What happens when silly women and their beta male pets get hold of one of – if not the – most popular, profitable, inspiring and valuable intellectual properties in existence?

They wreck it, of course.

Since the same silly women and beta male gang in question tend to insist on the selective application of group divisions and distinctions (identity politics), it’s important for me to note that by “silly women” I am not referring to all women. Nowhere close. The silly women addressed here are, thankfully, a distinct minority within the population of women as a whole (which does not include Bruce Jenner, for those who might be wondering). They are, generally speaking, pouty, destructive, man-wannabes who hate The Patriarchy and are happy to do whatever – or ally with whomever – seems to best or most effectively undermine gender roles and distinctions.

These silly women are aided, enabled, and slavishly served by beta male types who are all too eager to hand over the mantle of manhood to girls. They cherish and seize opportunities to prove their loyalty to by regularly taking shots at The Patriarchy and promoting the Progressive/Woke/Identity Politics narrative that would lead our culture even deeper down a silly, suicidally self-destructive path that is willing to literally sacrifice everything to the twin dark comedic pillars of:

  1. Women are special and must be recognized as such while being encouraged to do everything that men were made to do and protected from The Patriarchy so that they can assume their rightful roles in positions previously reserved for men by removing all barriers of sexist distinction that prevented women from pursuing certain career paths and positions of power…and…
  2. Bruce Jenner is a woman.

For those who’ve wondered what Romans 1 means as it describes the insanity that consumes a culture on its way down the drain and off the playing field in God’s creation, we need look no further than the 2020 United States of America for a vivid, detailed, and darkly comedic example.

Right here and right now we’re watching the nuttiness hit levels that were unimaginable just a few years back.

Business, Art, Economics, Family, and now even the very nature of boys and girls are under siege. We live in an age of utterly fake markets driven by fake wealth (fiat currency), art that is openly at war with beauty and inspiration, and the unravelling (largely by preemptive surrender) of the family.

Where business intersects with the arts, we’re seeing that the primary goal of Woke/Progressive types given power and control isn’t to “make money”. Contrary to the assumptions of older “conservatives”, the primary driver of businesses consecrated to Woke ideology is not the pursuit of bottom-line profit. The Progressive Narrative trumps even that.

So it is companies like Disney can and will happily absorb, repurpose, and ruin once indescribably profitable properties form the sake of advancing its Woke/Progressive narrative.

This brings us to Star Wars.

The death, burial, repurposing, and resurrection of Star Wars under Mickey Mouse’s watch has done much to reveal the truly blind, destructive nature of silly anti-Patriarchy women and their beta male pets/allies.

Where once Star Wars was recently known as the ultimate golden-egg-laying goose where intellectual properties were concerned, it is now on a previously inconceivable multi-year downward trajectory that has already managed – quite remarkably – to produce a money-losing movie (Soylo) while dragging the brand down so far that a large chunk of the fanbase that propelled it to greatness has left it in disgust.

All to the cheers of Woke Progressives – both in the corporate towers of Disney-esque culture-wrecking command centers as well as in the front lines of fandom, where Woke foot soldiers dutifully regurgitate corporate talking points in defense of the beauty of the transformation of Star Wars.

I’ve has more than one “Reformed, conservative Christian” defend recent box office performance downtrends for the Star Wars franchise by coting how “Disney will be fine” where the overall bottom line is concerned.

Think about that.

It’s no biggie if Disney wrecks Star Wars as long as Disney continues to remain strong overall financially.

That’s a line I hear from more than a few “conservative Christians” who are determined to defend the radical leftists politicization of Star Wars.

Where once Star Wars was built around classic heroic tales featuring strong story arcs and character development through struggle, failure, more struggle, and ultimate triumph through great adversity, now we have Mary Sue insta-Jedi+ prancing through plots loaded with Death Star-sized holes consecrated not to anything remotely resembling quality storytelling, drama, or art, but instead centering on the open mockery and dismissal of men, manhood, and The Patriarchy at every turn.

It’s this context that makes Disney’s rank perversion and repurposing of Star Wars so interesting and important as a reference point heading into 2020. In that spirit, I’d like to share 10 items of interest – five positive and five negative – where the current state of Star Wars is concerned, so that we might see and appreciate the many ways in which God is working even through this Mouse-manipulated monstrosity to ultimately accomplish the establishment of the arts, culture, and civilization so hated and opposed by the Wokesters lapping up and propping up things like Disney “Star Wars”.

Before diving into details, I should probably mention that I haven’t seen the new Disney flick in question (Star Wars Episode IX: The Repurposing of Skywalker) and I have no plans to do so, at least during it’s theatrical run. I’ll probably check it out via Netflix or Redbox in a month or two the same way I did Disney’s last faux Star Wars entry (Soylo). This is noteworthy for several reasons, including:

  1. The details that I have to share about the new Repurposing of Skywalker movie are taken from clips, snippets, and reviews that I’ve read, watched, or listened to over the past few days.
  2. The fact that I’m no longer one of those lining up for a midnight release showing, followed by a more conventional showing or two (or more) in the theater says a lot about how successful Disney has been in driving away many die-hard fans through its conversion of Star Wars into a hollow, vapid, trace-paper-thin propaganda delivery vehicle for identity politics and the SJW mindset.

