Nobody’s “born gay”.

And most homosexual deathstyle advocates know it.

How does that “make you feel”?





In Born…or Soft-Wired to be Gay?, Eric Holmberg of The Apologetics Group follows up on an important article that he wrote back in October on the subject of pomosexuality (which we then covered in Is Pomosexuality a product of sexual abuse?).

I highly recommend that those who have not yet read Eric’s earlier post, Sex and the Singularly Abused Girl, do so before continuing here. The context presented there will help greatly in appreciating the launching point for Born…or Soft-Wired to be Gay?:

In today’s brave new world, it’s verboten to connect child abuse to same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria, despite them being disproportionately common among its victims. Yet the media and public widely accept and discuss the connection between child abuse and later struggles with everything from obesity to attachment disorder.

The selective application of standards is a telltale sign of something fundamentally amiss. This is a good principle for Christians to keep in mind when considering any subject, not just that of sexuality. People espousing or promoting a false paradigm or worldview will inevitably find themselves selectively applying standards, conveniently ignoring them in certain instances while insisting upon them in others. This is what corrupt, hypocritical judgment looks like in action.

article continues below:


Okay, with that rabbit sufficiently chased, back to Eric’s article:

I would simply point to the many LGBTQ advocates who now freely acknowledge that hitching their cause to the civil rights movement was the key to normalizing homosexuality. . .

But now [that] they have so spectacularly won the day, more and more homophiles have drop-kicked this rhetoric. And for good reason. There simply is no scientific support for the “hard-wired, born gay” premise. To the contrary, a growing body of evidence points to human sexuality being malleable or—as it is more commonly characterized—“fluid.” (And the right to engage with and explore this fluidity has now become the new cause célèbre for many in the movement.)

For example, Dr. Lisa Diamond, one of the foremost researchers on this subject—and herself a homosexual—has written:

“…early childhood influences on sexuality (whatever they may be) were not immutable, and that most individuals were unaware of their own capacity for change in sexuality over time.” (Lisa M. Diamond, Sexual Fluidity, (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2008), p.8)

And toward the end of Sexual Fluidity, Diamond openly acknowledges that for the sake of the gay rights movement (as it was in 2008) and its “not yet ready for prime-time” end-game—that is unrestricted sexual freedom—it perhaps remained necessary to continue to propagate the “born gay” myth:

“Some (gay) activists feel that the climate is not yet right for such a shift in our thinking about sexual freedom. Given the recent resurgence of conservative antigay activism (much of it focused on banning same-sex marriage), it may well be that for now, the safest way to advocate for lesbian/gay/bisexual rights is to keep propagating a deterministic model: sexual minorities are born that way and can never be otherwise. If this is an easier route to acceptance (which may in fact be the case), is it really so bad that it is inaccurate? (pp. 256,257)

“Is it really so bad that it is inaccurate?”

As in: Not true.

As in: A lie.

Not when the ends justify the means.

Not when ultimate victory seems to be within reach thanks to a hundred-mile-wide swath cut through the culture’s consciousness by relentlessly using the inaccurate truth claim that people are “born gay” like a machete to slash any and all opposition to the “new normal” of gender chaos and infinite “sexual fluidity”.

This is what happens when a culture is given over by God to the delusion that “We the People” have the power to speak or write our own “reality” into existence by relentlessly re-defining law, life, family, and even gender on our terms…whatever those terms may be at any given moment. (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

This is what happens when the professing Christian church in a land abandons the loving identification, confrontation and correction of sin in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission. (See: How has “Christianity” paved the way for gender chaos insanity?)


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