If you are one of the millions of Americans who thought that you were actually helping to save America in a meaningful way by voting for Donald Trump while shipping off your little ones for yet another installment in their regularly scheduled, all-day-long, five-days-a-week, nine-months-a-year, 13-year-long mind-sculpting session as managed by the American State in its public schools, you are much more a part of the problem than you are a part of the solution where America’s rapidly imploding culture is concerned.

And it’s not even close.

You are securing the end of American culture, you are securing the end of America, and you are making it that much harder for those who are, by God’s grace, striving to actually save the culture in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

By pouring your time and energy into things like Trump 2016 while submitting your children to the State-managed daily programming of a Christ-dismissing (and therefore inherently anti-Christ) worldview, you are fostering the erosion and decline of America into a State-dominated, LGBTQRSTD-promoting, baby-murdering, Orwellian hellhole far more than you are resisting it. If you’re oh-so-passionate about things like Trump for President while dumping your little 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-,or 9-year-old(s) into the jaws of State-managed anti-Christian worldview training, you are helping to secure the increasing darkness and eventual death of America, no matter how much you may imagine yourself to love America.

If we continue to feed our children into a system that, by design, has and will continue to produce increasingly State-dependent (and therefore increasingly Statist), increasingly anti-Christian, and increasingly secularized generations one after another after another,  how can we expect anything other than the continued decline and eventual death of America?

Think it through, Christian.

What do you actually believe?

By what standard will you and your family pursue knowledge and education?

Is the Word of God that standard?

Or is your standard…something else?

The answer that each of us give to that question will largely determine whether our homes, our children, and our culture will truly thrive and prosper in God’s creation in the coming decades and centuries.

So whatever may come of the Trump presidency (and I’m praying for great, repentance-fueled things), do not look there for hope for your children today. Do not imagine that any man, Republican or otherwise, can somehow make an inherently satanic construct like State-run children’s “education” work. It cannot be made to work. It cannot be saved. In accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, it can only be rejected and replaced by obedient, biblically-defined approaches to children’s education.

We can’t let another Republican White House win distract us from this truth. The rot has spread too far and deep for that. There is no time to spare. We simply cannot afford another four or eight years of parental abdication and surrender to the State on children’s education.

We cannot go on tolerating preachers and “Christian leaders” who even now unrepentantly defend State-run satanic instruction for children as “a viable option” or “none of the church’s business”. We cannot abide by pastors who simply refuse to stand and lovingly call their people to repent and submit to His Word on the subject of children’s education.

We can’t let a Trump win usher in the false hope and continued surrender of children to the State, as it always does with secularized American Christians when a Republican becomes President.

We can’t let that happen.

Our children are counting on us not to bite; not to take the bait that is once again being offered.

Our little ones are depending on us to reject the temptation to hand over our God-commanded responsibilities to an anti-Christian State.

Our God has commanded and equipped His people to obey and enjoy the fruits of obedience in this vital, life- and culture-defining realm, regardless of what anyone in Washington DC says, thinks, or doesso let’s get to it!

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5 Responses

  1. President elect Trump will not only end the Dept of Ed he is also going to place the schools back into the community to run, not the state. He will get rid of the UN OWG Common Core that has been turning our kids into insanity !

    So he will give us the tools to work with but it will be up to us to use them and do it wisely !

    WE must get rid of sex ed (that is what began the schools downfall once that was put into the schools) and Islam and other junk classes now being forced on all our kids and get real education back in the schools. And also introduce some tech classes that actually teach kids to be prepared for a job !
    Get rid of all the computers except for a computer class. No more letting computers be the teacher !

    Get back to the basics when kids really actually learned something – get the blackboards back and homework and taking notes and teachers that actually TAUGHT ! Have spelling bees and tests and teaching real English, Grammar, Science, real Math, Spelling and writing, Art, Music, and I hate to say history because DC has never allowed TRUE history to ever be printed or taught. Have shop and Home Economics as we had 50 years ago. Teach some real skills ! Have gym class include archery and exercises rather then games of endurance running, that I've seen do harm to young growing hearts – one being my own.

    Get real schools back. Otherwise home schooling is the only way to educate your kids.

    I've been a student for a day with each of my kids and I was shocked beginning in the 90's that teachers no longer taught – they hovered back in the corner of the room with each other munching on donuts and coffee, while the kids could "play" on the computers any way they liked ! THAT Is not a class and THAT is not TEACHING !

    And what I've seen teachers get paid with as much pay as a county judge, they had better do some real
    teaching to earn it !
    What I've seen in today's teachers, are just out-throws from high school kids of 20 years ago and that ain't good !
    I went to those classes 20 years ago – and I was horrified at what they called "teaching" !
    Teaching has become just another govt racket ! Now that needs to change fast or close the schools and teach your kids yourself – YOU'D do a much better job then what I've seen done !


    1. It is time for you to answer the question Ms. Lanking, Are you a Christian? Jesus Christ said to not let any corrupt communication come out of your mouth but only that which will edify the hearer and do not grieve the Holy Spirit in whom you are sealed for the day of redemption. Doesn't Marxism teach its followers to demonize any opponent to gain the upper hand. So it is time you answer the question, Are you a Christian?

    2. Would you rate The Donald's "promise" to end the Department of Education as more or less reliable than the promises he makes in the form of wedding vows? (And let's not forget that the "I will end the DOE line" is a promise that's been made again and again by many Republican candidates for decades now in order to secure the loyalty of their thoroughly duped, drone-like followers)

      And what on earth does the existence (or non-existence) of the DoE have to do with Christians' obligation not to allow the State – any State (be it the US government or a smaller state government) – to educate their children in an explicitly anti-Christ worldview? The DoE could disappear tomorrow (though it won't) and the same reality would apply to public schools (Temples of Statism) run by individual state departments of education.

      Did you even read the article, or were you too busy swilling the Trump/GOP flavored Kool-Aid to bother actually reading it before commenting on it?

      Whatever the case, your stark-raving foolishness does help to illustrate every point I'm making here at FBC, so thank you. 🙂

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