See what satanic counterfeits get you? Sure, they’re deceptive and dangerous, which is bad enough, but, on the plus side, they’re also really, really dumb.

“On the plus side”?


It’s a plus.

And a big one, since dumb can often be spotted very early on, and easily so, if we will just pause, take a moment and think it through

If we “test all things” in light of scripture, as lovingly commanded by the Christ who has called and commanded His people to judge all things rightly, the stark raving stupidity and idiotic incoherence of satanic counterfeits like this will be made so plain so quickly that we will be able to avoid the pain and darkness into which they are designed to lead us.

Which is exactly why the Facebook-friendly ad for satanic thought pictured above is all about the business of steering us away from the life-preserving beauty of objective truth and toward the subjective, self-serving warmth of our own personal feelings.

The Christ of Christianity lovingly commands that we test and correct everything, including your own precious feelings, by the perfect light of His nature as revealed in His Word,

The pasty-faced, forked-tongued wannabe pictured here in the sandals wants us to set aside all o’ that “objective truth” stuff entirely, or, at the very least, subjugate it to our feelings.

The former approach leads to truth, joy, peace, and eternal life.

The latter path leads to ever-increasing deceit, darkness, despair…and stupidity.



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5 Responses

  1. To thee unbeliever the bible doesn't make sense.They see everything faintly as looking through a dark glass,until you are redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ and have the light of the world,open your understanding only your athesistic views will be what you follow .I'm sorry you have no faith if you are trully seeking,the Lord WILL anwser you .Open your heart,come to Christ.

  2. Or you could obsess over one book that was fed to you to be the truth. Even though it’s was written by men who had the collected knowledge of the world around them equivalent to a 3rd grader today. You know the one thing most religions have in common? They all think they’re right. And it seems so do you

  3. How can a virgin birth be real ? It is a fabrication that this divine person existed and therefore it is a lie and therefore this picture above is a true likeness of the reality.

  4. @Michael Snow: Thank you for this book reference. I just looked it up on amazon and added it to my cart.

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