The Elite Abuser Class is getting nervous. They’re having to lunge more and more desperately toward the total control that they crave and need to survive. They’re jumping out from under the rocks and shadows that have concealed them for so long, allowing their true nature to be fully exposed in the light for all to see.

Why are they doing these things? Why are the powerful, entrenched predators who’ve been feeding on us for generations revealing their true nature by acting out in such a wild manner?

They’re acting this way because they’re scared. They know their time is short. They know that recognition of their great and existentially threatening evil is sweeping through the masses and that, as a result, a spirit of revolution is in the air.

First it was “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Now, a year and a half later, we’re being pressured into endless injections of experimental gene therapies masquerading as vaccines and we’re being hammered with recurring middle class destroying lockdowns. At the same time, we’ve learned that COVID is a government-made product manufactured in a government-run lab that was funded in part by a government hack by the name of Fauci.

Yeah, seriously.

It’s all out there. It’s all in the open now.

They’re making their play for power while they can.

The good news – and it’s very good news – is that people are now waking up by the millions. Every week the spirit of revolt, rebellion, and revolution foments. While it can hardly be said that every expression of such spirits is inherently good, the general sense of surging opposition to the Elite Abuser Class that controls the governments, bio-weapon labs, and bio-weapons being used against us is a very encouraging sign.

We are living in truly amazing times – times of great challenge and even greater opportunity.

As we survey the battlefield here on September 27, 2021, Australia stands out as a tragic yet inspiring example of both the current horrors of the New World Order and the hopeful signs of its demise brewing in what is probably the most alarming example of a nation being quickly transformed from a “free” country into an authoritarian hellhole.

While the atrocities and crimes against humanity have been well documented where the COVIDiocy-fueled Australian government is concerned, I recently came a cross a very encouraging and downright inspiring video highlighting the growing resistance in Australia in many ways that we should all be able to appreciate and emulate as we take the fight to our enemies by every legitimate means available. The full video will be linked in the next Hellrazer Report Newsletter, which will roll out tonight, Lord willing. You can sign up for the Newsletter here.

Encouraging a healthy, biblical spirit of revolution against the Elite Abuser Class is the theme driving the newly reset/relaunched Hellrazer Report, which has now had two cancellation attempts made against it over the past few months. The good news is that it’s back on track (the tech partners who tried to cancel it have been replaced) and I’m more determined than ever to make it a helpful and encouraging resource for the rebellion against the predators who would make us slaves.


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