One of the most useful tools the enemy has deployed over (at least) the past 150+ years of American history is conflation.

We’ve been encouraged to conflate America with Christianity, and thereby conflate the American State with God.

That’s how we ended up a land loaded with professing Christians who mostly cherish and defend overtly Marxist/satanic constructs like public schools and Social Security.

This conflation of God with America has played a central role in bringing us to where we are today, which is: Circling the drain, clinging to our pride and refusing to repent even as we circle faster and are now on the verge of going down.

Where the Word of God plainly conflicts with American traditions or American documents or American icons, even most American professing Christians choose American things over Scripture and are far more inclined to shield or defend American icons from biblical testing than they are to welcome it. These days in America, it is very difficult to even find a self-identified conservative Christian who would welcome the testing of the Founding Fathers or the Constitution by the perfect light of the Word of God.

Yet, as Christians, we know (or are supposed to know) that we must test all things in light of the Word of God.

How else can we ultimately know whether a thing is right, true, and good?

To avoid or fear such examination (and the subsequent need for biblical reformation it will reveal) is a sure sign of pride and idolatry.

And if there’s anything “We the people” seem to be all about these days, it’s pride.

Pride fueled by our idolatry of, among other things, America.

Through this pride-fueled idolatry, we have been easily led down a path that has us doing and enabling all manner of lawlessness (as biblically defined) while, at the same time, loudly and proudly citing the name of God or Jesus as we go about doing and championing the very things that He hates.

Our eagerness to attach ourselves to the name of God while openly rebelling against the Word of God has placed us in a particularly dark place; a place far more dangerous and deserving of judgment than the openly unbelieving cultures that don’t even pretend to be Christian by association.

Along these lines, I’d like to offer for your consideration the following three examples of how our often thoughtless use of profoundly important terms like “in God we trust” (or some similar claim to God-centeredness) can, in fact and in practice, become a blasphemous statement on our part:

  1. When we print “In God We Trust” on the U.S. dollar, a fiat currency that is literally designed to enslave the masses to the few who are granted the power to craft dollars out of thin air, and is also the epitome of what passages like Proverbs 11:1 describe as an abomination, we are blaspheming against God. Associating His name with such a rank evil as satanically inspired fiat economics is a brazen act of rebellion on our part.
  2. When we applaud after Donald Trump or Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or George Bush tack on a “God bless America” at the end of a speech loaded with wildly unbiblical, anti-Christian content and approaches to economics, education, family, warfare, “welfare”, and pretty much everything else, we are applauding their mockery of God and we are begging for (more of) His wrath to fall upon us.
  3. When we open our court sessions or legislative sessions or governmental events with prayers that gush on about a supposed interest in seeing God’s will done or begging for God’s favor or some such thing, only to spend the actual court session or legislative session or other governmental activity utterly dismissing His Word as the basis for even our acknowledgment, much less serious consideration and application, of matters of law, economics, politics, education or anything else, we are shouting to the heavens that we want a god who is our ornament, but not our King. We want a god who will give “We the people” what we want on our terms, not a King that commands our obedience in all things, including law, education, economics, and civil government.
    Prayer to God apart from submission to Christ as King is a lethal combination for any individual or culture. It is also a recipe for profound delusion, as we are witnessing now throughout American culture (and especially in its professing Christian subculture).

If we want God to save us in the area of children’s education, for example, we will obey His crystal clear command to make Him the explicit centerpiece of all children’s education. It’s not really complicated. It’s actually quite simple.

So why don’t we do it? Why don’t we just read and obey His loving, life-giving Word?

Because we’re Americans who have been conditioned to think a certain way, and that American way is all about an approach to the pursuit of knowledge and happiness lifted straight from the serpent’s tongue in Genesis 3.

We want God to bless us with “good stuff”, but “We the People” want to live life our way on our terms as we see fit.

We want God as our Savior, but we hate the thought of Him as our Lord in any detailed sense of the term.

We want God as a prop.

Not as a lawgiver.

We want God as our enabler.

Not as our ruler.

This is why we think nothing of citing God on our satanic currency or at the end of the increasingly anti-Christian speeches routinely made by our increasingly anti-Christian leaders.

“In God We Trust”, as we use it in America, has become one of the most loud, proud, and clear proclamations that we do not trust in God.

We do not fear the Lord.

We fear everything and everyone but the Lord.

Few things make that as plan as the way we sprinkle His name around the things He hates and promises to destroy.

May the God we’ve mocked so proudly, so relentlessly, and for so very long grace us with conviction, repentance, and broken submission to His Son as King in practice, rather than delivering us to the judgment and destruction that we so completely deserve.

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