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First things first: Happy Reformation Day!

As October gives way to the last two months of an incredibly intense and convulsive 2021, we are well served to remember that however dark things may seem at the moment, we are here to win. The Great Commission is ours to fulfill and the gates of hell itself cannot keep us from fulfilling that mission, all by God’s grace and all for His glory. In that context we should feel indescribably honored and downright thrilled to have been placed by God at this particularly dramatic point in His creation of history.

When we set aside distractions and endless spin aimed at discouraging us and take a clear-headed look at what’s actually going on right now, we’ll see that even now good guys are winning and positive trends are developing as the bad guys desperately try to maintain control of their crumbling narratives and centralized power structures.


What we are living through now is nothing less than an epic, world-changing paradigm shift in which counterfeit versions of good things are being used to warp lives, families, and culture in increasingly profound ways because these counterfeit components have been allowed to build, one upon another, for generations. I tend to describe these things as “fiat” versions because they are presented as if they are real and legit imate based on nothing more than the decree that they are so. Here are some examples:

I’ve oversimplified some of these points, but you get the general picture. We are smack dab in the middle of a war for reality. This is where and when God has placed us. What an honor!


Understanding this war and the intricacies of its numerous battlefields so that we might be better prepared to fight and win is a primary goal of the Hellrazer Report.

Over the course of the first five installments of the Hellrazer Report Newsletter , I’ve been tweaking, modifying, and polishing my approach in different ways. This process of perpetual reformation will never end, but at this early stage is likely to result in more dramatic detours and shifts. I appreciate your patience with this and welcome any feedback or suggestions that you have to offer. Please feel free to email me with those thoughts. 

One thing that I plan to always make a key feature of the Hellrazer Report Newsletter is the gathering up of recent relevant articles with some added commentary so that readers can stay up to speed on key developments over the past week or so. It’s hard to keep up with all of the nuttiness and there’s no way to cover it all in each Newsletter, but I will do my best as time permits. 

As I consolidate and chronicle news items th e plan is always to feature positive developments first in the “Signs of Hope and Victory in the News” section. These are the silver linings and positive developments that we need most, lest pessimism and apathy take root and allow the enemy to hold any bit of territory any longer than is necessary. Once we see things as they are and notice God’s positive moves for what they are, we will be encouraged and emboldened to take His Gospel-fueled Great Commission more seriously. Once that happens, we begin a very positive and supernaturally inspiring feedback cycle that has us perpetually increasing in two key things:

  1. Awe at what God is doing both for and through His people, and…
  2. Desire to improve ourselves personally so that we might more effectively contribute to His cause.

All by His grace and all for His glory.

Always remember that part. This is not primarily about us or what we can do to save the day, the culture, the country, or anything else, including ourselves. This is about Him using His Spirit-filled people to accomplish His Gospel-fueled Great Commission in every physical corner and immaterial aspect of life in His creation. Put another way: It’s all about King Jesus’ people modeling and pressing His crown rights in every area of life.

That’s the Spirit I hope to feed here with the Hellrazer Report.

So scroll down and check it out. Let me know what you think. Let me know how I can make it better.

Subscribe if you haven’t already, share it with others who you think would appreciate it.

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!


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