In the wake of Wednesday’s tragic murder of nine image-bearers of God in Charleston, one predictable path that has been chosen by virtually every mainstream media mouthpiece speaking on the matter is that of “race”. I put the word race in quotes because in reality there is but one human race, though everything that we are fed by the System of systems in which we live would have us to build our understanding on the lie that there is division where there is not.

All men, women, boys and girls are image bearers of God. That is reality.

All men, women, boys and girls are therefore worthy of equal respect and reverence whatever ethnicity they may embody and wherever they may be…including the womb.

The horrible shooting in Charleston is even now being used to explore many related, relevant subjects and promote many narratives. Some of this is inappropriate, often glaringly so. Some of it is entirely appropriate and even necessary. People will draw their own conclusions as to where any particular examination falls on a case-by-case basis. All of it – appropriate or not – is painful because of the tragic context in which it has arrived.

It would seem that one of the most appropriate matters for consideration in this challenging moment is the fact that while nine image bearers of God were brutally murdered in cold blood in South Carolina and that is indeed a great and terrible tragedy, there were, on the same day, nine image-bearers of God of the same ethnicity who were murdered in cold blood in a building very close to where the shooting took place in Charleston, but nobody seems to have noticed. There were also nine more murdered in cold blood on the very same day in another close-by place. And yet another nine were murdered in cold blood in yet another close-by place. But nobody seemed to notice.

Worse still for these 27 unnoticed murders, even bringing them up in the context of those who were brutally and noticeably murdered in cold blood on Wednesday seems to really bother some people – many people, actually.

In an earlier post, If Dylann Roof really wanted to kill a lot of black people, he should’ve gotten a job at Planned Parenthood, we noted that many, many image-bearers of God of a particular ethnicity were openly, systematically and “legally” murdered by a particular organization on Wednesday in many locations all around where the Charleston massacre took place, and that the cold blooded murder of black people is always evil.

Not because they’re black.

But because they’re people.

They are image-bearers of God.

More specifically, they are every bit as much an image-bearer of God as anyone else, regardless of ethnicity or location, which again brings us back to those precious image-bearers who are living and growing in wombs now, even as I type and even as you read.

They are completely human. They are completely entitled to life. They are completely God’s little image-bearers.

Noticing that they were slaughtered in staggering numbers all across “the land of the free” with impunity and without notice on the very same day that nine image-bearers of God were also murdered in cold blood to the great (and appropriate) outcry of the nation and even the world is not cold, heartless or insensitive.

It is necessary.

The juxtaposition of these two horrible stories – the murder of one group of image-bearers of God and the murder of another group of the same – offers us a revealing and terrifying glimpse into just how far we have devalued the lives of the most helpless image-bearers of God among us.

Let us pray for all of those impacted by every murder of every image-bearer of God on Wednesday in Charleston or on any other day in any other place.

Let’s recognize and live as though all lives – including all black lives – matter equally…even when they’re in the womb.


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