It’s enough to make Al Gore wish he’d never invented the Internet.

Earlier today, broke the story that ACORN had suspended operations. This after the same just-launched website broke story after story exposing the top-to-bottom, coast-to-coast corruption of the organization.

Tales of ACORN’s widespread support for scores of the most vile sorts of illegal activities burned up the media wires, not that ABC “News” anchor Charlie Gibson or The New York Times noticed. Apparently ACORN’s rampant support for child-prostitution just didn’t meet the threshold for newsworthiness to those folks.

But that didn’t matter. The Statist-dominated mainstream media matters less and less with each passing day. Doubly so on the days when good ol’ fashioned American journalists emerge in the form of’s James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

No, the mainstream media’s ignoring of the problem didn’t make it go away.

Not this time.

Remember the good ol’ days when ACORN was known simply as a highly efficient voter fraud machine?

Well, those days are over, and ACORN itself may be finished as well.

We can only hope.

As the battle raged over the past week and the situation worsened for the leftists under siege, the one and only tried and true defense left was deployed early and often: “Y’all are a buncha racists!”

In the best sign yet that America has hope, even this didn’t work. The ACORN steamrolling story broken by O’Keefe and Giles just rolled on and on, finally crushing the pro-child rape profiteering bastion of “progressive” open-mindedness.

The nut, and the nuts, have been crushed.

Expect a backlash, of course…after all, this has all only happened because America is a nation filled with racists.


Now, bring on the SEIU!


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4 Responses

  1. Ya know, one would think that after the first sting all offices would have been notified, and after the second all offices would have been on red alert for anyone coming in asking questions of an illegal nature.

    But, in line with the arrogance of the master at the top, they just assume that because they're enlightened they can do whatever they want, laws be damned. After all, the redeeming feature of liberalism (as defined today) is that it is the intent of help, not the consequences of such help, that empowers and matters.

    My hope is that this organization and its members sink into the cesspool they've created never to be heard from again. But I'm afraid that's too much to ask for. They'll probably reincarnate with a wonderfully conservative (but extremely misleading) sounding name and operate again for a few more years under that umbrella before once again having the cleansing power of light shown on their filth, then go through the procedure all over again.

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