I know that this is touchy.

I know that we’ve been conditioned to avoid even the consideration of such thoughts and subjects.

I know that even asking the question will have many tempted to immediately tar and tag me as “unpatriotic” or some sort of commie pinko who should just shut up, stop thinking such things, stop asking such questions, and just “love it or leave it” where America is concerned.

But that’s not how free people act, is it?

That’s not how brave people act, is it?

Well, in principle and in truth, no. That isn’t how free people act. That’s not how brave people think. That’s not what they do.

But here in America – the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA – that’s exactly how they – how we – have been programmed to uncritically approach the subject of the American State. (See: Confronting Americult.)

Here in America you just don’t question America. You don’t question the State. You don’t question the military. You don’t question the police or the courts. (See: Are we really free? Do we even want to know?)

You just listen and obey. You comply. You learn your place. You sing about freedoms and liberties that you no longer actually have and you pledge allegiance on cue to the “invisible” political power of the Almighty American State (most loudly on “Independence Day”, of course). (See: 13 questions you’re NOT supposed to ask on “Independence Day” in America.)

Before I go on, let me make it clear that I love true free markets (including the freedom to fail and/or go hungry). I love justice. I love the right to self-defense. I love the God-ordained institutions of Family, Church, and State. I love marriage. I love hard work and the opportunity to earn and accumulate real wealth so that I and my children might have more and more material prosperity with which to advance the Kingdom of God.

And man, lemme tellya that I am in awe of many who have done truly amazing things in history to defend America. My family has a long line of military service including two men who served at very high levels in World War II. Both have passed away (one just last year at the age of 93), but I can still remember how anytime a family gathering included those two men, I tried to just sort of hover around and lurk near them in the hope that they might share another bit of history or tell another war story. I am eternally grateful for such men.

One of the things that disgusts me most today is the way that the good intentions, hard work, and incredible sacrifice of these sorts of men has been so thoroughly corrupted not only by “those bad people” in higher offices or those seedy characters pulling the strings behind the scenes, but also by the apathetic, uncritical masses (as in: you and me) who are more often than not content to thoughtlessly sing, salute and assume that all is well and good and right.

Let me also add that I hate the welfare state. I hate the perpetual warfare state. I hate the free market destroying and humanity enslaving economic construct that is currently being used to drag as many as possible into Corporate/State dependence and slavery. I hate the contrived and controlled political puppet show that distracts and dominates the masses. And I hate that I feel compelled to say any of these things before daring to ask the simple, clear, legitimate and supremely relevant question: Is it okay to ask the military what happened to our freedoms?

Is it?

I can’t seem to go a day without seeing multiple bumper stickers, t-shirts, Internet ads, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and any number of other promotional bits proclaiming something along the lines of our military being responsible for securing the freedoms that we have here in America and telling me that I should “thank a soldier” for my freedom.

So who do I “thank” for the tons of lost freedoms trampled or thrown away just over the past several decades? Who was responsible for protecting my freedoms, liberties, and privacy as an American citizen as each of those things was flagrantly savaged and winnowed down into tiny reflections of what they once were? (See: Privacy is for masters. Transparency is for slaves. Welcome to “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.)

Who gets the credit for that?

Who is responsible?

Who shares responsibility?

Are those things all “the politicians'” fault? Do military folks have no role or responsibility to protect freedoms from domestic enemies? Or is that just another throwaway line in oaths and speeches that nobody in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA is supposed to take seriously anymore?

Is there any point at which we ought to question the meaning or value of these oaths and the value of arming those taking them?

What do the oaths actually mean? If nobody is ever held accountable for the ongoing, systematic dismantling of what little freedom, liberty, and privacy we have left, then what’s the point?

Here’s the answer.

Here’s the point:

The point of all of these things – these exercises and ceremonies and uniforms and oaths – is to keep you and I in line. The point is to maintain the fiction and veneer of legitimacy while everything but the preservation or defense of true law, liberty, freedom, and justice is pursued right in front of our programmed, compliant little eyes.

This is why we proudly sing inane songs about freedoms and privacy that don’t exist in America.

This is why we proudly pledge on cue our unquestioned allegiance to the indivisible power of the American State.

This is why we are lazily watching America become exactly that which is diametrically opposed to the values that we profess with our lips in our songs and our pledges.

So is it okay to ask the military what happened to our freedom?

I know, I know…we’re still way more free than [insert name from rapidly shrinking list of nations that are temporarily more free than the US].

Are we more free than North Korea, for example?


So what!?

Is that the bar here now?

And even if we are relatively “more free” than the likes of North Korea, can we not all at least acknowledge that we are rapidly closing the gap with those folks?


And who is responsible for that?

Anyone in the “liberty and freedom protecting American military”, maybe?

Just maybe?

A little?

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If the military is supposed to get credit for the freedoms that we (still barely) have, then who gets the blame for the mountains of freedoms that we’ve lost and are losing even at this moment?

Where’s this “conservative sense of responsibility and accountability” that Pagan Right defenders love to gurgle on about all the time?

Where is it?

If we truly love America and especially those enlisted in the various armed forces being used all across the globe at this moment to accomplish the goals of those atop the System of systems that owns and operates the American State, we will be brave enough to ask and seriously seek answers to these questions…publically, while that sort of thing is still allowed.


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3 Responses

  1. That is an excellent question my friend: but please use wisdom when you ask this question of certain ex-military individuals, I don't want to lose you. Meanwhile , I think that they feel as helpless as the rest of us . Our leaders, elected officials, and Justices are selling us out, for what? For some Utopian UN one-world government? Are the Masons and the Jesuits really in control? Do we need to fight for it, or should we just keep looking up? One things for sure, I'm glad that I fought to keep my kids out of public ed , I'm glad that I didn't fall for the lies of the conservative right or the liberal left. I never fell for their lies about being pro-life, or pro-family either. I always saw the primaries as the most important part of the election process. This is where we see the true candidates and where we watch them be dissected by the puppet media. If only once , one of these true candidates would or could make it to the general election, ahh but who am I kidding, they'd just kill him anyway!

  2. As a Navy veteran, whose brother was an Army combat engineer, whose father was a combat Marine in Korea, and whose grandpa served with Eddie Rickenbacker in WW1, let me be the first to congratulate you. You have just attacked the MOST sacred of sacred cows, the American juggernaut has set up to be IDOLIZED by the men behind the curtain.

    1. I am a USN Submarine Service Vet and I agree with Bill. Keep getting after them Scott. The Truth tears down strongholds and exposes idolatry.

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