What do you call a person (other than Donald Trump himself) who’s well known for their criticism of Bill Clinton’s open infidelity and abuse of women, Hillary Clinton’s power-mad enabling of that abuse, and Barack Obama’s proud assault upon the institutions of marriage and family, all while somehow managing to dismiss and ignore Donald Trump’s proud, life-long commitment to adultery, regular habit of upgrading wives and ownership of casinos like the Trump Taj Mahal, which proudly hosts and promotes the Scores trip club? What do you call such a person?

A hypocrite, that’s what.

A stark-raving, self-serving, dangerously delusional hypocrite.

And what do you call a professing Christian who does the same?

The same.

The sad and destructively hypocritical nature of millions of professing Christians who have just swept Donald Trump to the GOP nomination seems important for us to consider, particularly in light of a CBS story posted yesterday entitled Nude Photos Of Nearly 50 Duxbury High Teens Found Online, which reads in part:

Investigators say photos of up to 50 Duxbury High School girls in “varying degrees of undress” were found in a Dropbox page, which has been shut down.

Authorities say there is no indication that any of the students had photos taken of them in an unsuspecting way. Police say some photos are real, while others appear to be fake.

Duxbury Police Chief Matthew Clancy says many of the photos appear to be selfies.

. . . “We would hope that our young girls understand that there are other ways to be popular,” said Duxbury Schools Superintendent Dr. Ben Tantillo during the conference.

Tantillo added, “We want our kids to be safe, (and) we want our boys to know that this is not an appropriate way to treat women.”

So let’s see here, Donald Trump makes a life-long pursuit of infidelity, proudly writes about his extra-marital experiences in his best-selling books (which are then cited as yet another example of his awesomeness), regularly trades in wives, owns and profits from casinos and strip clubs like Scores at the Trump Taj Mahal, and yet his “Christian” supporters expect their daughters to somehow not notice what The Donald might call an “absolutely amazing” level of hypocrisy?

Talk about the judgment of God upon a proud, unrepentant people…talk about God giving people over to themselves a la Romans 1…

Do we really think our daughters don’t notice that we don’t really care all that much about character?

Do we really think our daughters don’t notice that we don’t really care about women’s value and dignity?

Do we really think our daughters don’t notice that our Christianity is a farce?



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3 Responses

  1. I agree with all of ya'.
    The FATHER has more wisdom than I could ever receive, no matter how long or pray, HIS thoughts are higher than my thoughts.
    HIS knowledge is deeper than mine could ever be, despite my daily asking.
    When I go home … at HIS calling … I still won't have a clue to HIS plans, HE may choose to teach me.
    What I do know, my roots are deep; and it is not my place to judge.
    While I don't understand DJT as the new POTUS, I also don't understand hate, or sin in the world, or tragedy, or racism.
    All the pictures I've ever seen of Adam and Eve, their children, Noach, his family, Moshe, etc; everyone was of white skin!
    That weren't right, it weren't true.
    Those people were the beginning of the dark skinned tribes, and if you think JESUS was white skinned with blue eyes, then think again.
    Our fair skin would never have survived in those harsh desert climates.
    Nor would our fair skin have begotten Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, China, etc.
    White people are the minority in the world, if ya' think about it.
    Our CREATOR knew what HE was doing then, and HE still does.
    Let's give HIM credit for being in control always, and knowing what is best always.

  2. Donald Trump is the "high priest" of the Lukewarm mammon church, where fame, money, power is worshiped at the alter of Baal

  3. I kinda had a laugh moment at this article. Christians who send their children to public schools so that they can have their own life and all the toys it offers have already seen the hypocrisy of their folks. I mean seriously how can a Christian send their children to do well in an instition that basically detests what you say you hold dear.

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