If an unrepentantly promiscuous, proud, covetous and deceitful biblically illiterate strip club and casino promoter won the Republican Party nomination, would Ted “Champion of Christian Virtue in the American Political Realm” Cruz endorse their candidacy for President?

Would Ted Cruz encourage other politically active Christians who “share his values” to support the candidacy of said strip club and casino promoter?

We may soon find out.

With each passing wave of voting in this season’s installment of The Pagan Political Right Wing Puppet Show (now playing alongside The Pagan Political Left Wing Puppet Show over on the Democrat side, as usual), we come another step closer to the delicious/repugnant prospect of a Republican Party National Convention gathered for the purpose of formally nominating Donald Trump for President.

With Trump trouncing all competition – including Ted Cruz – for the coveted evangelical vote in the Republican primaries, American evangelicals have had the “privilege” of playing a major role in crafting this revealingly revolting scenario.

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As we noted yesterday in South Carolina Evangelicals Ditch Scripture and Vote Trump:

Way to go, American evangelicals!

You’ve secured, in true tragi-comedic/ironic fashion, a leading role in securing the decline and death of your very own idols (the Republican Party and America itself).

Apparently God can and will use even these American evangelicals to accomplish His will…and perfectly so.

As I’ve said again and again in previous posts on Senator Cruz: I like the guy. I really do.

But my personally liking the man doesn’t make him a viable candidate for President.

We as Christians have to stop being such easy marks. We have to stop playing these pagan political games by pagan political rules and expecting something other than the proliferation of paganism as a result. We have to start thinking – and actingbiblically in the realm of politics, trusting in God to perfectly handle our obedience to His Word.

The more we see the likes of Cruz come along and effortlessly capture the often irrational, panic-driven, fear-fueled and hyper-emotional devotion of millions of professing Christians, only to do the equivalent of leading those people to support the likes of Donald Trump for President, the more clearly we should see that we have been and are continuing to be played.

We are being nothing better than easily manipulated whores for our political and/or American idols.

And we are whores without excuse. Our God has spoken clearly, and He will not be mocked…especially by a people proudly claiming His name while trampling His Word.

We have a lot of repenting and reforming to do, apart from which we will only sink deeper and deeper into the darkness now rising all around us.

This is why hard questions like this are so important to ask and answer right now. (And why we keep asking them even though it costs us much in short term support.)

Would Ted Cruz endorse Donald Trump for President?

If so, what does that tell us? (Whether we want to know it or not.)

If so, what would that model for us?

Fidelity to Christ as King?

Or something else?

May we earnestly seek the important answers to hard questions such as these. May we repent and reform accordingly.

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7 Responses

  1. Sorry, there is no clarity of scripture in all of this. (although I understand the difference between those who belong to Christ and those who do whatever they desire.)

    Ex. There was a man who did whatever he wanted and no one wanted him around. They chained him in a cemetery and he lived with the demons (all of whom) did whatever they wanted (demons do that) within God's boundaries. Anyway, when this man came to Jesus and the demons asked for (what they wanted)–Jesus gave the demons leave to go into the swine/pigs. When the man, who was now in his right mind asked Jesus if he could go with him (what he really wanted to do), Jesus said, And when he was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil prayed him that he might be with him.

    Mark 5:19-20
    However Jesus allowed him not, but said unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee. And he departed, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel.

    Point: follow the demons and God may allow you to do whatever YOU want.
    Follow Christ–and He will tell you what you must do. He obviously has though scripture.–You may not get to do even what you see as the most "godly" idea.

    God Bless

  2. It is way to easy diagnose, hard to remedy. At least Trump likes America and the constitution! We are electing a president not a pastor. Sadly, Trump is perhaps our best shot at things turning around, if that is even possible.

    Do you think if King David was running today he would be acceptable to you today, he was an adulterer and a murderer…But God!

