There are three high octane trigger concepts that ignite the rage of the self-centered as little else can. These triggers are:

  1. God
  2. Hierarchal Authority Structures (systems composed of imperfect people with varying roles and responsibilities)
  3. Male-Headship (aka “The Patriarchy” – meaning biblical patriarchy in this instance rather than any of the incalculable counterfeits or perversions of the biblical original.)

When God ordained that His creation was to be managed and cultivated through male-headed authority structures, a hard line was set and woven into the fabric of every area of life in His creation. So it should come as no surprise that these three things (God, God-ordained authority structures, and the God-ordained male headship of those authority structures) are each downright hated and vigorously opposed by those who will not bend the knee to Christ as King in practice.

Even so, and by the grace of the God our culture has rejected, He is at this very moment raising up people and families who are recognizing the inherent goodness and unique life- and culture-saving power of what has come to be known as “TRAD” or traditional culture.

While the #Trad tag and related associations are embraced by a wide variety of people and groups, many of which seem far from a Christian worldview, it’s more than a little encouraging to watch the Traditional movement grow in leaps and bounds even as the waves of Wokeness that washed over the culture have mostly crested and are already losing ground as they recede, revealing the wreckage and rot left in their wake. The beauty that many #Trad people see in traditional men, traditional women, traditional families, and even at times traditional or biblical patriarchy, should be a great encouragement to those scratching their heads and wondering exactly what God is doing in this storm of extreme craziness known as the 2020s.

One thing that He’s doing is showing us the incomparably unique, powerful, and essential nature of the kinds of men, women, families, and cultures that can only be built and sustained through biblical patriarchy…which is , of course, why biblical patriarchy is the Top Target of the anti-Christ spirit that is (temporarily) dominating the scene.

Another thing that God is remining us of is the necessity of multigenerational vision.

This is something that many in the Traditional movement (or movements) seem to be gaining appreciation of at an impressive clip.

They know that they want their kids to have it better than they had it, and they do not mean that in the classically materialistic “American Dream” sense that transformed generations of Americans into soulless, self-absorbed consumers and easily manipulated human resource cattle to be programmed, cultivated, and spent as the state and its corporate masters see fit. No, the Traditionals are largely on to that game and want no more of it. They actually want to define “having it better” in a very different way.

They want to have families. Often large ones. Moreover, they want their little boys to want to grow into good and virtuous men and their little girls to want to grow into good and virtuous women while maintaining the many key (and quite beautiful) distinctions between the two. You can’t get more politically heretical than that these days. But they don’t care.

They want children who respect and revere not just fathers and mothers, but grandparents and the elderly as living treasures of wisdom and experience who are worthy of special care as they age.

In a very real sense, whether they realize it or not or would use this kind of language, they want their children to view all people as unique individual image-bearers of God who have inherent value.

They are seeing with more and more clarity as the movements grows in depth and maturity that family, masculinity, and femininity are wonders to be celebrated, pursued, and protected from those who would do them harm or try to take them from us.

God is showing us a lot here in 2021 and it’s likely to get weirder and worse before things get better, but that tipping point will come. And probably sooner than most think possible. Families will grow strong and vibrant cultures will be built on the other side of this storm.

And if God graces us with a biblically rooted multigenerational vision, the families and cultures that we build on the other side will not just survive but thrive through the future storms that He will send to test and strengthen them.


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