$elling The Flupocalypse

While we’ve had over fifty Super Bowls with each accompanied by a more frenzied, fantastic wave of hype and mass marketing than the last, there is an annual event that is actually closing the gap on the NFL’s crown jewel when it comes to over-the-top hyper-marketing and product merchandising to Americans.

Enter: The Flupocalypse.

Each year it just gets bigger and bigger, with literally billions on the line as vaccine companies look to seize every opportunity to further their narrative that “vaccines are safe and effective, we should all vaccinate ourselves and our children, and anyone not getting with the State/Corporate program on vaccines is risking not only their lives and their children’s lives, but the very existence of humanity itself. So there!”

Never mind that there have been well over 3.5 billion dollars paid out to Americans who have been injured or killed by vaccines since the late 1980s or that the rate of auto-immune problems in the population has rocketed into the stratosphere side-by-side with the radical expansion of the American CDC’s vaccine schedule.

Nope, just move along…nothing to see here!

[We covered these sad realities in a bit more detail earlier this month in You Can’t Vaccinate Away Stupidity (But You Can Vaccinate Toward It).]

With Flupocalypse ’18 upon us, it’s nearly impossible to avoid being barraged by lovely little propaganda pieces like California hospitals face a ‘war zone’ of flu patients — and are setting up tents to treat them, wherein the LA Times propagandized in what has come to be typical fashion when it comes to promoting and marketing the “essential products and accessories” of Flupocalypse 2018.

Or Flupocalypse XXXVI…or whatever it’s going by this time around…

The point is this: BE TERRIFIED!!!

And RUN to your nearest doctor’s office or Walgreen’s or Ace Hardware for one of the scores of vaccines that they all seem to be stockpiling and pimping routinely these days.

Product must be sold, don’tcha know.

Dollars – billions of dollars – have to be made.

Year after year after year…

…and so what if a baby or two or 100 have to die to get us to the promised land of mass vaccination?

So what if the rate of autism has gone from 1 in 15,000 to 1 in 30-something in just decades? So what if, at the present rate of increase, one in two children will be born autistic (with 80% of males included) in the next 15-20 years or so?

That’s just the price of progress.

That’s just what it takes to get us to the happy Orwellian future charted by our good and benevolent “professional” masters.

So shut up and get with the program.

That’s the basic marketing plan.

And man, does it ever work on Americans! The speed with which the average American thoughtlessly complies and bends over without the slightest impulse to educate themselves or pursue anything remotely resembling informed consent is stunning and pathetic.

But that’s just kinda where we’re at right now in so many ways, isn’t it?

Where once we were a people of relative heartiness, confidence, and sanity, we’re now a regularly rattled, fragile, and utterly dependent herd of snowflakey little drones just waiting for the next wave of Corporate/State-sponsored “professionals” to fleece us and tell us what to do next (which invariably involves our being fleeced again).

This is the norm these days in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

Where once we endured incredible hardship and took fantastic risks in order to accomplish great things, we are now sent squealing like little girls at the mere su