When the U.S. dollar loses over 97% of its purchasing power over its first 106 years of existence, what does that tell us about the nature of the dollar?

The same thing that Proverbs 11:1 tells us: It cannot stand. It is destined to die just as surely as previously hyperinflated fiat currencies like those used today in Venezuela, a decade ago in Zimbabwe, and nearly a century ago in Weimar Germany.

The bottom-line unbreakable rule is this: God despises and destroys all counterfeit economic constructs built upon a system in which “money” is magically made out of thin air by a few while the masses are required to spend their time, energy, and creativity chasing after scraps of the currency in question. Such systems are, without exception, designed to produce debt-slavery for the masses to the benefit of those deemed worthy of having the power to create wealth out of thin air.

So how exactly does a passage like Proverbs 11:1 intersect with the U.S. dollar today? How do the basic biblical requirements for a fair, equally applied standard as the basis for legitimate economics intersect with the rise and fall of fiat economics and fiat currency throughout human history?

What can we learn from the loving Law of God that will help us to identify, understand, and correct the fundamental errors that we’ve made time and time again?

How can we secure a solid economic foundation for future generations rather than the debt-slavery, system-empowering paradigm under which we currently labor?

These are some of the questions that we’ll be diving into in this week’s Tennessee General Assembly Bible Study in Nashville, which I’d like to share with you here (especially because my prep time in writing and laying out the print material pictured below substantially cuts into my blogging time during Session, which runs from early January to April or May).

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For those interested in following along, here are some images of the print material accompanying this week’s study.

Page 1:

Here’s Page 2:

Here’s Page 3:

And here’s Page 4:

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