Isn’t it weird how announcements of celebrity “transgender” conversions are instantly canonized, lionized and accommodated in any way possible by every American Corporate owned mass media tool covering ’em?

Gender chaos is clearly a primary goal and focus of the Corporate/State System here in 2016 America. Few things are as pervasively and promiscuously pimped, pumped, and promoted throughout the culture.

Within nanoseconds of any famous (or even semi-famous) man or woman choosing to publicly proclaim/pretend to be something that they are not and never will be (regardless of how many hormones they ingest or how many body parts they mutilate), new names and pronouns are dutifully and instantaneously assigned to every article or comment relating to the profoundly delusional, often self-mutilating man or woman in question.

The latest example of brainless, hyper-zealous evangelical Corporate propaganda for the cause of gender chaos comes by way of Variety, who gleefully reported this week that now both of the famed Wachowski Brothers are pretending to be women…and that it’s awesome!

Awesome, I tell you!

And brave and cool and edgy and neat…and did I mention awesome?!

Here’s how Variety broke the awesome news:

The second Wachowski sibling of “The Matrix” trilogy has come out as transgender, with Andy Wachowski, now going by the name Lilly, making an announcement on Tuesday.

. . . “yeah, I’m transgender,” she went on. “And yeah, I’ve transitioned.”


There is no she here.  Not a real one, anyway, no matter what Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Variety or anyone else has to say about it. There is only a profoundly delusional he who is being enabled and fed upon by the very media tools and progressives who claim to “love” him soooooooo much that they feel compelled to lead him deeper into his delusion.

Referring to either of the Wachowski Brothers as a she is hate speech in the truest sense.

State/Corporate-sponsored hate speech, to be sure, but hate speech nonetheless.

Please pray for the Wachowski Brothers.

Pray that someone close to them will love them enough to confront and correct them with the true, supernatural, everything-defining Gospel, so that they might repent, believe and be saved.


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