Regularly choosing to eat the “lesser” of two excrement sandwiches is a really bad idea.

Embracing a diet composed exclusively of “lesser” excrement sandwiches will, at best, produce a long, drawn out and dramatically stinky death.

Which brings us to America.

As this presidential cycle’s installment of The American Political Puppet Show kicks into high gear, people are, as usual, losing their minds. Right on cue, we’re dismissing and even seem to be happily avoiding any and all objective facts and recorded history that would dare to contradict The Narrative, that being: We must (!) choose from the evils placed before us by the System of systems that owns and operates the political process in America.

To disagree with this approach is heresy. To openly challenge it is unthinkable.

To point to the aforementioned (and religiously ignored) facts and record of history that make the utter insanity of the “lesser evil” approach plain is also heresy. You just don’t go there.

To publically air either of these anti-System heresies will typically result in the heretic being hounded and hated by masses of proud Americans, many of whom claim to be Christians, who simply cannot abide the conviction brought about by having their idol (the American State) and its State- and Corporate-managed means of population control (State-run public schools, Corporate-directed pop-culture, and the contrived political process) drug out of the comfortable darkness and into the painfully revealing light.

Our embrace of a system that selects a handful of thoroughly screened and universally Statist options from which we are to then “choose a leader” is one of the most embarrassing, lame and pathetic aspects of our culture’s long suicidal slide into the tyranny of Statism.

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While we regularly cover this topic here at Fire Breathing Christian and hope to post much more in the way of detailed suggestions as to what we can practically do with our time, talent, and treasure to pragmatically (as Scripture defines pragmatism) advance the Kingdom of God while The American Political Puppet Show rolls on, the one thing I’d like to remind readers (and myself) of here and now is this: Neither the President nor the American State is our savior.

Moreover, we need neither the President nor the American State in order to faithfully advance the Kingdom of God. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be liberated from bondage to the “necessity of ‘lesser’ evils” lie that has been used to steadily march the culture to hell for many generations now in America.

To that end, I’d like to re-share some thoughts from a post made here back in November:

. . . the one thing I would encourage every politically active American Christian to do in light of the GOP once again only offering up American Statists to choose from is: Stop looking to the Presidency for solutions.

Stop pinning hopes, burning energy, and spending resources on the top-down approach of American Statism and start focusing on the bottom-up approach of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

Stop looking to the State to fix unfixable things (like unbiblical/inherently Statist Public Schools and Social Security) and start obeying God’s clear Word on the subjects of everything from law and economics to art and children’s education.

Stop looking for another Pagan Political Right “leader” or “expert” to do for us what God has commanded that we do for ourselves.

Stop looking to the State to govern what God has commanded and equipped us to govern as individuals, families, and churches.

That approach – and only that approach – can and will save any culture, no matter how far gone, by the supernatural power of God one salvation and grace-enabled act of obedience at a time.

That approach begins with individuals…spreads through families…and churches…and then permeates and redefines the culture. In that order.

That’s how Christ conquers and restores through His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

That’s how He has chosen to reconcile all of creation unto Himself by the power of His cross.

And that is something you will never see clearly proclaimed, much less faithfully applied, by any American Statist, no matter how nice and vaguely Christiany they may sound. The Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left are two wings of the same Statist Dragon.

God has given us all that we need to revive and restore our dying culture…and none of it requires any “help” from Washington DC (or anyone therein).

Let’s spend our time, talent and treasure accordingly.

Remember: Thanks to our buying into the “necessity of the lesser evil” lie, we’ve been dining exclusively on “lesser” excrement sandwiches for many generations now in America.

And this diet – this self-imposed commitment to evil and the excrement it produces – is killing us.

It’s killing America.

In dramatically stinky fashion.


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2 Responses

  1. Those who look to political leadership for answers are very much deluded. As for the lesser of evils thinking we must remember that any time there is an election it is ALWAYS the lesser of two evils as both candidates are fallen human sinners. Many of those who claim the name "christian" do so without any substance.

    That being said if evangelicals were as driven to the prayer closet as the ballot box this would be a very different nation.

  2. I totally believe everything in this post, however when I share these views with ppl (Christians) look a me like I have two heads. They are so unaware!! It's frustrating. Even some (most pastors) seem offended at these views. The other Christians actually isolate you for having these views. They start to view you as some 'kook' or radical. It's lonely!

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