Good evening and a Happy Saturday to all!

This is going to be an unusual post for several reasons. First, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here due in large part to a handful of other projects and family developments, some expected and some not, pulling my attention in many different directions over the past several months. The second reason for an even longer-than-expected delay between FBC posts is that the FBC site experienced some serious problems in recent months and I have only been able to tackle those issues over the past few weeks. All of this is a way of setting up for what will rewad much more loike a letter to a friend than is typical in this space, but the contgext seems important as I share a whole lot of good news along sith some bad news and ask for your prayers over all of them.

First, the bad news (for better or worse, I’m a “give me the bad news first” kind of guy):

My very dear and inspiring mother-in-law, known affectionately in the family as “Mumzie”, has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer and the cancer has spread to many locations. Mumzie is only 59 years old and has been a very active, vibrant, central figure in our family. The bone cancer diagnoses is recent and we are now in the process of getting a more solid sense of things on that front. Please pray for Mumzie and her amazing husband, Ed. Both of them are incredible witnesses and examples of Christ’s nature in many ways and this most difficult of situations is only highlighting the supernatural grace that has been and continues to be given them. They are shining brightly. It is awe inspiring. Soli Deo gloria!

He is not afraid of bad news;
    his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.

Psalm 112:7

As for positive developments since last I posted, Holly and I had our fifth child, a precious daughter that we have named Katarina Noel. Katarina was born on March 23 in our first homebirth (something we’ve always wanted to do). Adding to the adventure was the fact that the midwife arrived 10 minutes late, allowing me to deliver Katarina. Woohoo!

I look forward to sharing more about Katarina in the future, but one thing I will pass on for now that will resonate with other parents out there: Katarina is an amazingly chill and relaxed baby. She sleeps uncannily well through the night and only seems to fuss when she actually needs something. This is a great and welcome contrast to your fourth child, Evander, who basically prevented us from getting more than three hours of straight sleep for the first year and a half of his life. Heh!

So praise God for Katarina and our other four little beans.

Now on to less important but noteworthy developments over the past several months:

1. As I have already mentioned here in earlier posts, last year I finished Phoenix Rising, my first sci-fi book and part of a seven installment series. You can visit the Phoenix Rising site here. I was just getting into a happy groove sharing updates at that site when I was approached by an editor and advised to hold off for a short while. Here’s how I described things in an update at the site:

After the first wave of added sample chapter was published here, a well connected editor who works in the Nashville area encouraged me to “hold off” on publishing any more online until they had the chance to refer the project to others who might be interested in publishing it. I agreed to pause publishing here, though I expect to resume free updates in July or August after confirming that a traditional publishing option is unlikely, at least for now.  

I have a hard time imagining a substantial conventional publishing house wanting to take on a book that addresses hot button issues as Phoenix Rising does. Even so, I am appreciative for the opportunity to explore this option and will give ’til mid-summer to pan out.

My sincere apologies to those who’ve been waiting for another update as originally promised. Your support and encouragement is much appreciated!

So while the Phoenix Rising saga is definitely a front burner thing for me, I am now leaving it on simmer for a little bit as I dive into a variety of other projects and work to wrangle them all together into a coherent plan for Christian world domination.

2. Another part of that overarching plan is the relaunch or conversion of from its beta form earlier this year into a daily updated podcast, videocast, and website. You can check it out here.

3. As if things weren’t crazy busy enough already, late last year I was approached with an amazing opportunity to write another book – a nonfiction work that I finished last month dealing with the topic of separating from an acutely dysfunctional or destructive government. The title of the book is Free to Leave: The Power of Free People to End Abusive Relationships. I will have much more to share about this book and related topics very soon. I am about to begin sharing the draft manuscript with like-minded folks in order to get feedback and potentially endorsements. Please pray that this goes well.

I will also be sharing samples from the book here in the coming weeks.

4. I had to do a minor reworking of The End Times satire site, which is now running smoothly again and will get a more through polishing when I get the time. In the meantime, you can see it here.

5. I am in the process of consolidating all weekly update emails into The Hellrazer Report newsletter, which will start going out in July. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

6. I am also in the process of shifting all video updates and videocasts over to the new HellrazerReport channels. You can sign up to follow the YouTube version here and the Gab version here.

7. I’ve set up a new R3VOLUTION MEDIA site in anticipation of supporting Free to Leave and Phoenix Rising. You can check the R3V Media site out here. This too will be polished and exmanded in the coming months.

8. As I mentioned at the beginning, the FBC site had some major issues that I had to address over time in order to get it to a functional state. While it is now up and running well enough for me to resume regular posting, please forgive the roughness and lack of polish at the site right now. I will get it into a higher gear as soon as possible, but that may take some time with everything else that is now rolling along. (Hopefully this first post in the aftermath of the site recovery will be properly formatted. If not, thank you for your patience as I try to get this machinery up to speed again.)

Please check out the sites and, more importantly, sign up for the Hellrazer Report Newsletter and get connected through the social media links (especially video channels and Gab) listed at (you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the links).

Well, there you have it: A long overdue summary of what’s been going on around these parts.

I will now be resuming regular posts here and will be continuing daily posts at while nurturing new books along and trying to use all of these things to help inspire the pursuit of cosmic dominion by God’s grace through His people for His glory.

Thank you for your interest in these things!

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!

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