What if Hitler and Stalin (literal clones, mere ideological replicas or whatever) were somehow in the Trump/Clinton slots on the ballot? (Some would argue that they are, but that’s not the point here.)

What if Hitler had won the nomination of one of America’s two major political parties and Stalin had won the other?

What would we be encouraged to do then?

What would The System and its army of well programmed drones and tools tell us we “must do” in that context?

What would our “Christian leaders” do to, um, “lead” us through that situation?

Would they do pretty much what they’re doing now?

Would scores of ’em appear at one political convention nominating Hitler or at the other one nominating Stalin so that they could make their pitch for whichever they considered “less evil” enough to warrant Christian support?

Would most politically active professing Christians in America finally get a clue, or would they just fall in line, fasten their blinders a little tighter, wave their flags a little faster and keep right on truckin’ with the whole “must choose the lesser of two evils” insanity that’s led us to where we are now?


Think about it.

Then feel free to shudder at the realization that the very same reasons most often given by American “Christians” as to why “we must choose between Trump and Clinton” would, when consistently applied, compel them to support either Hitler or Stalin for President.

And encourage others to do the same, of course.

And berate anyone who doesn’t get with the Hitler/Stalin program as a purist, a fool, or some combination of the two.

Welcome to satanic politics.

Welcome to 2016 America.

Welcome to a “land of the free” where freedom is disappearing at a lightning pace, babies are murdered by the tens of millions on the altar of convenience, and the very conceps of family, marriage, and even gender are disintegrating before our eyes.

And why?

Because “We the People” will not have Christ to rule over us.

That’s why.

We will not obey His lovingly provided Word where the selection of leaders is concerned.

. . . look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs . . .

~ Exodus 18:21

“We the People” simply do not believe that an obedience-inspiring fear of the Lord is an essential component of sound leadership.

We do not believe that an obedience-inspiring fear of the Lord is an essential component of pretty much anything anymore. From politics, law and economics to children’s education, art and government, “We the People” openly and quite clearly reject the notion that obedience to Christ in detail is required in order to rightly understand, much less pursue or preserve, any of these things.

Since we neither have nor want an obedience-inspiring fear of the Lord, He has given us over to fear of (and slavery to) everyone and everything else. This fear is now being used to keep us on the Clinton/Trump-Hitler/Stalin track, often at the loud insistence of politically active professing Christians in America. (For more on this, please read The Fear-Fueled Politics of American Statism.)

This why America is (and should be) dying.

If we truly love America, we will be honest about this. We will desire to confront and correct course by the light of the Gospel and in accordance with the Great Commission, no matter how unpopular, unmarketable, and politically unviable the world considers that mission to be.

If we wrongly love America, we will be inclined to treat America like a golden calf or sacred idol, dutifully “protecting” it from the pure light and loving correction of God’s perfect, sufficient Word, plunging through one pagan/secular “lesser evil” cultural gutter and into the next. This approach has become the norm in American Christian circles. Thus, America’s current condition is chiefly the fault of salt that’s lost its savor (professing Christians). Likewise, America can and will only rebound if and when, by God’s grace, His people lead the culture in modeling repentance and submission to His Word in loving detail.

If we really do love America we will reject every (now quite common) push (especially from “Christian” Republicans) to place America above Scripture. We will love her enough to risk our own temporary popularity and comfort by calling her to repentance and submission to Christ in accordance with His life-, culture-, and civilization-saving Great Commission, no matter the short-term cost. (For more on this vital subject, please read Do we love America enough to call her to repentance? Or are we too proud for that?)

That would be true biblical faith in action.

That is the faith that America needs.

Faith in America cannot save America. Faith in America can only doom America. And faith in America is all that American Statists from both major American political parties have to offer.

America doesn’t need more pride.

America needs to repent of pride.

Apart from repentance (meaning acknowledgement and turning away of anti-Christ enabling approaches like the “lesser evil” route to ruin) and submission to Christ as King in practice and in detail, America is destined for good and proper destruction. (For more on this important truth, please read Want to see America in Scripture? Try Psalm 2.)

This is why America needs the true, everything-touching, everything-defining Gospel. (You know, the one that’s utterly dismissed as the real world solution to anything by both major political parties.)

We need explicitly Christ-centered politics, law, art, and education.

We need vividly Christ-centered families, culture, and civilization.

And in order to even begin to pursue any of those things, we need Christ-centered Christians.

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The kind that cannot be duped into actively supporting a “lesser evil” road to ruin.

The kind that would never support any flagrant anti-Christ’s drive to rule over them. There would be no Hitler, Stalin, Clinton or Trump supporters.

And happily so, with complete confidence and without any fear.


Because their hope would not be in the fading empire of America, but rather in a reigning King presiding over a Kingdom that will conquer every realm of His creation…America included.

(For some real hope and encouragement along these lines, please read The Kingdom of God vs. The (Collapsing) Empire of America.)


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7 Responses

  1. Comparing Trump to Hitler and Stalin? LOL ! You could only be 1 of 3 things……

    #1 An establishment shill

    #2 A Leftist SJW

    #3 Another self righteous pew warming snobby judgmental Christian Pharisee.

      1. Oh yeah, "obviously"…to anyone so blindly committed to their idolatry (of America and the GOP) that they're willing to ignore the mountains of objective (and easily available) evidence to the contrary and just lie, lie, lie…

        The more you post, the more clearly made my points become.

        Thank you. 🙂

        1. So now i'm an "idolater" for being politically active and wanting to shift America back towards the right? I'm an "idolater" for wanting Christian conservative SC Judges with good records ? lol

          I suppose Samuel was also an "idolater" since he anointed David King, and Elijah was an idolater for opposing Ahab and Jezebel.

          For those of you who thought we were electing a priest… sorry. Trump supporters know he is not "perfect" (as no one including Christ himself could ever be in your eyes)…… but we do realize he's honest, for real, and will pull the country back towards common sense, sanity, the Bill of Rights which includes the 1st Amendment which protects Christians religious freedoms, and Law and order applied equally to all.

          Hillary on the other hand is a hardcore Luciferian Saul Alinskey Leftist "New World Order" globalist insider who will drag America further into the depths of Hell. It's really a "no brainer" choice.

          T R U M P / P E N C E 2016

          1. I have heard that Trump is a man of his word. Trump has been married three times. The first time he wed did he make a vow to his wife that he would be faithful to her? Most marriage vows include "I will keep myself only unto to her for as long as l live". If Trump made that vow to his first wife he is not a man of his word. Honorable? Trump exploits women in strip clubs for money. Runs casinos which prey on the poorer of Americans. Not to mention his stance on planned parenthood. Planned parenthood should be shut down and their owners tried for murder, but Trump sees that they have done some good. I would like to know in what way? Honest? Didn't Trump say that Hildabeast would make a great president?
            As with Obama, look at what they do more that what they say. Neither of the people running for president deserve that spot. So the question beg where have all the godly men gone? And I am certainly not speaking of Ted Cruz.
            So another question I have for you is do you want your children to grow up to be like Trump?

    1. Republican Statists have routinely used Mike Pence type VP picks (along with the promise of "good Supreme Court appointees") to lead paganized professing Christians by the nose down the road to ever deeper, ever darker Statism.

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