How will future generations of Spirit-filled Christians view your individual contribution to the Great Commission?

When they read about it, I mean.

On the Internet (or whatever comes after the Internet).

And make no mistake: They will read about it. They will, in most cases, have access to oodles and oodles of details where your faith (or faithlessness) in action is concerned.

They will know quite a lot about what you and I did (or didn’t) do.

So what will they learn from that record?

What will they find when they review our approach to advancing the Kingdom of God?

Will they be encouraged and inspired?

Or will they be embarrassed and ashamed?

Will they be impressed by our God-given, grace-fueled faithfulness? Will they see that we stood by God’s grace for Christ’s Nature as revealed in His Word on the subjects of law, education, art, economics and civil government while the vast majority of Americans – including most professing Christians – had no appetite for such things (and, more often than not, openly mocked and ridiculed them)?

Or will they wonder why we seemingly believed virtually nothing of the glorious detail that He provided in His Word with regard to the mission that He gave His people, the future that He promised His people, and the victory that He secured for His people?

How will future Christians be struck by accounts provided of our individual contributions (or lack thereof) to the proclamation and pursuit of Christ as King in practice in every area of life during our God-givin time here on His earth?

How will Christians in a future benefitting from the continued, promised, and inevitable march of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, living in a civilization that we can scarcely imagine now; one much more conformed to Christ in its approach to art, education, law, economics and everything else – how will they view us?

Individually, I mean.


By name.

How will my great great great grandsons and granddaughters view my grace-fueled contribution to the Kingdom and my grace-fueled fidelity to the Great Commission when they learn about my life in detail as they inevitably read about it dozens or hundreds or thousands of years from now?

How will your great great great grandsons and granddaughters view you?

This is important.

Let it soak in.

Let it inspire you.

Let it convict you.

Let it do both (as it does for me).

Let the significance of the time and which you have been purposefully been placed by God resonate. Take the time to run with these thoughts. Take the time to consider these questions.

50 or 100 or 200 or 2,000 years from now, when culture in what we now call America is on the upswing and our present darkness is a sad historic chapter chronicling the rank faithlessness and staggering unbelief of most professing Christians in 2016 America, what will the Christians of 2066, 2116, 2216 or 3016 think of when they review the likely very well preserved record of your (or my) approach to advancing the Kingdom of God “back in the day” – our day, meaning this day, this September 15 of 2016?

What do you mean you’ve never even thought of it?

You should have.

We all should have.

We should all be eager and thankful to God for the opportunity to inspire coming generations with our God-given zeal and active pursuit of His Kingdom, however flawed and weak we may be, especially in this day and age when so much of what we think and do will be recorded in often vivid detail thanks to the technology that He has raised up alongside His people for the purpose of advancing that Kingdom.

However hard it may be to imagine from our pathetic, preemptively surrendering, faux-Christian American culture, one day culture will make more obvious surges toward Christ than it is now – whether America lives to see it happen or not.

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One day civilization will grow and grow dramatically through increasingly Christ-honoring, Christ-centered approaches to education, art, media, science, law, and civil government, all by God’s grace through His Spirit-filled people.

These things are inevitable.

They will happen within God’s creations of time, space, and history, all according to His purposes, all to His glory, and all under the unstoppable banner of His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

So it is utterly reasonable (and appropriately inspiring/convicting) that we living here and now in this dark, faithless age of phony American “Christianity” give some prayerful consideration to how it is that our grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and beyond will view our specific, individual contributions (or lack thereof) to the advance (or suppression) of Christ’s Kingdom when they read about who we were, what we believed and what we did as specific, named individuals recorded in history.

Will we be seen to have apathetically enabled or even enthusiastically defended the plethora of satanic constructs defining our present American age (think: public schools, Statism, Marxist/satanic economic programs like Social Security, perpetual war, etc.) in spite of the fact that Christ has clearly commanded and equipped His people to tear down those enemy strongholds?

Will we be seen as cowardly, faithless, lazy little bums who professed Christ with our lips but had no stomach for His Great Commission in practice?

Or will they see, all by God’s grace, that we were faithful.

We stood.

We proclaimed.

We applied.

No matter what the world of “American Christianity” told us about what was practical, what was possible, or how things “really worked” here in “the real world”.

All by His grace. All for His glory. And all to our eternal benefit.

Will our great great grandchildren be embarrassed by the record of our worldview in practice?

Or will they be inspired?

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  1. This is so timely and convicting, Scott. Our family has been talking about this subject a lot lately. Does God call us to be “comfortable” or to be committed to Him? Does he want us to hide from the challenges of our times or confront them with faith like David when he faced Goliath. Who are these “uncircumcised Philistines” who mock the one true God?

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