In case y’all haven’t heard, Allen West, along with pretty much every other Neo-Con tool in America, thinks that we need to man up, get serious, and roll headlong into serious war mode in Iraq…again…

Why, you may ask? (While such questions are still allowed to be asked here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA, anyway.)

Well, ’cause ISIS is the “most reprehensible evil the world has seen since that of Nazi Germany”.

And ’cause ISIS “is actually beheading children”.

And ’cause America ought to “kill those who raise the black flag if ISIS” wherever and whenever they do so.

Before we get into a more detailed examination of Mr. West’s recent article and its worldview implications, let’s run down the Emotion Yanking Propaganda Checklist, shall we? Here we go:

Nazi card?


“Do it for the children” card?


“America as the ‘good guy’ nation and hand of God on planet earth” card?


Okay, so we have secured three of the essentials for high octane Orwellian propaganda aimed at empowering and growing the almighty American State via perpetual warfare.

Now lets take a closer look-see at what Mr. West is feeding us…

He reports that, “ISIS is not something that just appeared over night. This monstrosity has festered over almost a year — and the Obama administration has watched.”

True to Republican Neo-Con form, this whole ISIS-fueled nightmare is to be understood as being basically “Obama’s fault”. (So don’t forget to put a check next to the “It’s [insert faux opposition party figurehead’s name here] fault” card, too.)

That Republican Neo-Con leaders have fawned over and supported ISIS as much as anyone else somehow manages not to make it into Mr. West’s piece here.

Weird, huh?

And “the monstrosity” of ISIS has been “festering”, thanks largely to openly and actively supportive Republican Neo-Cons, for much longer than “almost a year”, Mr. West, in case ya didn’t know (which, of course, would be ludicrous).

Without wasting too much more time here dissecting any of the comically large number of obvious, tried and untrue Neo-Con/American Statist gimmicks deployed in this piece, let’s just pause to acknowledge the obvious:

West’s article is a shining example of just the sort of lines and lingo routinely used by The System (and its tools on the right) for generations now to promote the notion that Conservative America and the Republican Party are to be understood as our God-given “good guy” who gallantly strives to defend us from the dark and evil designs of the “bad guy” Democrats and Liberals. That’s the basic, worldview defining concept that has been pumped, fed, and rammed into conservative Christian minds for generations now, and to great effect.

Of course, the Democrats have their programmers and tools as well, all aimed at appealing to more flagrantly leftist and humanist mindsets. That fact duly noted, at the end of the day the two party, right/left, conservative/liberal paradigm is unified in purpose. The “good guy”/”bad guy” fiction sold to us so constantly here by everything from television to talk radio is, in reality, nothing more than a “good cop”/”bad cop” routine by which we have been co-opted and controlled by the very system we imagine ourselves to be opposing through our Republican or Democrat framed activism.

Now, back to ISIS and it’s claim to Hitleresque badness…

Why is ISIS “the most reprehensible evil the world has seen since that of Nazi Germany”.

Well, for lotsa reasons, but the biggie, as dutifully covered by Mr. West, is that they murder innocents by the thousands, including thousands and thousands of innocent children. Worse (and more evil) yet, they even dismember these children.

And so do we.

America, I mean.

This seemingly relevant tidbit of info wasn’t mentioned in the article, so I thought we might want to take at least a passing glance at the 80,000 pound white mammoth standing there next to Mr. West and his buddies.

Murder and dismember babies by the boatload, you say? Oh yeah, we’re all about that here in ‘merica!

We kill babies like nobody’s killed babies before.

Even so, it would be profoundly unfair and wildly inaccurate to equate what we do to children here in “Christian” America to what “those evil Muslims” in ISIS are doing to kids in the Middle East or what Nazis back in the days of the Holocaust.

Yeah, that’d be really unfair.

Unfair to ISIS, I mean.

Nazi Germany, too, of course.

And it’d be wildly inaccurate.


