As a Coronavirus-coated pin pops the massive asset bubbles defining our fundamentally warped counterfeit economic system, the true evil at the core of that system is becoming more and more clearly exposed.

Just this morning the Federal Reserve announced that it will be buying up even more assets (real things) with the black magic fiat currency that it creates effortlessly out of thin air (fake things). Keep this basic formula in mind every time you hear about The Fed or The Government acting to provide “stimulus to the economy”. What they’re really trying to do is stimulate the flatlining pulse of the zombie economic construct that keeps them and their friends in power. Always remember the basic formula at the foundation of our evil economic system: Government and financial system elites craft wealth effortlessly out of thin air in order to buy real assets and control the real lives of everyone beneath them.

These elites buy real things with fake things.

That’s our system’s foundation in a nutshell.

This is why I regularly refer to our fiat economic system as a fiat slavery system.

The longer this system is allowed to persist, the more painful the process of transition away from it will become…a reality which, ironically, will be used by The System to prop itself up a little longer since so many System-dependent “fiat slaves” (like you and me in many ways) will clamor for ever more System intervention (debt bondage) in order to revive the crashing values of their homes, stocks, and retirement accounts. The irony of this is both thick and sickening, and it’s exactly what we’re seeing happen right now.

In a post entitled In Unprecedented Move, Fed Unveils Open-Ended QE Including Corporate Bonds, ZeroHedge covered the latest amazingly crazy-yet-entirely-predictable approach undertaken by our rapidly crashing zombie fiat economic system:

Coming into Monday, the Fed had a problem: it had already used up half of its entire emergency $700BN QE5 announced last weekend.

Which, together with the plunge in stocks, is why at 8am on Monday, just as we expected – given the political cover they have been provided – The Fed unveiled an unprecedented expansion to its mandate, announcing open-ended QE which also gave it the mandate to buy corporates bonds (in the primary and secondary market) to unclog the frozen corporate bond market as we just one step away from a full Fed nationalization of the market (only Fed stock purchases remain now).

Additionally, in addition to Treasuries, The Fed will buy Agency Commercial MBS all in unlimited size.

Coincidentally, this unprecedented action takes place just hours after real estate billionaire Tom Barrack (and friend of Trump) said the U.S. commercial-mortgage market is on the brink of collapse and predicted a “domino effect” of catastrophic economic consequences if banks and government don’t take prompt action to keep borrowers from defaulting.

“Loan repayment demands are likely to escalate on a systemic level, triggering a domino effect of borrower defaults that will swiftly and severely impact the broad range of stakeholders in the entire real estate market, including property and home owners, landlords, developers, hotel operators and their respective tenants and employees,” he wrote.

Barrack said the impact could dwarf that of the Great Depression… and now CMBS get their bailout.

The market – for now – is loving the news… Dow futures swung 1000 points on the news.

At around the same time, ZeroHedge posted another jem entitled Kashkari Says Fed Has “Infinite” Amount Of Cash: “We Create It Electronically”, which chronicled a recent interview with one of the wannabe slave-masters atop the system:

Again, matter-of-factly, the host asks: “Can you characterize everything the Fed has done this past week as essentially flooding the system with money?” To which Kashkari responds simply: “Yes.”

The host says “And there’s no end to your ability to do that?”

“There’s no end to our ability to do that.” He later added: “We’re far from out of ammunition…your ATM is safe, your banks are safe. There’s an infinite amount of cash at the Federal Reserve.” 

Remember the basic formula: Elites buy real things with fake things.

They craft wealth effortlessly out of thin air in order to buy real assets and control the real lives of everyone beneath them.

For all of the super-complex layers, terminology, jargon and spin aimed at preventing average people from even thinking that they might have a chance of understanding our economic system in detail, the very simple bottom line is this: The System creates “money” out of thin air and then uses that “money” to effectively buy and control everyone and everything. Elites buy real things with fake things.

Once you understand that, you understand the foundation of our economic system.

And once you understand the foundation of our system, you’ll have a very easy time understanding everything else.

They print (or type) counterfeit wealth into existence.

There is no work involved.

Nothing is earned.

Nothing is produced (aside from the counterfeit “money”).

They then use their freshly and effortlessly created cash to buy anything they want, from entire governments and massive militaries on down.

Our system is literally designed to give elites the power to buy real things with fake things. It is designed to make all property their property and all people their slaves.

That’s why it has to end…and that’s why the elites atop this system must be brought to justice.


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