China’s stockpiling precious metals.

Russia’s stockpiling precious metals.

India’s stockpiling precious metals.

Hungary’s stockpiling precious metals.


Because the writing is on the wall: The US Dollar, like every fiat currency before it, is destined to attain its intrinsic value of zero, and as our debt/spending scenario becomes more and more clear, that inevitable destination for the dollar is no longer way out there on the horizon. It’s closer. Much closer.

That’s why so many nations are stockpiling precious metals.

The tools that were used by the system to bail itself out (at our expense) in 2008 are no longer available to confront the much larger crisis looming ahead. With interest rates already cut to the bone, radical rate cuts will not be an option for economic stimulus as we witness the popping of asset bubbles (stocks, home prices, etc.) artificially re-inflated by the last giant wave of stimulation through QE (Quantitative Easing, which is just a deliberately obtuse way of saying “money printing”).

Basically, our economy is like a drug addict in the last stages of life. The same hits of fiat magic that used to get us high can’t even keep us stable anymore as we’ve been driven to bigger and bigger hits of harder and harder drugs (government programs, “bailouts”, etc.).

All of which will inevitably lead to “money” printing on a massive scale – well beyond the massive scale we’ve already pursued – in an effort to fund the insane programs that are right around the corner as a part of our fearless leaders’ plan to lift us out of the coming crisis.

Once that “money”-printing plan is made plain, the dollar will become debased and devalued beyond repair.

The writing is pretty much on the wall already.

That’s why Russia, China, Hungary, India and others are moving away from the dollar and toward precious metals.

These moves are anything but random or coincidental.

They are very smart.

They are wise.

They are in accordance with the most basic of biblical concepts where economics and wealth protection are concerned.

In this context I want to share a link to a cool promo being offered by JM Bullion. (I get absolutely nothing from your following this link. I am in no way partnered or connected with JM Bullion other than as a customer who took advantage of the promo mentioned here):

They’re basically selling ten rounds of silver at spot price, with free shipping and, for most customers, no sales tax. It’s about as good a deal as the average person is going to find on silver, and the amount is low enough to keep the price low (somewhere in the $155-$170 range as I type this).
I’m not saying that silver is the silver bullet (or silver shield) for any particular problem, economic or otherwise, but it seems like a good option to consider these days as we roll through the late/endgame stages of our fiat economic nightmare and into the reset that will follow.

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