Legislation has been introduced to abolish abortion in Oklahoma.

So you might be surprised to hear that high profile “Pro-Life” leaders have come out against the bill…but you shouldn’t be.

Why have they come out against it? Why would “Pro-Life” leaders oppose a bill that aims to really, truly, and actually abolish human baby murder?

Because, so say the “Pro-Life” leaders in question, if we actually take that stand on that issue, we might – get this – jeopardize all of the hard work and accomplishments made in regulating the 1,000,000+ per year baby mass murdering industry in America.

Not. Even. Kidding.

They really believe that…and say it out loud!

Their fear-fueled, pagan pragmatic “logic” goes something like this: If we actually dare to trust God (aka “have faith”) enough to stand upon His Word against a satanic American system in defense of the thousands of baby boys and girls being butchered each and every day in the name of “freedom” all across the fruited plain, then said satanic system might do some very bad things to us, and we can’t have that! So we have to submit. We have to cower. We have to comply.

This limp-wristed, impotent response to evil is the natural result of the limp-wristed gospel that now defines the American Christian subculture. This is the tragic anti-Christ worldview and mission being lived out by “Pro-Life” leaders all across America, and acutely on display as Tony Lauinger, Vice President of National Right to Life and Chairman of Oklahomans for Life, has recently come out in opposition to legislation introduced to abolish abortion in Oklahoma.

The mind-numbingly incoherent, inconsistent and unbiblical rational offered up by this Vice President of National Right to Life is built upon two things:

  1. A dismissal of the supernatural power and everything-defining necessity of the Gospel.
  2. A thoroughly anti-Christian approach to the political realm (the two tend to go hand in hand, with the former inherently promoting the latter).

You can hear for yourself Lauinger’s attempted defense of the indefensible by listening to the excellent interview conducted by Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio. While listening to this long-serving “Pro-Life leader” offer up wave after wave of pathetic, sadly sub-biblical explanations may be hard to stomach, we have to do it if we really, truly want to understand why we have been (and will continue to be) utterly and completely failed by the satanic approach to law, politics and pretty much everything else that has been enabled and encouraged by the many “Christian leaders” in America who share worldview foundations with Tony Lauinger.

This is what happens when satanic pragmatism and the presumption of human neutrality become centerpieces of “conservative Christian” political thought and action in a culture. This is what happens when the Gospel is set aside in favor of making “practical” appeals through the godless systems to which we’re told we must submit over and above any claim to authority made by Christ in His Word. This is the pride and blindness that enables and preserves the ongoing “legal” mass sacrifice of innocent little image-bearers of God all across “the land of the free” and home of the self-described “brave”.

Put another way: “Neutrality” has a body count.

The satanic myth of neutrality towards God has been embraced as the norm in America for so long that we hardly even notice it anymore. The possibility of neutrality toward God in education, law, economics, art, and civil government is the philosophical air that we’re encouraged to breathe from birth through our State-run “education” systems and Corporate-managed pop-culture. It’s this satanic understanding of neutrality that has played a critical role in leading us to where we are now. More specifically: It is the Christian embrace of this satanic fundamental that has resulted in Christians leading the culture to hell (and “protecting” it from the “harsh” confrontation, correction and salvation of the true Gospel all along the way).


To help in understanding this sad reality so that it might be positively addressed and corrected, let’s consider five pillars of modern American evangelical thought that are now propping up the satanic system of systems that’s leading the culture deeper into darkness by the minute:

  1. Rejection of Christ as King and Lord in political practice. From the perspective of the vast majority of “conservative Christians” operating in or leading the “Pro-Life” movement (or nearly any other “conservative Christian” political cause in America), Jesus does not have all authority over the realms of law, politics and civil government right here and now in America, despite whatever He may have specifically proclaimed as the basis upon which His people are to undertake His Great Commission (see: Matthew 28:18-20). Open rejection of Jesus’ actual, real world authority over all things right now is the fundamental assumption upon which most modern “conservative Christian” political movements are built in America.
  2. Embrace of the satanic presumption of human “neutrality”. Hand in glove with the denial of Jesus as Lord and King right here and now (in detail and in practice), we’re encouraged to believe that there is a “neutral” position from which we can operate in the realms of politics, economics, law, civil government, education, and everything else. This satanic myth of neutrality (the notion that true knowledge about God’s creation can be pursued and applied profitably apart from explicit subjugation to God’s Word) was the centerpiece of The Fall in Eden and is also the centerpiece of most “conservative Christian” supported approaches to education, law, economics, and civil government in America today.
  3. Rejection the everything-defining supernatural Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is to be viewed as a very limited, personal thing aimed at saving people’s souls without changing their behavior, thereby producing a culture loaded with professing Christians who happily and proudly lead lives of lawlessness (unbelief, faithlessness, etc.) in practice when it comes to the way they approach law, civil government, education, art, and pretty much everything else. The everything-touching, everything-defining (which includes politics, law, etc.), life- and culture-resurrecting Gospel of Jesus Christ is replaced with a “spiritual only”, culturally disengaged, apathetic, preemptively culture surrendering counterfeit.
  4. Acceptance of the satanic proposition of a “reality” in which Christ is not King and His Gospel does not apply to everything and everyone. Once we were conditioned – often by our very own favored pastors and “Christian” leaders –  to reject Christ as King in practice and reject His Gospel’s claim to lordship over every aspect and area of life, our embrace of a satanic approach to reality was secured. Once we bought into the notion that the political, legal, and civil governmental realms were somehow not under His authority, we became easy pickins for the “we have to work within the [satanic] system” lie that now defines the vast majority of professing Christian political thought and action in America. Once we embraced this approach to political, legislative, economic and civil governmental reality, we replaced Jesus Christ with The American System as our god in practice.
  5. Submission to satanic definitions of what “is possible in the real world”. By rejecting Christ as King in political practice, and making the American State our ruling god in political practice, we’ve embraced a satanic model for life in the political, legal, educational, and economic realms. By relegating and restricting our political, legal, economic and educational pursuits to the tiny little boxes assigned them by the satanic worldview in question, we find ourselves where we are (and have been for a while now) in America: Refusing to stand on the Word of the King as the basis upon which we define law, politics, and civil government. So it is that year after year, decade after decade, and generation after generation we endure staggering losses in the culture wars – wars preemptively ceded to enemies of Christ through Christian abandonment of the Word, Gospel and Great Commission of Jesus as the basis upon which law, politics, education and everything else is to be understood.

