What is – or should be, anyway – the most glaring lesson of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Trump era?

What should be the most obvious truth revealed by the manner in which DC has operated over the past several decades (if not over the past century and a half or so)?

One glaring, flaming, white hot revealed truth that should certainly be in the mix is this: We don’t need DC.

Moreover, we desperately need to be rid of DC.

DC is killing us.

It is enslaving us.

It is destroying everything it was supposed to preserve.

True liberty, freedom, prosperity, privacy, and security are increasingly eaten up by the endless power grab that is the Beast Of Centralized Power known as Washington DC.

If this trend continues, as it has for over 150 years now, we will soon be finished off.

We’ll be done.

We’re in the end stages of a very long game plan. The wreckage is piling up all around us. The truth is becoming more and more clearly revealed…and more and more dutifully dismissed and ignored by the State/Corporate powers aiming to guide us these last few steps into full blown Orwellian tyranny (while encouraging us to sing about how “free and brave” we are, of course).

So what’s next?

Ideally, there will soon be a wave of revival and reformation that sweeps over the United States, washing away the rank America idolatry that has secured the multigenerational disintegration of the culture and centralization of power in the hands of our increasingly Orwellian Super State.

Ideally, vast realms of life and culture currently “supervised” (controlled) by the State will be wrestled away from civil governmental domination and returned to the rightful management and supervision of the governmental realms ordained by God for their management.

Ideally, self government, family government, and church government will again be respected and restored to their rightful positions of life-, culture-, and civilization-defining power and responsibility.

Ideally, children’s education, business life, economics, art, and science will be freed from the culture-destroying, dependence-enabling “help” of those atop the massive system of centralized civil governmental power presently ruling over and against the self, family, and church governmental spheres that are essential to the proliferation of true liberty, peace, security, and prosperity.

Put another way, hopefully and Lord willing we will soon find our way free of the beast that is Washington DC.

Ideally, through reformation – miraculous reformation the likes of which can only be secured by the grace of God moving through His Spirit-filled people.

Lord willing, such a move will come soon (while there is still time), inspiring Americans to abandon and repent of the many forms of satanic/socialist bondage we’ve embraced to the detriment of our culture and civilization for so very long. Lord willing, we will desire true freedom, true liberty, and true prosperity over the dependence producing, immaturity promoting satanic counterfeits regularly (and purposefully) offered up by the State in the form of public schools, Social Security, and massive militaries/perpetual wars (all fueled by the black magic of fiat currency, of course).

Lord willing, we will finally see…and act accordingly.

Lord willing we will see that DC as it is presently constructed cannot be a friend to our liberty, freedom, prosperity, and security. It has been designed and built to be a mortal enemy to each and every one of those things.

Lord willing, we will save our selves, our families, and our churches from the rule of a DC gone mad through the accumulation of wildly unbiblical centralized power.

Lord willing we will finally put DC in its place, that being the very small place of very limited power prescribed by the life-, culture-, and government-defining Word of God.


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4 Responses

  1. Nailed it Scott. The power of Washington DC in inversely proportional to the level of lordship we as citizens give Jesus Christ.

  2. You would think that the radical left, lying MSM, and Muslims going completely BONKERS over Trump……

    Would be some kind of a clue.

    You should ditch the judgement and negative attitude, and begin to see what many Christians are now seeing. America is moving in a MUCH better direction under Trump, back towards God and her founding principles.

  3. It is not DC in particular or the system, it is the type of person we have in DC. People who only care about reelection. Term limits have to be mandated.

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