  3. Scott your articles are utterly negative and almost visicious against anyone who you feel doesn't walk in lock step with you. But all you do is critize people without giving solutions. I agree with a lot of what you write, but your attitude isn't loving. As I look at this election season I am saddened that there isn't one, one candidate who a Christian who follows Christ in all things can vote for with a clear conscious. Ted Cruz, wouldn't vote for if I was paid. He isn't an honest person. I especially cannot vote for a man who's father has boasted that God has anointed Cruz to be king. Rubio mr let's bring everyone in to the US and pay for them from cradle to grave without worrying whether they have broken any laws, don't have any experience and haven't accomplished anything except getting the next elected job. Just like Obama. And then there is Trump. I think the only reason people are flocking to Trump is because he is voicing what the people are feeling. If people are breaking immigration law they need to be sent back. We don't want untold numbers of Muslim refugees dumped on our shores that are hell bent on destroying us. Trump says he will deal with these issues where others won't. But you are exactly right about Trumps character, or lack of character. So where does that leave us? What is your opinion because from all your writings you also cannot vote for any one of these men either, so what is your recommendation just sit home and let the next president be the criminal Hillary? Please write a post that gives advise and not just criticism.

    1. Zoe, the truly loving thing to do is not to try and explain away or rationalize things using secular standards of measurement, but rather to confront and correct people (myself included) with the often hard and convicting truths of Scripture. As for "walking lock step" with me, that's hardly a requirement for life that I've ever advocated, but this is my blog where my views are shared, so please prepare yourself accordingly before making such accusations.

      As for solutions/suggestions with regard to presidential politics, I have included the following clip in several posts (and similar thoughts in others):

      In this context, the one thing I would encourage every politically active American Christian to do in light of the GOP once again only offering up American Statists to choose from is: Stop looking to the Presidency for solutions.

      Stop pinning hopes, burning energy, and spending resources on the top-down approach of American Statism and start focusing on the bottom-up approach of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

      Stop looking to the State to fix unfixable things (like unbiblical/inherently Statist Public Schools and Social Security) and start obeying God’s clear Word on the subjects of everything from law and economics to art and children’s education.

      Stop looking for another Pagan Political Right “leader” or another “expert” to do for us what God has commanded that we do for ourselves.

      Stop looking to the State to govern what God has commanded and equipped us to govern as individuals, families, and churches.

      That approach – and only that approach – can and will save any culture, no matter how far gone, by the supernatural power of God one salvation and grace-enabled act of obedience at a time.

      That approach begins with individuals…spreads through families…and churches…and then permeates and redefines the culture. In that order.

      That’s how Christ conquers and restores through His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

      That’s how He has chosen to reconcile all of creation unto Himself by the power of His cross.

      And that is something you will never see clearly proclaimed, much less faithfully applied, by any American Statist, no matter how nice and vaguely Christiany they may sound. The Pagan Political Right and Pagan Political Left are two wings of the same Statist Dragon.

      God has given us all that we need to revive and restore our dying culture…and none of it requires any “help” from Washington DC (or anyone therein).

      Let’s spend our time, talent and treasure accordingly.

      1. There are dozens of scripture that commands us to take in the stranger and alien (which means by definition, foreign citizens) And Remember we must serve God rather then man, especially when scripture is clear. There is neither greek nor jew anymore. I am sorry for bursting the "illegal' bubble fear mongering. Sorry, we are all one in Christ who believe, and there are many "illegals" who are believers who are being turned away…God will punish our nation when we seal our borders. – where are all of your faith? Don't you believe God will provide extra for a nation who entertains and feeds the stranger in our midst…"We could be entertaining angels, unaware"

        1. Marcus

          While I sincerely agree with you on taking care of those in need- this is not primarily the case these days.

          In Europe- the vast

          Majority of the refuges are not women and children-

          They are able body young men. These men are causing chaos in Europe. Here in America, the influx of young Mexican children coming across the border are being cared for. This wall that is being talked about is not about keeping people out completely-

          Merely control and regulate the flow of people coming in.

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