With all o’ that said, let’s dive into our 10 Points, beginning with the five negatives…

  1. The Woke/Progressive worldview eagerly sacrifices everything to promote its precious anti-Christian/anti-Patriarchy Narrative. Disney “Star Wars” demonstrates in about as clear and compelling a fashion as possible how the Woke/Progressive movement is more than willing to destroy art, drama, and anything else that gets in the way of promoting and pursuing the Woke/Progressive Narrative. The amazingly lame, laze, weak, convoluted, and inconsistent plots give us a stunning example of just how bad once-great art and mythologies can be when handed over to the likes of Kathleen Kennedy, Jar Jar Abrams, and Rian Johnson. Their open commitment to Kennedy’s “The Force is Female” franchise persona explains much about how and why they’ve gone on to wreck the franchise as they have, including…
  2. The Woke/Progressive Narrative eagerly promotes the complete disregard of coherence and consistency. How else can you destroy what’s in place so that you can rebuild what you want in its place, right?
    In keeping with the feminized/feminist worldviews to which Kathleen, Jar Jar, and Rian are bound, they literally approached a new trilogy of films under the previously Top Tier Star Wars brand without any desire for consistency or coherence. Truth be told – and as is now apparent in hindsight – they approached their new “Star Wars” trilogy with open contempt for core elements of the Star Wars films that came before them.
    On the subject of incoherence , we’re not talking here merely about consistency issues with previous Star Wars films. We’re talking about even the most basic, elementary consistency between the films within the new Disney “Star Wars” trilogy. As in: When Jar Jar whipped up the first installment (Episode VII: The Farce Awakens), he then handed off the hot potato to Rian Johnson, who, in his follow-up (Episode VIII: The Least Jedi) unfollowed or destroyed most of the story arcs created in The Farce Awakens. Then, when The Least Jedi not only trampled foundational Star Wars mythology elements underfoot but also obliterated what few moderately interesting story arcs initiated in The Farce Awakens (sending massive numbers of Star Wars fans running in disgust from the new Disney version of things), Kathleen Kennedy drafted Jar Jar to come back to the helm for Episode IX so that he might at least try to cobble together/save/fix what had already been thoroughly ruined two installments into Disney’s first “Star Wars” trilogy.
    They couldn’t even simply craft a coherent storyline and set of functioning story arcs to run through the three films in their new trilogy.
    They opted instead to play hot potato and wing it from movie to movie, with each successive installment including truckloads of outright contradictions and repudiations of points made and arcs begin in the previous installment.
    That’s how much contempt these yahoos had (and have) for the basic concepts of coherence and consistency.
    That’s how much disdain these silly, destructive Wokesters had (and have) for Star Wars.
  3. The Woke/Progressive worldview’s inherent contempt for the hard work and worldview that built the great things they seek to take over, repurpose, and deploy in direct opposition to the values of those who came before them. This piggybacks on the point above, but is more than worthy of independent recognition and consideration. The propensity of Woke Progressives to take the precious, time-tested, and incalculably valuable things handed off to them and then promptly destroy those things by tearing out their foundations in order to replace those foundations with Woke sensibilities and Narrative-friendly revisions, is on clear display throughout Disney “Star Wars” (and is just now shifting into high gear in the Disney-run Marvel Cinematic Universe).
  4. The Woke/Progressive worldview’s hatred for the virtues necessary to the classic heroic story arc. Disney “Star Wars” has exemplified in many ways the Woke/Progressive determination to undermine classic biblical virtues that played central roles in the development of iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo so that they might be replaced by bizarrely shallow, incoherent, and unbelievable storylines built around insta-god leads like Rey and her supporting cast of adoring, sniveling, and quite disinteresting cardboard cutout pseudo-characters. Gone are the days of classic Star Wars character development and coherent multi-film development …
  5. The Woke/Progressive determination to tear down and humiliate The Patriarchy en route to replacing it with “The Force is Female” Feminism. It’s not enough to replace male iconic figure associated in any way with The Patriarchy or Patriarchal values. Those figures must not merely be replaced, they must be destroyed, ideally with healthy doses of derision and humiliation poured on along the way.
    It’s not enough to replace the long-developed, obstacle-overcoming, iconic hero of Luke Skywalker with the insta-Jedi/god, knows-how-to-do-everything-well-automatically feminist fantasy of Rey. Luke must be drug down. His legacy of character and skill development through hard struggles and overcoming the most significant obstacles much be obliterated; drowned out entirely by having him revert from the revered, accomplished position he’d attained in the actual Star Wars films, and having him regress into a bitter old crank who abandons all responsibility and runs away to hide on an island where he drinks blue milk directly from the low hanging utter of a presumably…oh, nevermind. I can’t go on. You get the picture. The absolute shredding of characters like Luke and Han was no accident. It was basic Woke theology in action.