This is how we’ve gotten to where we are now.

This is how we’ve gotten to “Pro Life” leaders opposing the abolition of abortion in Oklahoma.

This is how we’ve gotten to a place where “Pro Life” leaders will not even refer to the sacrifice of an unborn child as murder.

Our pastor, priest and “Christian leader” led march away from Christ the King as King and toward the American State as god in practice is what we need to notice, confront, and correct in accordance with the Gospel-fueled, life- and culture-saving Great Commission of Jesus Christ, while there is yet time…no matter what certain “Christian Pro-Life leaders” may say or do to try and stop us.


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4 Responses

  1. When I first heard this news on a local radio talk show, I was shocked and sickened….all the more so because Tony Lauinger lives in my home town and I have received his "pro-life" notifications for many years. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this issue. And I speak also as one of those who chose NOT to murder her first child but to raise her. I daresay I would not have gone on to birth eight more children had I murdered my first, but there are MANY blessings that go along with obedience. Not that I feel holier than though about this matter. At a different time and place, I might have made a horrific choice, but instead I "womanned up" to my sin and took responsibility for it. And that has made all the difference in my life.
    I would add that I have reached a watershed point with the body of Christ in general. In my active prayer life, I am currently disgusted with people asking me to pray for deliverance from their very poor choices. Why don't they ask me to pray with/for them BEFORE they do the unthinkable…..(plastic surgery, vaccinations, substance abuse, cheating, affairs, whatever)? These people are Christians. Really.
    Now I need to pray to be more compassionate because I don't feel very empathetic….yeah, not so much.
    Thank you for sticking yourself out there and for being a John the Baptist when most everyone is preaching touchy/feely. It takes a lot of guts which you appear to have! May your rewards be great…and I have no doubt that they are (with persecutions!).

  2. I finally had the time to listen to the interview in full yesterday. It really challenged me because not so long ago I would have thought Tony Lauinger had a point when talking about how to end abortion and he was saying that we shouldn't confront pro-abortion leaders with the gospel, but rather with biological and humanitarian reasons because those are the only reasons they will understand and care about.

    As I have come to see though, the gospel is the only thing that will really end it because only the gospel can truly change human hearts. There are plenty on the pro-abortion side that are fully aware they are ending a human life and they just don't care. I read a quote from an abortionist doctor once that basically said "I am well aware that I am taking a life, but I preform abortions anyway because I don't think the baby's right to life outweighs the mother's right to sexual freedom and to not be penalized with the potential consequences of that sexual freedom (i.e. a baby)." Not an exact quote but that was the gist of it.

    It was actually your writings on apologetics (I haven't read your book on it, just blog posts) that helped me see this. In the introduction to "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist" the authors state that they will not be quoting Scripture to make their points, that they are going to argue from science, logic, etc. I used to think that was a great thing, because after all why would a non-believer give any weight to the Bible they don't believe to be true? I think I understand now though that although science and logic can convince a person intellectually of God's existence, that's not enough. After all even the demons believe in God right? The heart has to change for it to mean anything, and only the gospel can do that.
    So science might convince someone that abortion ends a human life, but only the gospel can make them care enough to stop it at all costs.

    Just thought I would share my musings, because I have noticed in reading through the archives that most of the comments tend to be negative so I wanted you to know that although I rarely comment (due to the fact that I could waste WAY too much time in online debate), your words are heard, often forwarded on to others, and marinated on. (As evidenced by the fact that I am commenting on this several days after the fact, lol.) Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you for bringing this issue to your readers attention. These 'prolife' cowards will be held accountable for their folly.

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