You and I already know why, but in our blind pride and idolatrous patriotism (both of which have been and continue to be carefully nurtured and encouraged by the corporate owned RepubliCrat State), we pretend that it isn’t really there or that it really doesn’t matter, with the “it” in question being our ongoing willful murder and dismemberment of millions upon millions of innocent children, primarily for convenience.

This. Is. America.

And it has been America for a very, very, very long time.

Prideful chants of “God Bless America!” and weepy proclamations ” Christian values” notwithstanding, we, my fellow Americans, make Nazi Germany look like absolutely clueless, incompetent pikers when it comes to the mass murder of innocents.



Not. Even. Close.

ISIS isn’t even on the board or in the game.

This three-way race is owned by America.

‘Merica gets the gold (by a mile) for massacring, get this, roughly TEN TIMES the number of innocent children as Nazi Germany is reported to have murdered by way of the Holocaust.

Ten. Times.





Only those unable (or unwilling) to notice things like “math” and “numbers” could have ever even imagined, much less said out loud, that Nazi Germany set the standard for evil when it comes to the mass murder of innocents.

(I covered this tragedy of American history and America’s present in a detailed two-part post made in July of 2014. You can read Part 1, Our Murderous Narcissism, by clicking here, and Part 2, Why We Murder Our Children, by clicking here.)

Nope, when comparing ISIS, Nazi Germany, and the good ol’ U. S. of A. in this particular category, there is no contest. America gets the gold.

[Insert “U! S! A!” chant here.]

And we all know it.

And if we all know it, ya think maybe the rest of the world might have noticed, too?

And what about God? Think maybe He’s paying attention?

It’s easy as can be to roll through the American Bible Belt and walk right up to openly operating baby butchering facility after facility, where we murder and tear apart the most defenseless and innocent little ones entrusted to our care on a scale and with an indifferent callousness that would make Josef Mengele blush.

Of course, here in America we don’t do this to further wacked-out notions of nationalist or ethnic superiority, or out of religious zeal to appease the bloodlust inspired within us by a false god. Nope, we proud, boastful citizens here in the Great Nation/Global Hand of Justice known as America freely and openly murder and dismember millions upon millions of our most innocent little image bearers of God for one of the only reasons I can think of that is hands down worse than those used by the Nazis or ISIS to justify their child mass-murdering enterprises.

We do it for convenience.

No lofty “reasons” needed here in ‘merica! Nosiree!

We “just do it!”

We want life “our way, right away”.

We butcher babies by the bajillions simply  ’cause they cramp our style.

So tell me, Mr. West, if Obama’s dropping of two bombs on ISIS was such a radically deficient approach and we really do need to saddle up and march to war (again) in Iraq because there are folks there murdering masses of innocents and doing terrible things to children’s bodies, then what ought we do right here at home about the scores of government subsidized, openly operating, baby murder and evisceration facilities?


Any military action here to protect the babies being torn to pieces right now?!

And Mr. West, if you don’t mind my noticing and asking (while I am still allowed to), if ISIS doing its thing for its reasons makes it “the most reprehensible evil the world has seen since that of Nazi Germany”, then what does America’s massacre of ten times the innocents murdered in the Nazi Holocaust, mostly for the sake of convenience, say about America?

Why ought we go to war (again and again and again) overseas to supposedly deal with the evil caused (by groups we built up in the first place) abroad, when those evils are, by any rational and mathematically coherent measure, inferior to those taking place right here at home?

I know that folks on the right have been trained by The System to perceive any criticism of America or mention of American arrogance or American pride as something only a “commie” or a “liberal” would say, but if this whole scenario doesn’t present the most crystal clear, glaringly obvious global example of arrogance, hypocrisy, and blind pride imaginable, what does?

Mr. West, I do not know if you are just another Neo-Con programmed tool (as I was not long ago) or whether you are more fully aware. I have appreciated and even enjoyed some of your comments in the past.

