Ever wonder what a culture dominated and defined by fear might look like?

Fear of the world and what’s in it, I mean.

Not a fear of the Lord.

While the latter sustains and enables the increase of all true life, hope, joy, prosperity and security, the former erodes all of the same until they have completely vanished. Sound familiar?

Ever wonder what a culture that places its faith and hope in its own might, brilliance, and self-perceived exceptional nature might look like?

Ever wonder how easy it would be for a handful of people to manipulate and control masses who have been conditioned to reflexively reject the fear of the Lord while embracing the fear of the world as the basis upon which they respond to every crisis, contrived or otherwise, that might come their way?

Well, there’s no need to wonder, especially if you live in America or pretty much anywhere else in the West.

Just look around.

Here in “the land of the free” and the home of the self-described “brave”, fear dominates everything…and that fear is being consistently (and quite effortlessly) used to direct us ever deeper into the arms of The State.

Last month in The Fear-Driven Voting of America’s “Conservative Christians”, we noted how professing Christians have modeled this pathetic approach to fear for the rest of our watching (and now dying) culture:

If one thing is plain about the “conservative Christian” portion of America’s electorate, it is that fear is the primary motivator determining how its members spend their energy, resources, and votes. What Scripture refers to as “the fear of man” seems to have completely overtaken a biblically sound “fear of the Lord” as the basis upon which “conservative Christians” conduct business and politics in America.

Since that post was made, there have been two much publicized “terror events”, one in Paris and one on California.

The reactions to these attacks have been exactly what you’d expect from a populace devoid of a fear of the Lord and therefore dominated by a fear of the world.

We instantly and reflexively rush to openly unbelieving “leaders” and “experts” for salvation. We beg and plead to openly unbiblical institutions for salvation. We look and go everywhere but to Christ for salvation from the multiplying horrors that increasingly dominate our minds and define our worldviews.

And so it just gets worse and worse and worse.

Fear rules over us.

Or, to be more precise, fear empowers those who desire to rule over us.

And we’re now running into their arms, begging for them to protect us and empowering them to “do whatever it takes” to save us, including, of course, confiscating more of what little privacy, freedom, and liberty we have left.

The American State happily obliges, proposing new “solutions” to the very problems it created in the first place so that it might one day have the opportunity to offer up these solutions. (See: Problem>Reaction>Solution – Why we will beg to have our freedoms taken away and go to war forever.)

In this supposed quest for solutions, security, peace, and prosperity, is there a call for American repentance and submission to Christ as King, who has clearly raised up forces from without and from within to deliver His judgment upon us?

Oh no.

Not that.

Anything but that.

We can’t be allowed or encouraged to even consider such thins as repentance and reformation as a real way to tackle the mounting horde of problems we’re facing here in “the real world”.

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No, no, no…prayers and repentance and submission to Christ aren’t “real world” solutions at all.

Only The State can offer those, don’tcha know.

Only The System of systems can save us.

Only “We the People” have the power to save “We the People”…or so we are told…by those who own and relentlessly pitch the “We the People” brand as the idol before which we all must bow; the god in practice that we all must acknowledge as supreme.

Which is why we’re now afraid of everything.

With a god like that – a god who literally sees its power grow through proliferation of the very fear we beg it to save us from, well…the prospects for a happy ending are pretty much nonexistent.

So as God continues to pour out His wrath upon us in the form of everything from California mass shootings to wicked leadership across the Pagan Right/Pagan Left political spectrum, let us remember Who we are to fear…and who we are not to fear.

May God grace us with the Spirit to get that one thing right while there is yet time. Everything else will fall into place from there.


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