Despite the oodles and oodles of fear and anxiety now routinely pitched at us from every direction as we head into the home stretch of The American Political Puppet Show (2016 Edition), there are increasingly bright signs of hope and great things to come rising all around us.

Centralized government power – the likes of which both Clinton and Trump are committed to securing and using to their benefit – is fraying ever more dramatically, and not just around the edges, but at the core. Brexit and various secession movements picking up steam are but the upper most tip of a very large iceberg destined to rip the hull of centralized civil governments to pieces…and that’s a beautiful thing.

But it’s hardly the only beautiful thing building before our (usually and purposefully Trump/Clinton distracted) eyes. Decentralization is becoming “a thing” all around us in practically every sphere of life. From civil government, media and industry to education, finance and agriculture, the tools needed to enable the radical decentralization of power are being raised up by God in dramatic fashion all around us. (For more on this awesomely encouraging development, please read Technology, Family, and the Awesome Opportunity for Decentralization and listen to the podcast we recently did on the subject.)

But, shhhhh! We’re not supposed to notice…and if we do notice, we’re not supposed to say anything…and if we do dare to actually say anything, we definitely shouldn’t do anything, much less anything substantial, in active support of this move toward biblical, radical decentralization of power in government, finance, education, business, art, media, and everything else that shapes a culture.

We’re just supposed to keep right on doing the same ol’, same ol’ All American thing: Vote for yet another “lesser evil” leader chosen by one or the other wing of the pagan progressive dragon that’s eating our culture, and hope that somehow, some way, this “lesser evil” puppet might lead us toward Hell just a little slower than the other guy (or gal), and that this approach will somehow, some way work out well in the end.

What could be more rational and sane than that, right?

I mean, why ditch overtly Marxist/satanic things like Social Security, public schools, property tax and the like when you can just prop ’em up a little longer and leave it to future generations to try and crawl out from under the rubble (or escape the chains of bondage), right?

We don’t even wanna think about actually repenting of our wildly anti-Christian approaches to life in practice where core concepts like children’s education, economics, law, and civil government are concerned. Oh no! We’ll have none of that.

Instead of repentance and submission to reality in education, economics, law, and everything else, we want to “have our cake and eat it, too” – claiming to be good guys, Christians, and whatnot, while actually, in practice, openly opposing the rule of Christ over us in legal, governmental, economic, and educational practice.

Which is exactly how all advocates of unbiblical (and therefore anti-Christian) centralized power want us to think, of course. (Yes, this group includes both the Repubilcan and Democrat nominees for President, just as it did in 2012…and 2008…and 2004…and 2000…and 1996…and 1992…and 1988…and do you get the picture yet?!)

The forces currently benefitting from (and therefore dedicated to the preservation of) centralized banking, centralized education, centralized government, centralized media, and centralized art, all of which purposefully produce the centrally controlled culture in which we live (while rhetorically masquerading as “the land of the free”, of course), simply cannot allow us to notice, much less embrace, the beautiful truth that even now the path to their demise is being paved throughout culture and civilization.

We’re not supposed to notice that we don’t need Washington DC, and that DC is, in fact, a parasite that intentionally inhibits our maturity, freedom, liberty, privacy, security and prosperity.

We’re not supposed to notice that we not only do not need public schools, but we desperately need to eliminate them in order to actually pursue the life-enabling commands of Christ.

We’re not supposed to notice that unbiblical (and therefore inherently anti-Christ) centralized approaches to banking, business, and economics are incapable of doing anything better than enslaving the masses to the anti-Christs sitting comfortably atop these abominable constructs.

We’re not supposed to notice that we don’t need centralized media.

So we get distractions; we get a relentless barrage of distractions from the centralized media serving the interests of centralized banking, centralized government, centralized production and centralized education.

Distractions, distractions, distractions…

Millions of ’em.

And fear.

Tons of it.

We’re encouraged and prompted to fear anything and everything but the Lord as the means by which we might be manipulated, spun and controlled. This approach has worked like a charm for generations now, but the times, they are a-changin’…

Which brings us to Hillary’s “pneumonia”.

While it’s not possible for me to know, much less describe, exactly what is going on with Hillary right now with complete accuracy, I want to make a few observations based on some things that I strongly (and, I believe, reasonably) suspect to be true. That said, even the things that I suspect in this instance, if proven untrue or inaccurate over time, are not central to the overall point I wish to make and encourage you with today, that being: Radical decentralization is coming, by God’s grace, whether the anti-Christs of our age like it or not.

Okay, so here’s what I think is both a reasonable and relevant suspicion where Hillary is concerned:

Mrs. Clinton has something far more serious than pneumonia. I strongly suspect that she has Parkinson’s or something similar to Parkinson’s, and very likely a late stage version. (Please note that I am not celebrating the notion of her having some sort of serious medical condition; I am merely stating it as what I believe at this point to be true.)

While there are many ways in which Mrs. Clinton’s ongoing health issues are interesting in the classic (and purposefully distracting) American Political Puppet Show sense, I want to focus on the value of this situation from a Kingdom-driven perspective, with that perspective zeroing in on the aforementioned concept of decentralization.

In that light, The Hillary Situation highlights several areas in which decentralization should get a solid boost in a very good direction, including:

These are just two of many examples. Maybe we’ll explore more of them in future posts, but for now I wanted to share at least these thoughts so that you might be encouraged and inspired by the opportunities that God is raising up right here and now as the American empire chases death while the Kingdom of God advances, all by His grace, all for His glory, and all to the eternal benefit of His people.

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3 Responses

  1. Scott I find your blog’s fascinating! I have recently bought your book and have just started reading it. Given your perspective what are we as Citizens to do? Are we to vote? And for whom? And if we don’t vote aren’t we responsible for the Fallout from that? Isn’t that how we got 8 years of Obama?

    1. Hello Rebecca,

      Thank you for the very kind and encouraging words. Thank you also for the very good and thoughtful questions!

      As you can imagine, I get similar questions with some regularity.

      If it's okay with you, I'd like to use your concise, clear post here as a springboard for a new blog post aimed at answering the questions you've asked. That way, I can try to "hit 'em all" at once in a new post that will be more easily found by others with the same questions, rather than responding in detail here in a comment thread.

      Thanks again for the thoughtful and encouraging post!

      In His grip,


      1. Thank you Scott! I look forward to reading it. I worry about how the decisions we make today will affect our children and our grandchildren directly. I pray that we leave them a better world than we found it, but I feel thwarted on every front in that pursuit.

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