Sir, If you should somehow stumble upon these thoughts, I beg you to please think for a moment about these things and prayerfully test everything you know, think you know, feel, and hold dear in the perfect light of Scripture.

If you truly pray and submit to the same Lord I know and love, I beg you to join me in calling America to repentance while striving, by His grace, for ongoing personal repentance and biblical reformation.

As for those who would use blind patriotic devotion to lead me and mine into perpetual war, I’m just not having it anymore. You cannot have my children. We will not fight unending wars for an America that is, in practice, openly socialistic and on the verge of becoming an Orwellian superstate the likes of which Orwell himself probably couldn’t have imagined.

The America that is, as opposed to the America that is being sold to us, is unworthy of any good thing until and unless she repents and submits to the Lord so many of her citizens claim with their lips but deny with their actions.

I am chief among these sinners. I know my heart and my past and there is nothing that I know about any tyrant, dictator, or abortionist that can compare with the evil that once dominated my self-serving heart…before the Lord saved me by His grace, for His glory, and through His Gospel.

I hope and pray that God will be pleased to grace us with the ability to seize the great and beautiful opportunity that comes to us now through the indescribably grotesque and horrifying realization of what we have become as a people.

I pray that He will save this culture and heal this land..one supernatural salvation at a time through His glorious Gospel.

That Gospel is our only hope.

And, based on the judgment falling upon us even as I type these words, time is very, very short…

May God bless America…with broken humility and repentance.


Thank you for taking the time to consider these things. If you find this message helpful, please share it with others.

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   © 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.


13 Responses

  1. Do any of you realise that girls from very conservative churches get just as many abortions as thier worldly counterparts?Some are brought in with there mothers and fathers,some are brought in from there schools(health clinics)and most don't want anyone to know they are pregnant.So they solve the problem.Have you ever heard a sermon on that at church?DOUBT it.It's always thought to be those nasty girls.And who is getting them pregnant ?christian boyfrends,ther own fathers!!Another sermon here.,and mothers who don't want this baby to embarass them.So do "christian really want to do away with it????not likely.I worked in Crisis pregnacy for years and have heard it all.The fault once again the the normal christians.We have so much blood on our hands in this nation,even with repenting I beieve the judgement of God is coming soon.forget the Rapture,no one would be going.

  2. Regardless of who and how these terrible murders are being commited, we can stop all of this it if we come together as a people that love God and our fellowman. I think we need a complete new party in our government. We sat on our butts and let Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck vote in Obama and we did nothing. Are we going to do the same this next voting year?
    A true man of God is not going to run for president, but a man that loves America and what she stands for will, and is in the running.
    Donald Trump can change all this murder and gay marriage that has been approved by Obama, Hillary and the likes with even some of the so-called Republicans voting to continue funding Planned Parenthood. . We need someone to clean out the White House and bring us back to our roots. Someone that has the guts to cut such huge pay checks to these Congressmen and women and these Senator, Dump all these Zars. Money and power has corrupted this nation. Our so-called leaders are playing god. Trying to do away with a way of life that we older Americans will never freely give up. We must clean up our schools and do away with this socialist/communist "Common Core" that is corrupting our children in the school system. .. There's been such a change n America it is frightening. Obama promised CHANGE and we have been bombarded with such change and so fast that we are all likened unto drunks that drank to much wine. Are we the Babylon the Bible tells about? Martin Luther King would be shocked at how Obama has and continues to divide us. Let's not let this continue. Let us be sober. Let's not fight, let's join together in Prayer and humble ourselves before God in repentance. We can bring this nation back to what our forefather dreamed for her………. But not alone, we must work together.

