If Batman vs. Superman was bad (and it definitely was), then how should we categorize the ongoing barrage of teaser trailers for Clinton vs. Trump?

How concerned should we be that fellow Christians seem to be once again falling right into the “Must Support The Lesser Evil” line?

How alarmed should we be that American Christians seem to be once again falling for the same old lines and lies that have led them and the rest of the culture so deep into darkness and far into bondage?

And what should we do about it?

For those who are just tuning in now, here are the basics:

And why?

Because he’s not Hillary, that’s why. (Or perhaps because he’s not Bernie if Hillary ends up indicted or in jail before winning the Democrat Party nomination…not that either of those things would necessarily preclude her from being the Democrat nominee, but you get the picture.)

What does it mean to the typical American evangelical that Donald Trump openly, proudly, and unrepentantly profits personally (thus helping him to be “a winner”) from the promotion and operation of things like strippers in the strip clubs in the casinos that he owns?

Not much.

That’s business, you see, and we can’t have our religion get all mixed up in our business.

Or our politics.

Which brings us back to Clinton vs. Trump and American Christians vs. God.

As we watch the terrifying Trump/Clinton teasers roll in, we are also being graced by God with excruciating amounts of clarity as to who we are as a people, why our culture is going to Hell on a rocket, and why it’s not about to turn around anytime soon.

As one of many examples provided just this week in Strip club in Harrison enrages residents with sign, the Detroit Free Press reported that:

A Michigan strip club’s latest call-out for applications has local residents angry.

Miceli’s Corner, an adult entertainment spot in Harrison, located in Clare County, recently updated its street sign to say “Now hiring Class of 2016” with its phone number, encouraging young women from the graduating Class of 2016 to apply.

According to a report from WNEM 5 out of the Tri-Cities area (Saginaw/Bay City/Midland), many residents are asking Miceli’s Corner to change the sign.

“Children fresh out of high school shouldn’t be taking their clothes off for money,” resident Lisa Dickerson told WNEM. “I think it’s sickening.”

Others have taken to Facebook to complain about the sign, asking for fellow residents to call Miceli’s Corner and ask to remove the sign.

But what’s so stunning about a “legal” American business seeking to provide gainful employment to graduating (or not graduating) high school seniors?

What’s so wrong with a “legal” American operation like that seeking to have your daughter or mine take their clothes off and dance in front of degenerates for money?

Isn’t that the American way?

Isn’t that American “freedom” on full frontal display?

Isn’t that just the sort of thing that We the People proudly claim the “right” to openly participate in?

See the problem?

The problem with how this All-American approach to business, porn, stripping, freedom, liberty and such simply cannot truly work in God’s creation?

Early this month in Yes “Christian” Trump supporters, your daughters notice your hypocrisy…and are stripping accordingly, we wrote the following:

What do you call a person (other than Donald Trump himself) who’s well known for their criticism of Bill Clinton’s open infidelity and abuse of women, Hillary Clinton’s power-mad enabling of that abuse, and Barack Obama’s proud assault upon the institutions of marriage and family, all while somehow managing to dismiss and ignore Donald Trump’s proud, life-long commitment to adultery, regular habit of upgrading wives and ownership of casinos like the Trump Taj Mahal, which proudly hosts and promotes the Scores trip club? What do you call such a person?

A hypocrite, that’s what.

A stark-raving, self-serving, dangerously delusional hypocrite.

And what do you call a professing Christian who does the same?

The same.

Who do we think we are?

And why do we keep voting for evil after evil after evil and then dare to ask things like “How has it come to this?” and “How has America sunk so low so fast?”

These really are stupid questions.

But, then again, we are a stupid people.

Proud, yeah, but very, very stupid.

And why?

What evidence is there of such intense, pride-driven delusion that we may not be long for this world as an identifiable nation state? (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing – see: The Kingdom of God vs. The (Collapsing) Empire of America.)

Well, for starters, 90+% of American professing Christians voting in November will almost certainly choose either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to lead.

And then, if we manage to make it another four years, they will rationalize choosing from between even more overtly evil options than Trump and Clinton as we know them now.

Unless, of course, God moves…

Unless by His grace we actually repent of our America idolatry, stop fearing man, believe the Word of God, submit to Christ as King in practice, and stop actively supporting people who openly aim to lead us away from Him.


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3 Responses

  1. I wonder who it was that began that lie and rumor that Trump had "strip clubs". No he did not – he had gambling casino's and he long ago sold them all, and has NONE today.
    This stuff needs to stop.
    You want a comparison – how about a good honest businessman who loves America and knows how to repair it, vs A Communist murderer and criminal who hates America and wants to burn it to the ground with you in it.

    Now choose.

    1. If you can provide links to anyplace credibly demonstrating Trump's having repented of his involvement in these vile, vulgar "businesses", please feel free to do so.

      He seems quite proud of what "a winner" he's been with these and other vice-peddling business ventures, pointing to his track record of material profit from them as evidence as to how he is the best unrepentant vice-swilling pig to "make America great again".

      The insistence that we "must choose" between the unrepentant strip club/casino promoting, regularly wife-upgrading, proud habitual adulterer (just read what he has to say on that in his own books) and Hillary Clinton is just the sort of stubborn commitment to suicidal idiocy that has largely killed the culture and is trying to finish it off with yet ANOTHER pitch for "the lesser" of two incredibly and pathetically evil options.

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