Just to recap for those who haven’t been paying particularly close attention:

Sometime in early 2020 (or possibly in late 2019), a government-made synthetic bug that was crafted in a government-run lab in Wuhan that was funded by government goons like Anthony Fauci began its worldwide rampage, escorted by relentless waves of fear porn and fake news by government/corporate-managed media on its way to securing unprecedented surges in government power at the expense of freedom and liberty all in the name of “health and safety”.

Once we note these particular facts in this particular order, it’s not much of a challenge to see why those who claim to be all about “the science” are once again dramatically displaying their actual disdain for science by dismissing or even disparaging natural immunity as a significant factor in dealing with the ongoing scamdemic.

One particularly interesting thing about the ongoing dismissal of natural immunity as a significant component in a supposedly “science-based” discussion of pandemic-related policies is the stupidly anti-science attitude that it reveals in those who imagine and routinely advertise themselves as being all about “the science”. The thing being proven most emphatically by media mouthpieces and foot soldier drones who’ve been programmed to regurgitate The Official Narrative no matter how idiotic that narrative might be is that they couldn’t care less about science when it gets in the way of their loony-tunes narrative.

Even as dinosaur media and Big Tech are begrudgingly compelled to publish articles confirming that natural immunity is likely 6-7 times better than the “vaccines” being relentlessly pimped by governments and their sponsors in Big Pharma, the objectively superior immunity that comes through our natural, God-given immune systems is dismissed out of hand and even angrily attacked by those who are so invested in The Official Narrative (of the moment) that they cannot abide any competitor to their “precious”. This level of anti-science, pro-propaganda idiocy is something to behold – and you can find it stacked deep in any direction you look these days.

This is, it seems, another confirmation of the Romans 1 insanity that has washed over the culture as part of the Psalm 2 judgment that is underway. “We the People”, in our typically pride-drenched manner, continue to look to the almighty state and its corporate sponsors as our saviors, so the King of kings is letting us have our chosen idols rule over us.

King Jesus has allowed our beloved government to fund the creation of a bug and then use that bug to strip away much of what little liberty we had not already sacrificed to the Amerika Idol. He’s giving us over to the desires of our own proud, unrepentant hearts as we are ground under the heel of a government gone mad and a citizenry that has no idea what to do about it and, worse still, seems to be on the same insane page as its insane government in many ways. Maybe we are being well represented after all.

The Government Virus has had its hooks in us long before the currently unfolding scamdemic came along.

The Government Virus has been reprogramming our culture for over 150 years now in a patient, multigenerational effort to subvert and eventually eliminate our natural immunity and resistance to the tyranny of life as human resource cattle through things like government-run “schools” for our children.

After generations of surrendering our minds and children to such propaganda, why wouldn’t we believe whatever The Government wanted us to believe about the scamdemic or anything else?

After giving them 150+ years to establish the state as god in practice here on earth, why wouldn’t we expect the current crop of state-managed human resource cattle to view the state as god in practice here on earth?

None of these concepts are isolated. They are all very much connected. They are all a part of a terminally viral situation that, by the grace of God, can be reversed and cured no matter how bleak things might seem right about now.

Which leads us to the good news; the shining silver lining in the middle of this nightmare storm cloud that we’ve brought upon ourselves: The sheer evil and desperate acts of lunacy that now define our fundamentally corrupt institutions are causing a great awakening. People are waking up fast and beginning to see clearly what is going on here.

The next step we should work to take with those folks is to help them understand why we’re here and what must be done next in order to reclaim, expand, and build upon the freedom and liberty that the Government Virus has taken from us.

I’ll be getting into more detail along these lines in upcoming installments of the Hellrazer Report Newsletter. The next Report is set to roll out on Monday night (October 4). Week by week, the plan is to offer up a mix of important information and encouraging updates to help readers get a better sense of the battlefield on which we’ve been purposefully placed so that we might more enthusiastically and efficiently play our roles in the inevitable toppling of the evil empires currently ruling over us.

You can sign up for the Hellrazer Report here. If you have any suggestions to make on topics to cover or approaches that you’d like to see taken, please email me directly at Scott@FireBreathingChristian.com.


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