“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

If only.

Now “what happens in Vegas” is running for President…and winning.

Or at least leading in the polls so far, anyway.

The Republican polls.

With truckloads of support from “evangelical conservative Christians”, to boot.

“Conservative Christian” leader Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, made news recently by endorsing the biblically illiterate casino/strip club promoter Donald Trump for President.

“Conservative Christian” Dallas mega-“church” pastor Robert Jeffress has gushed over The Donald’s prospects for “making America great again” as well.

And why not?

Why wouldn’t the Big Names in American evangelicalism jump on board with a casino/stripper/vice-hawking “businessman” like Trump?

After all, if you measure success primarily by numbers like dollars and fans, then The Donald is The Man, right?

In this, we are witnessing the culmination of Christ-less, “little gospel” evangelicalism in America. We now have “evangelical leaders” actually promoting a proud, unrepentant, biblically illiterate casino/strip club profiteer as the best hope to “Make America Great Again”.

God help us!

If there was any lingering doubt that America is begging for the wrath of God to wipe its proud, unrepentant people from the face of His earth, revelations such as this will hopefully help to remove that doubt and finally inspire some broken humiliation and repentance…the two personal qualities most unassociated with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Let’s face it, America: This guy is the perfect candidate for leadership of a people who openly repudiate Christ as King in practice while claiming Him with their lying lips. He’s defined by pride, he is utterly unrepentant, he is confident that his values are what America needs to emulate in order to find success, and, of course…he claims to be a Christian.

He’s practically the living embodiment of American evangelicalism…and its consequences.

He’s pretty much a living embodiment of the “what happens in Vegas” line, too.

The trouble is, here on God’s earth, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, and when what happens in Vegas is allowed by “We the people” to go on and on happening in Vegas (and pretty much everywhere else), eventually what happens in Vegas runs for President…and wins.

With “Christian” votes.

This is the judgment of God upon us.

May we repent and be saved, while there is yet time…


. . . you have sinned against the LORD, and be sure your sin will find you out.

~ Numbers 32:23 (emphasis added)


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2 Responses

  1. The election process has been corrupted as long as we've been alive. The two party puppet show has always been a staged performance of the actors making the show. Republicrat or Demican, it doesn't matter; they are two sides to the same coin and Monsanto, GE, Fed Res bankers, "Big Oil" and all of the corporate special interests that are owned by the same peeps will have their actors in positions.

    So, the reality is that anyone that chooses to "vote" is walking blindly in the ways of the masses (the "m" is usually silent).
    And the sad truth is that the people that call themselves by the name of the Lord represent and support an evil leader based upon lies, thinking that these leaders are, in some way, more "moral": or less "evil" than the other. There was no revolution in 1913. There was no revolution after 9/11 and there was no revolution for QE1, 2, or 3. But all these were necessary for the one world system of government to take hold. I wish I had woken up earlier in life. I had spent years deceived, thinking that somehow my vote could be used for "good." Nay, there is not a hope for this nation. Judgment has been sealed and the entire "evangelical right" has only been an open Satanic mockery of the "church" (falsely so called).

    It's like Satan just carries the "Christians" around wherever he wants and openly shows all of heaven (and those of us that truly seek the Lord) how stupid they are, when they say they follow Jesus, but put their resources wheresoever the devil dictates. These really are messed up times.

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