The twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks couldn’t come at a more interesting time. Seas of tragedy, irony, and sadness stretch as far as the eye can see from Ground Zero. And then there’s the evil. Great evil.

But where is the greatest evil to be found? Who or what is the most malevolent, devious, and enduring evil associated with 9/11?

It brings me no joy to offer for your consideration the Amerikan Empire. Whether or not the Empire was directly or indirectly involved with the plots and planes that dominated the day twenty years back, the U.S.S.A. has certainly seized and squeezed every last drop of opportunity from the events of September 11, 2001.

And to what end?

Empire building, of course.

An empire of thoroughly propagandized and very well programmed slaves, to be more precise.

The vulgarity of the spirit that permeated much of Amerika, particularly its neocon Republican Party cultists, in late 2001 can be effectively summarized by a line from George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who, in an attempt to distinguish new wars being launched in Iraq and Afghanistan from the likes of Vietnam and Korea, laughingly said, “All together now, ‘quagmire’! [laughter]” The idea was to make light of the then-potential quagmire awaiting Amerika in Iraq and Afghanistan by using the word that had become attached to the Vietnam experience.

Twenty years after Rumsfeld’s joke about then-potential quagmire in Afghanistan, we have finally completed our actual quagmire after losing thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and tens of thousands of casualties on the ground in The Graveyard of Empires. Within minutes of our finally abandoning the fully realized Afghan quagmire – or maybe it was only seconds after leaving – the country that we bled for, died for, and spent fortunes on instantly reverted back to the control of the Taliban.


This seems like a good point to reference another neocon tool: The Heritage Foundation.

Check out this gem written by this Orwellian Big Government “conservative” organ as Amerika’s 20-year Afghanistan-flavored nightmare was getting underway in late 2001:

“Critics of the U.S. war in Afghanistan have been wrong about virtually everything. They predicted that a Soviet-style quagmire awaited American troops; that chaos on the ground would turn millions of Afghans into refugees; and that tens of thousands of civilians would be killed by errant U.S. bombs. They saw a conflict that would be immoral in its effect, if not its intent.

Little more than two months after the first bombs fell; U.S. forces have guided rebel troops to victory with just a handful of American fatalities. The Taliban’s army has fled or surrendered in droves, and their government, a case study in Islamic repression, has collapsed…”

You might wanna read through that one twice in order to keep proper score and not let any of the numerous bits of pure BS statist propaganda slip by.

And we really shouldn’t let any of them slip by.

It’s very important that we remember.

It’s very important that we never forget.

The Amerikan Empire is not about protecting the freedom and liberty of American citizens.

The Amerikan Empire is all about eviscerating the freedom and liberty of American citizens, often in the name of patriotism.

Which brings us neatly to the Patriot Act, another of Dubya’s repulsive assaults on Americans for the sake of securing and expanding the Amerikan Empire. 

These days, twenty years later, we assume that we have no real privacy thanks to Big Government tools like the NSA. We assume that our Second Amendment rights are under vigorous assault by Big Government tools like the ATF. We assume that our currency is being devalued as Big Government tools like the Federal Reserve crank up their wealth counterfeiting operation in order to keep the masses down while funneling almost all real assets to the Elite Abuser Class. And now we see that other tools of the same Elite Abuser Class – corporations and businesses like Facebook, Twitter, and CNN – are all about the business of taking away our ability to even speak about the great evils of our day, no matter how flagrant and obvious those evils may be.

Twenty years after the radical 9/11-fueled expansion of power by the Amerikan Empire, we are well served to wake up, smell the coffee, and unplug from the matrix.

No more controlled, contrived political puppet show distractions, a la Faux News and/or CNN.

No more counting on the Republican Party or Democrat Party to “save the country”. If nothing else has been made crystal clear by now, we should at least understand as Christians that the pagan political Left and pagan political right are two wings of the same freedom-destroying, Christianity-hating dragon.

No more joining or supporting an overtly anti-Christian transgender/homosexuality/[insert perversion here] promoting military. 

No more feeding our children to Amerikan Empire “schools” for immersion in an explicitly anti-Christian, Genesis 3-based “education”.

No more.

It’s time to just stop it already.

Put down those idols.

Then step on them. Grind them under your heels. Jump up and down on ’em a little. Or a lot.

Paul Washer once said something powerful that we all need to hear right now. I’m paraphrasing from memory, but it goes something like this: “It’s incredibly important for us to repent of having ever believed in a wrong idea.”

Especially the big bad wrong ideas that define the Amerikan Empire worldview in thought and practice.

May this twentieth anniversary of 9/11 and the insanely tyrannical grabs for power emanating from Washing D.C. here in 2021 combine to serve as the wake-up call that we desperately need, so that we can get to work crushing idols rather than worshipping and being crushed by them.

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