In spite of all the bad-news-drenched propaganda and fake news aimed our way each day, one beautiful truth should be shining through brightly right about now: The Good Guys will win because the Bad Guys are dumb. Really dumb. And by really dumb I mean in the fundamentally foolish and ultimately self-destructive ways described throughout the Psalms and Proverbs.

When a culture or nation clings to pride and rebellion long enough and hard enough, as we have in Amerika for many generations now, a Romans 1 plunge into literal madness ensues and often culminates in a Psalm 2 style smackdown by Christ the King as He grinds the arrogant rebellion under His heel. This is often done in a darkly comedic manner by the Lord as He mocks those who would deny Him while effortlessly flicking their “grand culture” or wannabe empire into the ashbin of history.

Recent propaganda/entertainment productions by the likes of Stephen Colbert have made it painfully plain that this is where we are now in the U.S.S.A. For those not in the know (and I kind of hate to wreck it for you), Mr. Colbert, the current host of The Late Show, decided that a great way to help promote the Vaccine Cult agenda would be to sing and dance with a bunch of drag queens dressed as vaccines. Yep. Seriously. Check it out for yourself if you dare.

If this isn’t a clear sign of the literal mental retardation and descent into intense idiocy that we would expect from a Romans 1 pop culture on its way to Psalm 2 roadkill status, I’m not sure what would qualify. Dancing drag queen vaccines seems to be the sort of thing you could expect to see sometime after rebellion against God has transitioned into open hatred of Him.

This kind of scenario has played out time and time again through His creation of history, and now it’s Amerika’s turn. Now U.S.S.A. culture is clapping for drag queens dressed as vaccines.

But not all of the culture is clapping, and that’s where the good news comes in. While many thoroughly programmed pop culture drones and system worshippers are cheering on the drag queens and lining up to torch their remaining freedoms while getting as many experimental boosters as they’re told, more and more people are waking up to the stark raving nuttiness of Colbert and his drag queen laced Vaccine Cult, thanks in no small part to productions like “The Vax-Scene”.

What Colbert and his fellow tools of chaos intend for one purpose, God is using for another. So in a very weird but very real way we owe thanks to Stephen Colbert for all that he is unintentionally doing to undermine his own cause and awaken millions to the dangerous lunacy of his Vaccine Cult.


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