The Inquisition is upon us. Has been for a while.

While that part should be obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, one important aspect of The Inquisition that we need to appreciate right about now is the fact that it’s doomed to failure, and soon.

That’s right.

It’s the Hindenburg, the Titanic, the Dukakis campaign and New Coke all rolled into one. Worse, actually.

The Leftist/Liberal/Progessive Inquisition rolling over the culture at the moment is, in fact, a very fragile, very weak, desperately insane paper tiger in the ways that matter most. For all the pro-Inquisition media’s bluster about the “inevitable” victory of liberalism/progressivism, more and more people are awakening to the fact that this Inquisition and its suicidally stupid Narrative are not only destined for the ash heap of history, but should be escorted there ASAP. Even as Leftist and Progressive Inquisitors go about their business of raging against the systems and structures they aim to tear down and rebuild in their own irrational, insane image, they seem to be more apparently doing their raging from a position of ever escalating desperation, as if they know their time is short and their position of supposedly “inevitable” victory is actually on the verge of complete implosion.

As such, we are living in an age of great opportunity.

It’s high time that Christians in the land seize that opportunity.

The Inquisitorial Emperor wannabes aiming to paint our God, our Bible, and our worldview as “hate” have no clothes and no credibility. Christians who can see, articulate, and act upon these truths are uniquely positioned to take back massive amounts of cultural territory, and quickly, from the overextended, overconfident, and overexposed minions of The Inquisition. Awakened Christians are at this very moment positioned to pop the Inquisitorial balloon, rain on the Inquisitorial parade, and kick the whole rotten Inquisitorial house of cards to the ground…by simply standing firm and fighting for reality in the face of the increasingly obvious insanity of The Inquisition.

As The Inquisition tells us that Bruce Jenner is a woman, Christianity is hate, Islam is love, and that open persecution and bigotry aimed at Christians is an essential component of the Progressive march toward peace, tolerance, and inclusion, all we need do is stand boldly in opposition to their insanity, clearly articulating truth in the face of their stark raving lunacy and deceit while refusing to bend over at their command so that they can go on pillaging the culture.

All we need to do is be the men and women that God has called and equipped us to be, right here and now on the battlefield that He’s placed us.

All we need to do is stand in His Nature as revealed in His Word.

When we stand, we will win.

Many Inquisitors seem to understand this at some level, which is precisely why they’re in a full on sprint toward what they perceive as the final and complete destruction of Christians’ ability to operate openly in our culture.

It’s time for us to stop confusing their desperation with confidence.

It’s time for us to take a calm, serious look through the cultural carnage burning around us and recognize that it really doesn’t have to be this way. Not at all.

They don’t have to win.

At all.

Christians don’t have to hide.

At all.

A first step toward correcting misconceptions of our present situation is to recognize the nature and motivation of The Inquisition’s focused rage against Christianity’s presence in the public realm. While The Inquisition has many targets (anyone/any group that resists The Narrative of The Inquisition), it’s chief opposition and target for extermination is orthodox Christians and the orthodox Christianity that defines their worldview. This is anything but accidental or random. It’s actually the one and only aspect of the Inquisition’s religious worldview that makes complete sense.

If a person actually believes that Jesus is God, that His Word is binding upon all of His creation, and that His definitions of love, sin, good, evil, and everything else are the actual definitions upon which reality is based right here (and everywhere else in God’s creation), and therefore form the foundation upon which His people are to build every area of their lives, well…that kind of person has to go.

That kind of person has to be dealt/done away with in for there to be “progress”.

That sort of Christianity, from the Inquisition’s perspective, is “hate”.

Biblical orthodox Christianity’s millennia-spanning, detailed teachings on things like God, His created order, the purpose/identity of men, the purpose/identity of women, the purpose of family, and the destructive, sinful nature of things like homosexuality are, from the Inquisition’s quite religious perspective, “hate”.

Christians who embrace biblical orthodox Christianity, no matter how clearly and deeply rooted their beliefs are in Scripture and recorded history, must be punished, shamed, and beaten into submission.

Such Christians’ feelings don’t matter in the least.

Respect for such Christians’ culture and heritage matter not.

Each and every one of the battlecry chants of The Inquisition – the endless claims of love, respect, and tolerance for those who are different in the name of “getting along” for the sake of progress, unity, and harmony – all of these claims routinely chanted ad nauseum by the many Inquisitors of The Inquisition have long been revealed to be flagrant lies of the most deceptive and destructive sort.

They have no credibility.

They have no truth.

They have no love.

They have only their self-serving, self-referential hatred of all who would dare oppose them and a rage-inspired dedication to imposing their definition of love and tolerance on every man, woman, child, business, church, and government.

These people don’t love and will not tolerate anyone or anything that dares stand in opposition to their precious Narrative, and orthodox, Bible-believing Christians are the worst of the worst from their perspective, so…The Inquisition rolls on.

