Denningtonism is here.

And it ain’t pretty.

Monica Dennington, self-appointed Bible interpreter and theologian, has declared war on Bible interpreters, theologians and those who might find value in what God has chosen to do through them. At the top of her list: Calvinists.

In a thirty-plus-minute tirade posted on YouTube, the high priestess of Denningtonism rambles, rants and rolls through a laughably ignorant yet disturbingly angry attack on those who embrace Reformed Christian theology, also known as the doctrines of grace. A complete, word-by-word presentation and critique of Dennington’s attack video is viewable here.

Charge after charge is made. The most profound of accusations are repeated again and again.

As for the evidence…

Bah! Who needs evidence?

This is Monica Dennington. Monica Dennington needs no evidence, thank you very much!

And if you dare vocalize any opposition to the pronouncements of this founding, self-anointed prophetess of Denningtonism?

Well, you just don’t do that. That would be arguing, and God hates arguing, or at least all arguing not initiated by Monica Dennington.

So says Monica Dennington.

Should they choose to endure Monica’s Scripture-twisting, venom-spewing, evidence-free accusation-fest of a video production, the biblically literate listener is likely to come to two conclusions:

1. Monica Dennington is biblically illiterate and utterly ignorant of even the most basic concepts embraced by those who advocate the doctrines of grace.

2. Monica Dennington is likely to attract a horde of followers.

Biblical illiteracy is epidemic in the American church, and, sadly, that will go a long way toward promoting the spread of Denningtonism.

Pirate Christian Radio did an exceptional job of presenting every word of her video rant and then offering thoughtful, Bible-based criticism, all from a non-Calvinist perspective. Dr. James White has also posted a fine response on YouTube. Both videos can be seen here, and I highly recommend ’em.

Denningtonism is here, “you guys”.

Pray for its leader, her followers and a shallow American Christendom that allows for the easy acceptance of such unbiblical movements.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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4 Responses

  1. I watched this lady some time ago. I left comments under the handle "streetapologist" anyway, she (as well as most Arminians) grossly misrepresents scripture and the reformed faith.

    I couldn't endure the whole presentation, as it was a case study in caricature, straw men and lampooning the supposed parade of horribles contained in Reformed theology.

    1. It was indeed a case-study in caricature. Well put!

      I did manage to wade through the whole thing. I think I have almost fully recovered. The Pirate Christian Radio commentary along the way was all that saved me, I'm sure.

      Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. I can remember when Christians were the ones accused of "hate speech", just for quoting the Bible! Now the real haters are drawing followers after themselves. Someone predicted this…

    1. Yep, the prediction was made, and its fulfillment was ordained even. It's still an amazing thing to watch as it unfolds around us.

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