Take Tim Challies To School Day

Most of us have heard some version of the saying: “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.” While the spirit of the phrase seems virtuous enough at a passing glance, it’s important for us to understand that, in certain contexts, there are indeed stupid questions, and that some of those questions are dangerously stupid […]


Evander MacLean Buss was born on Tuesday, November 27, at 11 p.m., joining siblings Rosie (5), Wolfgang (3), and Sebastian (1), who got to meet him for the first time on Wednesday night. While I’m tempted to try to describe the unique joy and wonder that washed over each of his three big sibs as […]

Signs Of Our Culture Of Death

One of the telltale signs of a culture of death is its devaluing of children. Here in 2018 America we’re well down that road, happily shifting into higher gears as we rocket along with over 60,000,000 of our own babies’ bodies in the rearview mirror, having been murdered for convenience in the name of American-style […]

Who needs Boy Scouts when there are no boys?

Who needs Boy Scouts when there are no boys? To be more precise, when there is no objective, biologically defined construct known as “a boy”, and when even one’s sex is regarded as subject only to the subjective, feelings-based whims of any given moment, then what place could there be for an organization like the […]

The Fourth Awakens

My fantabulous wife Holly and I just got the word a little while back that Baby Buss #4 is on the way. [Insert shouts of joy and hallelujah choir music here.] Which has me thanking God and thinking about a lotta things (including some of the interesting reactions from many in this dying culture who […]

Raising Christian White Boys In A Culture Programmed To Hate Them

Oooooohhhhh…did you see that title?! It says “white boys”! Right there in the middle! White! Right before “boys”! Can you believe it?! I mean, in 2017 America – the self-described “land of the free and home of the brave” – to even use the word “white” like that is incredibly risky. It’s borderline taboo…minus the […]

Hubaloo (And Other Words My Kids Make Up)

You know that “hubaloo” means helicopter, right? And that “moneema” is a synonym for water? And that “note” is another synonym for water? And that…oh wait, of course you don’t know these things, at least not unless you know my kids. One of the many cool unexpected things that my wife Holly and I have […]