When I was three, I wanted to be Spider-man.

Or an Astronaut.

Whichever would be fine.

Later in life I came to realize that the Astronaut option pro’ly wasn’t gonna pan out. Even so, I remained hopeful for a radioactive spider bite, so I consoled myself with knowledge that there was always at least an outside shot of good things happening on the Spider-man front.

But in recent weeks something wonderful has come to light. An infinitely liberating revelation has come my way.

That revelation is, among other things, that I am Spider-man…and an Astronaut.

I’m also Batman, a Jedi Knight and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert.

And I’m Asian like Bruce Lee and Mr. Sulu, too!

But how can this be, you may ask?

How is it possible that I am Spider-man…and an Asian Astronaut Bat-/Spider-man Jedi Jiu-Jitsu master?

Check this out: I am each and every one of these things because “I identify as” them. (See: So why can’t Dolezal be black and Jenner be a woman? Isn’t that the new American way?)

And if you have a problem with that, you’re nothing but an Asian Jedi Dark Knight Jiu-Jitsu Master hating bigot, so don’t even think about telling me any different!

I feel, therefore I am…whatever I feel like being.

If I feel like I’m Batman, I am Batman.

If I identify with being Batman, I am Batman.

See how this works?

Hey, if Bruce Jenner can be a woman because he identifies with being a woman and Rachel Dolezal can be black because she identifies with being black, then I most certainly can be an Asian Jedi Bat-/Spider-man Astronaut. (See: Bruce Jenner Transitions Into Republican Christian Woman.)

If it feels good, be it.

If family is whatever you want it to be, then it is whatever you want it to be.

[Tweet “When “if it feels good, do it” becomes normal, then “if it feels good, be it” isn’t far behind.”]

Same goes for marriage.

Same goes for gender.

Same goes for, well…pretty much everything else. (See also: Gender Chaos: The Insanity (and Impossibility) of “Sex Change”.)

And why?

Because if these things are ultimately and explicitly defined by the light of God’s Nature as revealed in His Word, then anything goes…as it is doing now here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

This is what happens when individual feelings trump objective truth of Christ as the personal defining standard for all of His creation.

More precisely – and more fundamentally – this is what happens when the emotion-driven opinions of men are exalted above the unbreakable, inescapable reality of God’s Nature as revealed in His Word.


What began for our culture as a “God-given right” to worship false gods has put us on the imaginary throne of our imaginary “reality” and we are now watching the full realization of that “man as god in practice” approach to “reality” come to fruition before our eyes. (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

Our Batman eyes.

Or Spider-man eyes.

Or whatever eyes you most identify with having at any given moment.

“We the people” have imagined ourselves to be “liberated” from the shackles of God’s binding reality for a very long time, and true reality – His reality – is about to hit. Hard.

Until the eyes of the people in this proud, dying culture are supernaturally transformed by the grace of God through the Gospel, enabled to see true reality, and inspired to seek Christ as the living personification of truth in all of His creation, I’m afraid we are going to see far stranger things than even “Caitlyn Jenner”.


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3 Responses

  1. Spiderman vs Batman who wins? I say Batman. Batman is just amazing and he will kick spiderman’s ___. What do you think?

  2. Scott,

    This transgender, transracial trans-everything else agenda is only the front of the ultimate agenda for the "Machine" that has control of the world.

    The true agenda is UN Agenda 21 that will employ the Transhumanism movement and universal health care to accomplish its goal.

    PLEASE research Transhumanism, Posthumanism, CERN, Tomorrowland and Tomorrow World.

    The Millennials and subsequent generations are in grave danger.

    ALL of the media is controlled by the Machine and my comments about this agenda are consistently being censored on the sites where I have commented.

    As a fellow Calvinist I am hoping you can help expose this.

    I agree with you that we are still in the early days of Christianity.

    The heretical doctrine of Arminius has run rampant through the world distorting the entire message of Christ.

    J.N Darby's heretical dispensationalist theology is the weapon that the "Machine" is using to discredit Christianity throughout the planet.

    Obama is the FAKE anti-Christ, Pope Francis is the FAKE false prophet. The scheduled CERN event is the FAKE release of Abbadon.

    I also suspect that there may be a FAKE second coming in the fall of 2016.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that suspects that there is a Fake False Prophet and a Fake Antichrist game going on. To what end, however, I do not know. The 266th pope is visting the usa on the 266th day of the year, 9/23/2015. There's been a lot of odd occurances of 923 or 239, coding 9/23 in the news. I'm guessing a fake assassination of a fake antichrist, who then of course rises from the fake dead from his fake head wound. A fake false prophet. Perhaps they're trying to jump start eschatological events by playing the numbers. The 70th jubilee is supposed to start this fall. Food for thought.

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