  3. Scott, what is it with YOU and this inclusive pronoun "WE" you use in your thoughts ! Also, are you out of your mind, making a connection between Planned Parenthood ( an oxymoron Title) and the body of Christ, the Church here in America ? ANYONE who promotes abortion here in America, or around the world, is NOT part of the Body of Christ, the Saved & Sealed, "Born Again" Spirit filled Saints, the Church….PERIOD ! I do NOT know of any fellow believers, who endorse, promote, or are involved in abortion here in America, or anywhere else around the world. YOU my friend are doing serious harm and damage, to the cause of Christ by liking this abdominal and murderous action killing / murdering children, through Abortion, to Christ's Sheepfold, His Church, the Born Again Saints here on Earth ? Get this straight my friend, Christians are NOT murdering children as YOU have made claimed to, which clearly is seen even it the "Title" of YOUR article ! What the lost in this world do, say, or promote as "Americans" has nothing to do with the Christians (the BORN AGAIN) here in America, Christians, the Church, are NOT going to stop the evil that exist in this world, it is NOT our work, we are NOT commissioned to end all evil ! WE, as Christians, FOLLOLWERS OF CHRIST, are sent into the world to PREACH the Word, to the lost an dying in this world, that there might be those added to the redeemed that are in this world, bringing the lost out of the darkness that is of this world, and into the marvelous light of Christ Jesus !
    Again, this comment after being "screened" for APPOVAL (Hmmmm?) probably wont be allowed to post, but, it was intended for your eyes only Scott !
    Come to Christ,
    Come to LIFE !

    1. Use of "we" in no way necessitates full agreement or inclusion with the group being identified, and the use of "screened"…well…that seems straightforward enough…

      1. Reading over what I had expressed, it appears I came across somewhat zealous and on the offensive. Probably should have measured my words a little more carefully ? However, the article seems to place blame on the body of Christ for either being directly responsible for abortion (as the title seems to suggest) and or just as guilty for allowing it ! But, again, though Christians, FOLLOWERS of Christ Jesus, are in the world, we (those who are "BORN AGAIN") are no longer OF the world, but sent into the world to PREACH CHRIST RISEN, and eternal LIFE received in HIS name, in HIS Kingdom, granted to all who believe and have trusted in God's Christ, LORD Jesus !
        My apology for being so aggressive, take no offense, press on to the High calling of our great Salvation in Christ Jesus !
        Come to Christ,
        Come to LIFE !

  4. After reading this, I bowed my head and asked God to forgive me …of my ignorance and forgetfulness. You are so right…how dare I be appalled at the barbaric acts by ISIS, when right here in my own town the killing of innocents continues. This was a wake-up call to my heart! Thank you.

    1. Being appalled at one need not preclude being appalled at the other. Both are worthy of our prayerful concern and action. Perhaps the horror of the US-prepped ISIS rampage will remind us of the even more cataclysmic US-enabled massacre of innocents by the millions at home, so that we might repent of our roles in both ongoing crises.

  5. Actually I have no political leaning.. I don't follow either one considering they are both wrong. I just watch and listen to what is going on around me. And it IS the democrats that advocate for abortion, hard! Most Christians that I know do not agree with abortion at all. To compare the two ( abortion and Muslims ) is very confusing to me. I agree we need to put an end to abortions, women and men are using it as birth control and it is wrong.. But the way you are going about this is wrong. Muslims are dangerous, murderous, child raping animals and need to be stopped. That being said I don't have an issue with your stance on abortion, I fully agree it needs to be abolished.

    1. The Democrats advocate for it openly and loudly. The Republicans enable it through passivity and silence.

      While I love and appreciate those in the Republican Party who are true to the cause of ending child sacrifice in America, both the Republican and Democrat parties are dominated and defined by a single set of corporate/elite powers, and that single guiding force above and controlling both political parties is os a decidedly pro-child sacrifice perspective.

      For all of the talk and spin and campaign promises for decade after decade after decade, why have Republicans in Washington DC not made a major push to actually end child sacrifice, even when they had large majorities in Congress and a President in the White House?

