ByWhatStandardCivilGovtV2650pwWith “The Bible Bill” once again getting national press as it nears the finish line in the Tennessee State General Assembly, which is to consider an override of Governor Bill Haslam’s veto later today, this seems like a good time to share a few simple truths – truths that are intensely despised and actively opposed by even most professing conservative Christians living in Tennessee and across the United States.

Here they are:

  1. God’s Word is law. Right here and right now. It is the unbreakable, binding, life-defining reality under which all of His creation and property – including what we now call Tennessee and the United States of America – is held together.
  2. Wherever any document – including any Constitution – deviates from the Word of God, that document is in error. Wherever and whenever any so-called “law” of man purports to allow that which God has forbidden or inhibits any behavior that God has commanded, that perversion of law is no real law at all and it is to be rejected.
  3. Christians are commanded and equipped by the one true God to stand for Christ’s complete authority over all things right here and now, including law, politics, economics, education, and everything else. Read your Bible, Christian…and obey your King’s commands with joy.

America has come and America will go. The length of time she is allowed to persist on God’s earth is entirely contingent upon His grace and her submission to His Son as her King in practice.

Let us live and legislate accordingly.


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