In the name of peace, love, and tolerance, they label the most basic, well-documented beliefs of biblical Christianity as “hate” and do everything they can to ruin the lives of Christians who hold and dare to publicly express such views.

Those who oppose The Narrative must be punished. At the very least they must be shamed and/or persecuted into silence.

After decades of this religious war and implementation of The Inquisition’s scorched earth religious war policies in most (if not all) corporate boardrooms and large organizations in the United States and throughout the West, we are now living in a climate where the open persecution of Christians for actually daring to be Christians is the norm in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

To say that Bruce Jenner is now a woman is not only totally legit in most corporate settings, it’s championed to the extent that dissent will often be punished.

Think about that.

Simply noticing and daring to speak the undeniable, unbreakable, and quite fundamental truth that Bruce Jenner is not, and never will be, a woman, is now treated as evil by most of those in charge of most large organizations and corporations in America these days.

Let that sink in.

Think about where that leads…which is precisely where The Inquisition wants to take us.

Expressing the basic, thoroughly documented and historically consistent Christian position that homosexuality is inherently sinful and destructive is now “hate”, while claiming that Bruce Jenner is a woman is “loving”.

Tolernace of basic Christian truths is not allowed.

Promotion of fundamentally evil and destructive notions like the utterly insane proposition that a man can simply identify himself into being a woman – that is not only allowed, but encouraged, and is even now [*ahem*] transitioning from “encouraged” to “insisted upon”, as in: If you dare say that things like homosexuality and transgenderism are sinful/insane/destructive, you will be punished.

This is where The Inquisition has taken us.

And it won’t stop.

It can’t stop.

Not on its own accord, anyway.

This is where Christians come in…and why they’re so vigorously targeted today as primary enemies of The Narrative.

Consciously or not, most members of The Inquisition know that their time is short. Deep down many of the Inquisitor and Inquisitor enablers realize that the window of opportunity is quickly closing on their movement even as it seems close to achieving its goals.

We should pause here for a point of clarification: The Inquisition is nowhere near achieving its goal of purging the culture into conformity with its quite literally insane and inherently culture-devastating ideology. Sure, if you watch Inquisition-controlled media or focus on Inquisitor-saturated social media, you might think that these nutcases are on the verge of victory, but they’re not. Not by a long shot.

The victory they imagine being in or near their grasp is actually far from it and moving farther away by the day.

Every hour there are more people in America and throughout the West waking up to the hate, intolerance, bigotry and culture-wrecking narcissism of The Inquisition and its anti-Christian Narrative.

With each person who wakes up to the stark raving madness and meter-pegging hypocrisy of The Inquisition’s religious war against orthodox biblical Christianity, The Inquisition suffers a significant setback.

Those setbacks are building; more come every day.

The religious war they’ve launched on orthodox Christians is turning.

Christians are standing.

Christians are leading.

Christians are winning.

Not in ways that make Fakestream News broadcasts, of course, but Christians are standing, leading, and winning nonetheless.

This only adds to the already heightened sense of desperation and frenzy already apparent on the Left and throughout The Inquisition.

They see the writing on the wall. They fear that they might not be able to seize full control of the culture and universally impose the anti-Christian core of The Narrative on all of society and culture.

In this, they have discerned wisely. Not for reasons rooted in true wisdom, but even a broken clock can be right twice a day, right?

Inquisitors (some of them, anyway) know that their hypocrisy, hate, bigotry, and blackened little intolerant, totalitarian hearts are shining through more and more clearly to a watching world. They know that their rhetoric of peace, love, respect and tolerance has shifted plainly into an overtly Orwellian mode that few non-Inquisitors can even attempt to deny.

They’re not unlike a massive army or horde of pillaging zealots that has stormed through and seized control of vast portions of territory, arriving at the gates of what they imagine to be the last remaining enemy holdout cities only to find that their presumed position of strength and inevitable victory is a farce – a propaganda created lie that they’ve bought into even as reality is about to come crashing down on their delusional heads.

Even now, it’s beginning to happen, and, as great movements tend to do, this one’s starting at the grassroots level.

Small business owners and ranks and file employees are standing up and being counted. They’re not taking it anymore. They’re pushing back.

They’re not waiting for appointed leaders to lead. They’re simply leading.

They’re standing.

They’re fighting.

They’re speaking hard truths boldly and clearly.

They’re daring to openly and publicly defy The Inquisition.

This is how we can know that The Inquisition is doomed.

May God grace each of us with the desire and opportunity to use each and every bit of time, talent, and treasure He’s given us to stand for reality as He has defined it so that this Inquisition, as all other attempts to purge Christianity from cultures in the past, can be promptly escorted to its proper and inevitable place on the ash heap of history.

The sooner we stop bending over on command for The Inquisition, the sooner we can stand up, fight back, and win.


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  1. Please site specific examples of people standing up and resisting the Inquisition. I know it’s happening, but please site them. Thanks.

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