Here we are, on an anniversary that has us remembering some very awful things from a point in time where there seem to be a bewildering number of even darker, more terrible threats circling all around us, drawing nearer by the newscast and more serious by the day.

Ours is a culture dominated and defined by a zombie religion of dead churches, the murderous narcissism and hypocrisy of a mass-baby-murdering people, purposefully imploding national borders, an emerging anti-Christian Orwellian State (complete with true, blue, corporate-fueled “Mark of the Beast” style persecution), and the proud idolatry of America itself on the part of a citizenry overwhelmingly content to swim in the purposeful distractions of sports, entertainment, and secular talk radio.

What better time to ponder God?

What better context in which to learn more about Him, bask in the glow of that revelation, and find true peace, confidence, and even joy in the midst of the storms that rage about?

Earlier this week I posted Two words to help us trust, obey, and adore God, which aimed to focus on the truly unfathomable majesty of God’s perfect and unchanging nature. (Any guesses as to what the “two words” were?)

Then today, during a nostalgia-fueled roll through some of the first posts made here at Fire Breathing Christian way “back in the day” (September of 2009, to be precise), I came upon Omnipresence – The God of Every Where and Every When.

With God’s perfect and unchanging nature fresh in my mind after Two words, and the magnificence of His omnipresence revisited in The God of Every Where and Every When, I felt compelled to take another moment here to try and tie these things together and share in what I hope will be an encouraging way as we all wonder at what will become of our culture, our economy, our families, and even ourselves between now and the next September 11.

The hour is late.

There is little reason for optimism, as men measure such things, since even the clarity of God’s judgment upon this rebellious culture (see: Romans 1) has been met with more of the same man-centeredness even on the part of those who boldly claim to love the Lord with their lips. Repentance seems to be further away than ever, especially from self-proclaimed Christians in America. Even so-called Christian conservatives seem to have doubled-down on pride instead of submitting to the Lord in repentance.

They’re looking to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Fox News and Republican politicians to save the day…again…and still…even though every measurable tells us that these secular “conservatives”, whether they know it or not or plan it or not, are leading us away from Truth, away from life, and into the totalitarian darkness that any God-rejecting culture deserves.

They talk about the value of Ten Commandments monuments, but have no real interest in reading, obeying, and applying what those monuments say – what God has commanded.

They proclaim loudly with their mouths a love of God, but any time His Word gets in the way of their plans, His Word is always dismissed or jettisoned.

This approach to truth has made them the ultimate accessory party to the Democrat/Leftist sorts on the other end of the spectrum. They are two heads of the same dragon, and that dragon is just about to finish its meal…that meal being us. Our final liberties and freedoms are about to be devoured…”for our own good”, of course.

The Christ-dismissing lies of all secular, man-centered perspectives are about to lead us to where all such worldviews ultimately must bring a people: To the hell of totalitarianism.

There is no doubt that we face a true Mission:Impossible scenario as people in 2014 America.

But as Christians in 2014 America…well…that’s a whole ‘nother story.

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Not because of us, but because of Him.

Not because of what we can do to patch up our Titanic of a culture with more of the same secular, man-centered “solutions”, but because of what He can do through His obedient people to bring a dead culture to life…one supernatural salvation at a time through the Gospel and Great Commission.

Just as with Peter, so long as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we can not only weather any storm, we can accomplish supernatural wonders right in the middle of it. What is otherwise impossible with man and man-centered anything, is completely possible in faithful submission to Christ…on His terms, as defined in His Word, by His grace, and for His glory.

This is our God.

The perfect, unchanging God who literally created and owns time itself.

The God whose promises therefore cannot fail…and the God who has promised certain things to His obedient people.

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The God whose missions cannot fail…and the God who has called His obedient people to a Great Commission.

The God who always provides perfectly for His people and the mission He has given them…and the God who has equipped His people with His Gospel in order to accomplish His Great Commission, changing lives, families, homes, communities, and cultures…one supernatural salvation at a time.

Yes, He is our God…

…so who can stand against us?


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