Obviously there are many more points and details we could (and perhaps should) get into where examining the Woke/Progressive worldview and theology as it displays itself so vividly through Disney “Star Wars”. But we’ll pause for now, save that for later, and get into a more positive groove by diving into five great positives made plain (accidentally, of course) through Disney’s perversion of Star Wars:

  1. Disney’s Woke “Star Wars” further clears the path for good art and mythologies. By ruining Star Wars in service to its Woke/Progressive worldview and ideology, Disney has greatly amplified the appetite for the good things that its worldview cannot provide. Wirth every new Mouse-manufactured monstrosity, the market becomes more stoked for the non-Woke stories, characters, and virtues that Wokeness aims to stamp out.
    It’s as if the Wokesters behind things like Disney “Star Wars” are shouting at the top of their lungs: “We don’t care how bad our stories are! We don’t care how lame our characters are! We don’t care how much money we lose and how many of you hate what we’re doing! And we all know that anyone disagreeing with us or disliking our product is obviously a sexist, racist, blank-o-phobe, so who cares about those people anyway?!”
    To this loudly and proudly repeated chant of the Woke, I say: “Keep it up!”
    Keep openly waging war on The Patriarchy. Keep openly promoting the obliteration of gender roles, family, and everything other good thing God has made as a part of His created order. Keep proudly championing your laughably moronic philosophies of life through your increasingly degraded and pathetic attempts at art.
    Keep it up, and go faster even.
    The faster you race off the edge, the faster you’ll go down the cliff, leaving us behind to build good art, good drama, good film, and good culture with that much less resistence.
    There’s never been a better time for good people to write good stories.
    There’s never been a more starving market for such things.
    There’s never been a greater opportunity for those who would craft and share quality fantasy and science-fiction.
    Thanks in no small part to Disney “Star Wars”.
  2. Disney’s “Star Wars” approach will eventually ruin those who persist in its application. This is where finances come in. While Disney may be able to financially weather the damage caused by its promotion of Woke/Progressive theology through its media empire, there will come a point – perhaps decades down the road – when it can no longer fund losers like Soylo and declining performers like the Jar Jar trilogy. Just as our broader American/Western culture is coasting on capitol earned by previous generations, so too is Disney relying on the value earned through franchises and icons crafted by previous generations. Eventually, that unearned store of value is spent. Eventually, the bad art that inherently flows from Woke/Progressive theology will financially doom those who persist in it.
    This is where the Wokester inclination to “double down” on failure is actually such a blessing in the long run. While it may be frustrating and sad to watch the likes of Kennedy, Jar Jar, and Rian relentlessly double down on bad approaches after each successive failure, the more they persist in this approach, the sooner they will be stripped of the platforms they rely upon to promote their idiotic worldviews.
  3. Front line Wokesters are being exposed as drones in need of proper confrontation and help. As the Woke agenda crests and fades, there are many opportunities to help others see the destructive folly of Wokeness for what it is. In the secular world (in the U.S. anyway), Woekeness seems to have already crested and begun to recede, with more and more average Americans seeing more and more of Woke-inspired insanity for what it is. The Christian subculture, however, seems to be lagging behind the secular, as it often does, with many professing Christians among the most eager regurgitators of Woke propaganda and worldview. The present shifts in culture made evident through things like the many failures of Disney “Star Wars” will create more and more opportunities to help those in need of help where basic worldview confusion is concerned. These are opportunities we should embrace and be thankful for.
    Even thankful to Disney…for unintentionally sowing the so many seeds of its own worldview’s demise.
  4. We are being forced to examine virtues and roles that we once took for granted. Thanks to the ongoing nuttiness of the Woke/Progressive movement and its corporate promoters, men, women, boys, and girls are being moved to actually test and think through things that we have long been conditioned to assume and leave unevaluated. We are being forced to deal with the inescapable reality that everything matters. Everything is significant. Humor matters. Art matters. Film matters. Virtue matters. Most importantly, the standard by which we measure these things matters.
    Thank God for His perfect use of Disney to help remind us of these things.
  5. Disney “Star Wars” will be a lasting, historic monument to the insanity, stupidly, and comically destructive consequences of the anti-Christ Woke worldview in action. ‘Nuff said.

On that happy note, I thank you for reading and considering these things.

I hope to resume a regular posting schedule soon as 2020 dawns and I hope to explore subjects like this in more detail in the near future.

I’ve had a lot of positive changes come in the last couple of months – new work, new projects coming into focus, and a new residence that I’m moving into this weekend (and painting/fixing up now). I look forward to sharing more project and work relted details soon, including some cool video collaborations that will be coming this year.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience, prayers, and support.

2020 is looking good.

Very good.

And why?

Because God is using everything – including  to pave a particular way forward through His creations of time and history so that His people can and will build better fiction, art, and culture, all by His grace, all for His glory, and all in accordance with His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

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