      The answer is obvious…

      Ignore the talk. Ignore the convention speeches. Ignore the talk radio posturing.

      Republicans at the top are soft on abortion because the elitist owners who hold their leashes are pro-abortion and not about to see the end of child sacrifice in America.

      The sooner we wake up to the reality that both parties are part of a staged puppet show owned and operated by those who would have us distracted, defused, and easily manipulated into compliance, the sooner we will be able to take the first real steps to true and lasting positive change in America.

    2. As for comparing "the two (abortion and Muslims)" being "very confusing" to you, I mist admit that I find your confusion to be…well…confusing.

      We in America murder and dismember around a million innocent children each and every year via abortion. Muslims murder far fewer innocents, and we imagine that their acts of murder and dismemberment are somehow far, far worse than ours. Why?

      Because we use sterilized terms like "abortion"?

      Because we murder our children in nice little buildings right in the middle of towns across the country?

      I mean, really, how is the comparison "confusing"?

      The fact that Americans can somehow miss the fact that America is conducting the mass murder and dismemberment of innocent children on a scale that dwarfs the efforts of "those dangerous, murderous, child raping animals" is, in and of itself, a frightening and telling sign that Americans are utterly blinded by pride and arrogance.

      Are Americans not "dangerous, murderous" child abusing monsters when THEY mass murder and dismember innocent children FOR CONVENIENCE to the tune of 1,000,000 willfully butchered babies per year…for 50 years and counting?

      If the Muslims qualify as "dangerous, murderous" folks for what they have done, are not Americans then qualified to be accurately labeled as something even worse?

    3. Hi G. Miller,

      I would just like to make a quick point about your comment. When you say “to compare the two (abortion and muslims) is confusing to me” is that because the reality of what abortion IS has been forgotten? I don’t like to mention the brutality of abortion but let’s compare it to what ISIS is doing to children. When a child is aborted many things can happen. A burning acid may be used, dismemberment of limbs, severing of spinal cord, beheading… How is that not comparable to what ISIS is doing to children? The motives of why it is being done are different but which motive is more despicable? Muslims believe it glorifies allah and is for the cause of their religion, we do it for *convenience.*

  6. While I agree with your point on abortion I will add that the vast majority of Conservatives are AGAINST abortion (except in extreme cases, i.e. rape, incest or if the life of the mother is in jeopardy). Now lets think about it, who fights SOOOOOO hard FOR abortion? Need a clue? That would be DEMOCRATS, and OBAMA, oh yea, they fight HARD for it, even late term abortion where the baby is fully formed and viable.. Hell they even advocate for AFTER BIRTH abortions.. So don't get all high and mighty, I bet Col West is AGAINST abortions.. Talk to your DEMOCRAT/LEFTEST friends about the deaths of all those babies, the blood is on their hands.

    1. What the vast majority of conservatives say and what they actually do are often two very different things, but that really wasn't the point of my response to Mr. West's argument for getting into war mode (again) in Iraq.

      My point, which I think is fairly clear, is his claim that ISIS or even Nazi Germany is "the greatest evil" of recent times based on their mass murder of innocents, is a patently absurd argument.

      The whole left/right, Republican/Democrat, so-called "conservative"/liberal paradigm is an escape valve through which most Americans have been programmed to avoid dealing with challenging realities and their implications.

      To imagine that abortion is an issue that can be neatly laid at the feet of the Democrats, liberals, and leftists is ludicrous, tragic, and an indication that those in the so-called "Christian" party in this so-called "Christian" nation are as far away as any Democrat from repentance and restoration.

      The pride, arrogance, rationalization and justifications of "good conservative" Republicans on these issues of life, death, war, and peace offer some of the clearest indications that we are a nation under the wrath of God.

      All of that said, I do appreciate your taking the time to chime in here and I hope that you will prayerfully consider the points raised in detail in this article, ideally with your presuppositions and pet political preferences set aside for at least a moment.

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