With President-elect Trump opting to select yet another Secretary of Education rather than moving to dismantle the Department of Education, it seemed like a good time to note how it is that “conservative Christians” in America have become willing accomplices and tools of the American State in building, defending, and expanding the systematic anti-Christian approach to children’s education that has shaped the culture in which we live.

American conservative Christians routinely parade around as champions of children’s education, education reform, and “improved” public schools.

They claim wonderful motives and noble goals.

They want American children to learn math and language skills (so that they might be better equipped to meet the needs of the Corporations and State that “educated” them).

They want American children to learn history (from a decidedly American Corporate/State-centered perspective, of course).

They want American children to learn about American icons and idols, like the Founding Fathers and the Constitution (again, from an acutely pro-American perspective that would shield said icons and idols from any sort of serious biblical examination or testing, much less criticism).

American “conservative Christians” want all of these things pursued in public schools, and vigorously so.

They want all of these things to be a part of every American child’s education.

They fight hard for these things.

They spend millions (and even billions) of dollars championing these things as essentials of children’s education.

But what about Jesus?

You know, the Person by whom, through whom, and for whom all things in creation (including the land now known as America) were made? The One by whom, through whom, and for whom all things (including freedom, liberty, law and justice) are held together? The One who is the source of all truth, wisdom, and knowledge? (Which inherently includes all political, governmental, economic, and education truth, wisdom, and knowledge.)

Oh, and the Jesus who lovingly requires that He be the explicit centerpiece of all children’s education (see: Deuteronomy 6).

That Jesus.

What about Him?

Why are studies of His creations and possessions like math, history, language, and art all deemed “essential” components of children’s education from the perspective of the so-called “conservative Christians” trying to “save” public schools, yet Jesus Christ is not?


How could such a thing even be thinkable to a Christian?

How is it that Jesus Christ is not only non-essential to the education of American children, but, apparently, must be ignored as the Author, Definer and Sustainer of all lesser, created things being studied?

See how irrational and downright idiotic it is when you just take a moment to think about it? (Which is presumably why American public schools and most American “conservative Christian” advocates of said schools don’t encourage anyone to take a moment to seriously consider such things.)

Why is Jesus Christ treated in such a manner by legions of “conservative Christians” roaming the American countryside?

Why is the Author, Definer and Sustainer of all things cast aside and dismissed this way?


Why are so many so-called “Christians” constantly arguing for a thoroughly satanic approach to knowledge and education in America (and all over the world)?


Because they have been programmed by the same anti-Christian State propaganda that they now seek to impose on future generations, that’s why.

They will fight – and fight hard – for the inclusion of their idols and icons in children’s education because they truly believe those idols and icons to be essential to the betterment of American lives, American culture, and American civilization.

Those idols and icons are essential.

Jesus is not.

Do you see the devil smiling now?

. . . while waving an American flag?

If not, look closer.

If so, repent (and educate) accordingly.

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One Response

  1. Wholeheartedly agree, Scott. As for answering the "Why"; from my perspective, this may be a part.
    The vast majority of Christians go to a church where the pastor has neither considered nor educated themselves on the evils of government education and the scriptural mandate of a thoroughly Christian education; therefore the parents are never faced with the decision. Could be willful ignorance on both parties.
    Running a Christian school or homeschooling requires work and commitment many are unwilling to take on especially when the yellow bus is so convenient is paid for by their property taxes, and because of low standards and grade inflation think their kid is a budding Einstein.
    There are some prominent Christian leaders who mistakenly but sincerely believe that children can evangelize the public schools. Parents hear them and don't do any further evaluation.
    Leaders of major Christian denominations, while vigorously promoting their colleges and universities have no interest in K-12 education and seem not to care that the students enrolling in their colleges have a secular world view and are academically deficient.
    Ultimately, most people are sheep and like to stay in the middle of the herd. Doing things that might push them to the edges of the herd are perceived as dangerous, inconvenient, and might require a lower standard of living.

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