As you may have noticed, people are talking a lot about flags lately.

And slavery. And oppression. And hate and feelings and sensitivities.

And how Confederate flags and icons are uniquely worthy of a purge here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

That’s the Corporate American Statists’ spin on things, anyway.

That’s the Corporate American Statist solution.

Politicians, “experts” and “leaders” from all across the Pagan worldview spectrum are coming out swinging against these select “symbols of hatred, bondage and oppression”. Most members of Pagan Right and Pagan Left leadership sure seem to be (once again) marching in lock step on this one.

That should be curious to us.

That should be suspicious.

Before pursuing this curiosity and suspicion any further, let’s admit that there are good reasons to critique the history and associations of any flag. We need to test all things in light of Scripture, including the worldviews associated with any particular flag as well as our motives for flying, saluting, or otherwise honoring that flag. Christ-dismissing patriotism has become one of the most cherished idols and effective tools of the enemy in America, and we need to remember that any flag or symbol can be similarly corrupted. (See also: Loving America by Killing the America Idol.)

Along these lines and in the wake of recent Purge-related discussions, some great and important points have been made by some rock-solid Christians as to why we need not react in a reflexive, defensive manner against each and every critique of any perceived symbol of state’s rights, limited government and the like. My point here is not to examine, defend or critique the symbols and icons at the center of the present storm. What I hope to do here instead is remind us all of the flags, symbols and ideologies that are being aggressively and unapologetically pushed by the very same American Corporate State that has now aligned all of its tools and assets in favor of the aforementioned Purge.

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Here are three points we might want to keep in mind as The Purge rolls along:

  1. Whatever legitimate critiques and concerns there may be over Confederate flags’ association with the vile and disgusting practice of chattel slavery (which God despises, as clearly stated in His Word), we need to understand that one primary reason for Confederate discrediting on the part of the American Corporate State is that the very notion of decentralization of Federal power through secession is abhorrent to the American Statist. This point really cannot be emphasized enough. From their wicked perspective, the more they can associate secession and decentralization of political power with hate, slavery, and oppression, the better.
  2. While The Purge rolls on, the “rainbow flag” of the Gender Chaos/Sexual Perversion movement is even now being held high and advanced openly and proudly by the very same corporations and governments leading the charge against decentralization and secession by painting them as “racist” and “hateful”. (See: Corporate America to Your Children: Hating God and Embracing Homosexuality is GRRREAT!)
  3. The American Federal government and its Corporate owners are now the loudest, proudest and most consistent advocates of global slavery to sexual perversion and the systematic oppression of those who would oppose it. (See: Get with the Big Gay Program…or suffer the economic consequences.)

So as the manufactured hubbub and contrived, selective “outrage” over certain flags and symbols rages on, remember: The American Corporate State hates you, it hates your children, and it will do anything and everything that it must to move you ever deeper into dependence, slavery and worship of the State as god in practice.


The State and its Corporate handlers are all for slavery and oppression.

What they cannot and will not abide is even the thought of decentralization and secession as legitimate.

They will burn any flag and topple any monument necessary to prevent that from happening…all while proudly promoting and parading a rainbow flag consecrated to rebellion against God and the persecution of His people.


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5 Responses

    1. Would love to hear your detailed definition of "hate speech" and see how it fits with that "illiterate redneck" slur you like to hurl around.

  1. This is just plain idiotic. Your argument is free speech and the right to be homophobic? Come on. You think America's oppressing you? Only because you're oppressing LGBTQ+.

    – A liberal, bisexual, Jewish, Hispanic, girl.

  2. I am a Christian but this website does not represent what Jesus would want us spreading in his name. In the Bible there are verses of him walking amongst prostitutes and thieves and showing them his mercy and love instead of hateful rhetoric. The Bible also cites that it is an abomination to eat shellfish but many of us eat shrimp and lobster. The Bible also states that no sin is worse than another. The Bible also states judge yest not ye be judged. Lastly the Bible says there is only one unforgivable sin and that is to comit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I am Gay and I am out and have nothing to hide I consider it as like being left handed or brown eyed. I knew I was Gay when I was 10 years old. I prayed for seven years for God to change me to like Girls and nothing happened. Finally when I was 17 I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me saying that I was created this way. He didn’t tell me it was okay but he did tell me this is how I was created. I do not go to parties and gay clubs and commit acts of promiscuity even though if heterosexuals did it you would be judged the same way by God for your actions so put your “first stones down” we all are sinners. There are more homosexual men and women that want Jesus in their lives but hateful websites like yours make it impossible for them to go and that is one less soul saved because you scared someone away from Jesus’s love and God’s Grace. I don’t understand why some of these hateful groups get fixated on Gays and Abortion. We answer to God for our sins not to you who also have committed sin in your lives! When I had just come out and was still going to Church because I loved Sundays at Church to worship the Lord there was a man one day with two billboard trucks parked out front one with dead fetuses all over it saying murder and the other with pictures of members of the LGBT community saying horrible derogatory words like Dyke, Faggot, Tranny, Whore, Fudge Packer. Calling us those names is just as bad as calling an African American the N word though I’m sure all of you have called our greatest President in the modern Era President Obama that, all I have to say is shame on you. Jesus is watching you disrespect the President.

  3. Don't be surprised if CAIR demands that crosses be purged off churches because it offends them and reminds them of the Crusades.

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