As I write this, financial markets are bouncing near all-time (artificial) highs, with the Dow hovering around 20,000 (a point that also played a central role in last week’s article, “Making America Great” Through Anti-Christian Economics.)

This sky high (and then some) market exuberance is in no small part due to the next wave of anticipated bailouts of “too big to fail” banks and businesses through the black magic of our fiat economic system.

In case you haven’t heard, after Obama’s mountains of debt spending which followed eight years of ginormous government growth under Dubya, we’re now gonna “Make America Great Again” by – you guessed it! – spending tons of fake money on tons of cool stuff; everything from propping and/or expanding the satanic/Marxist constructs of Social Security and public schools to the funding of ginormous military buildups and road/rail/everything-else improvements is on the table.

And of course, while the fake money printing presses roll and the debt burden dumped on future (and present) generations moves from the absurd to the unbelievable, members of the “Greatest Generation” – you know, the ones who oversaw the launching of most of the Marxist programs we now take for granted in America – along with many from subsequent generations will spend significant amounts of their time and energy berating and belittling the stupid, lazy, self-absorbed, emotion-driven little Precious Snowflakes known as the Millennial generation.

Back in September (in The Economic Hell That’s Been Left For Millennials And Everyone Else) we noted that:

“For all the reasonable criticisms and concerns that are often lobbed towards Millennials as a group, there are at least as many dishonest, self-serving, and often flat out wicked insults added to the mix.

To hear older generations (meaning, anyone older than a Millennial, from “The Greatest Generation” on down to Gen Xers) talk about Millennials, you might get the idea that everything was just peachy keen ’round here in ‘Merica ’til these idiotic, self-absorbed, lazy, apathetic, entitled little brats came long and wrecked everything.

Oh sure, we all know that the rails really came off the culture in a major way back in the ’60s and that the parents of the brats who led that derailment were, ummm….”The Greatest Generation”(?), but we don’t want to stop and examine that situation much (or at all).

To admit that the greatest and most important work of any generation (parenting and family building) was handled so mind-blowingly poorly by “The Greatest Generation” as to produce Hippie “culture”, Free “Love”, and the open proliferation of practically every satanic cultural cornerstone now defining 2016 America wouldn’t really fit with the narrative that most Americans want to believe.

Who gave us the Welfare State again?

Who gave us the Marxist/satanic construct of Social Security? Medicare? Medicaid?

Who gave us public schools to train up children to be Statists? Who gave us funding of those schools based upon the confiscation and redistribution of wealth?

It wasn’t the Millennials, that’s for sure.

They didn’t give us any of that.

They inherited it.

All-American satanic socialism was a gift from their great grandparents, grandparents, and parents.

And the great grandparents, grandparents, and parents in question are overwhelmingly unrepentant to this day, it should be noted. They’re far more inclined to defend things like public schools and Social Security than they are to repent of them. In this, they model satanic preferences for younger generations to this very day…which brings us back to the Millennials.

They were born into this socialist sewage, with key ingredients of said sewage (like the aforementioned public schools and Social Security) now defended and propped up at every turn by the very “conservative Christians” who are often quickest and loudest with their insults concerning “those entitled, lazy little brats” in the Millennial generation.”

So here we are at the tail end of 2016, about to head into another year of more-of-the-same gigantic American State “solutions” aimed at adding even more debt, bondage, and dependence to present and future generations of Americans, all while encouraging them to sing about how free and brave they are, of course.

And at the very bottom of this crumbling, crushing pyramid of debt lies the much maligned and openly mocked Millennial Generation (at least until their kids arrive in force to provide us with a new whipping boy to take on both our insanely hypocritical derision and our massive, murderous debt).

If Millennials ever somehow manage to actually wake up as a group and discover how they have been completely sold up the river by the generations that preceded them, there will be no safe place from their rage.

They are the product of their parents and grandparents.

They are the product of the public schools those parents and grandparents have enabled, defended, and dutifully trusted to shape the minds and worldviews of their little ones.

The Millennials are that product.

And that product ain’t lookin’ so good overall and in general, as we all seem to know and enjoy talking about.

So what do we expect them to do if and when they realize what’s been done to them?

What do the “brilliant, principled, conservatives” who just love to rail and whine and moan about Millennials expect to happen when that generation awakens to the reality that it’s been sold out and betrayed into bondage, ignorance and darkness?

Think it through, “conservatives”.

Consider the Marxism/Socialism that you’ve enabled, supported and personally “benefited” from again and again and again all while supposedly knowing that it could never really work in the long run. Then take a look at a Millennial and realize that they are the ones who are both the product of your neglect and the likely fall guy generation for your long running pagan Ponzi schemes (a la Social Security).

So if Millennials really are as hated a group as they seem to be these days, those who are doing the hating can rest assured that the Precious Snowflake generation is soon likely to be experiencing a very real sort of hell on earth.

But what those doing the hating and the mocking and the maligning might want to remember is that the hell about to be unleashed on these Precious Snowflakes is a hell that has been under construction for about 100 years now.

It’s a hell that the parents and grandparents and great-grandparents of Millennials have “benefited from” and “taken advantage of” for decade after decade and generation after generation.

It’s a hell that even now we’re trying to prop up with another wave of fake money and fake market manipulations. Anything to keep the lie going for just…a…little…longer…

Anything to avoid repentance.

Anything to keep pretending.

Just don’t think that those at the very bottom of the Ponzi pyramid are going to keep pretending and playing along.

They won’t.

They can’t.

They will be forced to deal with realities long avoided by those who came before them.

And when that finally happens, they will be mad.

There will be rage.

Things will get ugly.

And why shouldn’t they?

Isn’t this just the sort of price – the sort of natural consequence – that we should assume would ultimately result from our multi-generational rebellion against the Word of God on economics, business, law, and civil government?

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8 Responses

  1. I have to be honest Scott I didn't read the entire article I was only able to get to "If Millennials ever somehow manage to actually wake up as a group and discover how they have been completely sold up the river by the generations that preceded them, there will be no safe place from their rage." It made me laugh. Look at these kids at colleges today they care about no one but themselves. The were and are being sold down the river but they seem to be enjoying it as we careen closer and closer to communism. Then everyone will be equally enslaved and then maybe these kids will finally wake up.

    1. Feel free to actually read through the threads here where dissent (including some comically irrational dissent) is not only allowed but welcomed because it helps greatly to confirm the points made in the articles posted here.

  2. The folks who created this mess for the last 100 years HATE Donald Trump. Most Christians with an ounce of sanity and a brain see this with a renewed sense of optimism. Fact is the PRAYER of good people world wide is WHY Donald J. Trump won the Presidency.
    The people by and large REJECTED Obama's radical Leftist anti-Christian anti-Liberty anti-white vision. No "generation" or collective group of people are "to blame". All that is required is enough tyranny, lies, and stupidity before the general public makes the right decisions.

    We thank the NWO and radical Left for over-reaching. They are always reliable when it comes to that.

    1. This is a private site. Pouting for unfettered access to add whatever you like to ***someone else's site*** reeks of the entitlement mentality that has helped lead the culture to ruin.

  3. I noticed that this site does not mention the Decades of premature/Unconstitutiomal Trade Deal that the politicians/banks/corporations gave us…….ooops sorry, the Boomers again are to blame……..

    or decades of open borders with up to 50 million invaders who are entrenched!!!!!

    i know – it was the greatest generation…again

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