Well whaddaya know?

Something very big and very awesome just happened.

To the great shock and disappointment of millions and millions of globalists, elitists, and dispensationalists across the globe, and in spite of all the fear-mongering, political pessimism, late-breaking polling data, and a general expectation of failure by many Christians enmeshed in a Left Behind style rapture-based “end times” perspective, Britain voted to abandon the European Union. (This situation is so delicious on so many levels that we couldn’t resist satirizing it over at The End Times satire site in an article entitled Britain Abandons EU, Leaving Millions Of Globalists And Dispensationalists “Shocked, Disappointed And Angry”.)

And at 52%-48%, the vote wasn’t even “razor’s edge close”. Four points, though not a landslide blowout, is a solid win nonetheless.

In the aftermath of this big, beautiful blow for the wonderfully biblical concept of decentralization, it seems like a good time to take stock of the situation and make note of a few key gems of goodness to be found in the beauty of Brexit.

I’d like to share five of those gems for your consideration here, but first let’s revisit and remind ourselves of some key points leading up to yesterday’s historic vote.

Earlier this month in Why Brexit Scares DC To Death (And why that’s a beautiful thing), we noted the following (and also had a podcast dedicated to the same subject, which you can access here):

Let’s start with some good news: It’s just a matter of time before Washington DC ceases to control the people living in what we now call America.

One day soon there will be no more DC-centered power.

One day soon there will be no pledges taken to the indivisible power of a DC-centered political beast.

The time of centralized power in the hands of anti-Christian Statists is coming to an end, and much sooner than they would even have us imagine possible.

Which is why the coming Brexit vote in Britain absolutely terrifies pagan elites atop the DC-centered Republican/Democrat beast. Even the fact of such a vote – however this one turns out – points people and minds in directions that they just don’t want us to know exist, much less begin to consider as viable (or even preferred) options to the present arrangement of centralized power in places like Brussels and Washington DC.

. . . This is, needless to say, a big deal.

A very big deal.

As in: A very big potential step toward the single most hated governmental concept known to Statists of all flavors (European, American, Soviet, etc.).

We’re talkin’ decentralization.

The decentralization of power, and in big way.

Statists in America want us to find even the thought of a post-America reality reprehensible to the point of being blasphemous, heretical, and utterly unthinkable.

To imagine life without DC above us is to be an unforgivable sin against the idol of American patriotism.

To imagine that your home state might actually not only be able to survive, but thrive, apart from any binding subjugation to Washington DC is thought crime of the highest order…and it is  often so with professing conservative Christians even more so than others. That’s how far we’ve fallen. That’s how thoroughly we’ve been programmed to worship the America idol.

But we really don’t need DC.

Moreover, we really need to not have DC.

And more and more people are beginning to wake up to that reality.

Which is why Brexit is nearly as terrifying to American Statists as it is to their European counterparts.

Any guess as to how those American Statists are feeling this morning?

Yeah, it makes me smile too…

But before we go getting all giddy to the point of neglect while basking in the beauty of Brexit, let’s make note of a couple significant points of warning:

  1. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both clearly and completely in that “American Statists” camp. As such, we can count on The Donald using The Brexit vote as a springboard for promoting his own campaign. While there is significant overlap between his campaign’s preferred issue positions and those held by many who supported Brexit, the core concept of radical decentralization of power that we should appreciate about Brexit is something that The Donald and The Hillary both totally oppose. They are both about strengthening DC’s death grip claim on centralized power over America.
  2. Britain can become just as much (or more) of a godless, doomed nation under London control as it was under Brussels control. While the significant decentralization of power achieved through Brexit is inherently good (by at the very least removing one giant layer of bureaucratic tyranny from above the heads of whatever small pockets of Christian civilization are fighting to thrive and grow), what Britain does with the opportunity made available through its escape from Brussels will determine whether this significant change ultimately leads to a good or bad destination.

With those two important qualifiers noted, let’s have a happy look-see at Five Points of Brexit Awesomeness:

  1. Brexit has seriously (and likely fatally) wounded the European Union construct. While for generations the EU has been painted as an indomitable force destined to only grow in size and power, and while it has been presented as such not only by overtly anti-Christian secular leaders from both “conservative” and “liberal” political persuasions, but also by many professing Christians enslaved to a newspaper-style approach to prophecy and “the end times”, the fact of the EU being seriously wounded in yesterday’s vote has very helpfully exposed many destructive fictions as the dangerously farcical things that they have always been.
    Where just yesterday the EU was “the invincible beast” of globalist dreams and dispensationalist eschatology, today she is a paper tiger torn nearly in two.
  2. Brexit has exposed the lie that radical decentralization cannot be accomplished here and now in the most developed nations in the West. If Britain can leave the EU, then peaceable, profitable secession is a very real option for any other group of people seeking to free itself from the tyrannical abuse of godless governments built upon the massive (and wildly unbiblical) centralization of power and application of unbiblical law.
    Which leads us quite nicely to…
  3. Brexit threatens the centralized power paradigm of Washington DC. If Britain doesn’t need Brussels and the EU, then why does Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma or Montana need Washington DC? Why does Arkansas have to be inexorably bound to California?
    These are the questions that American Statists (including every major party nominee for President for generations now), American State-run “education” and American Statist/Corporate media do everything within their power to keep out of our minds and off our radar…yet these questions and concepts are moving more and more onto people’s radar and into the realm of serious consideration thanks to the undeniable reality of Brexit.

    article continues below


  4. Brexit removes our excuses, invalidates our apathy, and shows us with great clarity that the radical (and thoroughly biblical) decentralization of power is not only possible right here and right now, but is actually happening right now. This reality, when combined with the profoundly decentralization-enabling technologies that God has raised up and put in the hands of His people in such a time as this should inspire us to great praise, optimism, and confidence as we seize the opportunities emerging all around us and strive to advance the Kingdom of God even as the little wannabe empires of man crumble around us.
  5. Brexit shines a million megawatt spotlight on the beautifully biblical concept of decentralization. I know this might seem redundant at this point, but it is worth savoring all by itself. The sheer beauty of something dismissed as unattainable and unreal just hours ago is now highlighted by the grace of God as a very real and attainable goal.

I hope that these points are helpful and in some way might be used to inspire God’s people to praise His name and take up His Gospel-fueled Great Commission with vigor, confidence, and joy.

We are truly living in amazing times…and purposefully so.

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!


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One Response

  1. Thank you, Fire-Breathing Long-Haired Man, for your words of exhortation. I live in the UK. I read your previous posts on the "Brexit" before voting yesterday, and found them very encouraging.

    The greatest thing about the vote was the much increased turnout — about 73%. Where I live, it was about 78%. People were queuing to vote, many of them for the first time in years. The energy and enthusiasm that were engendered by this properly-democratic process represents something good in and of itself.

    The polls were very unclear, so almost all of us had *no idea* which side would win. That required us to be mature, ready for the vote to either way, trusting that God is in control no matter what. (Of course, that is a maturity that comes from the Spirit, so those who are unbelievers don't have it to the same degree.)

    Our country of Great Britain has an amazing and impressive history, and God has helped us through many difficult times. If we walk with Him, He will lead us again, so that we can have a future in conformity with His will and for His purposes. If we disobey, our nation will suffer.

    I want to encourage you in the US to pray for our nation to turn to God again. Missionaries are coming here from the former British Empire, to share Christ with this ungodly generation and give us a better future. Ironically, we won't really be independent unless we depend on God.

    Anyway, thank you for your kind words.

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