Should those claiming to be “salt and light” in State-run children’s schools take a knee or protest/decline in some other way when prompted to take the Socialist-written, Socialism-promoting Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag?

Or should they just be like the rest of the Socialists-in-training gathered around them and take The (Socialist) Pledge?

Should they take a stand or go with the flow?

Put another way, should they actually be salt and light, or should they just pretend?

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These are some of the challenging questions that are often dutifully avoided by most of the so-called “conservative Christians” who support both the State-run (and very religious) indoctrination systems known as public schools, as well as the Socialist-written, Socialism promoting Pledge of Allegiance promoted through those schools.

Yet, try as they might, the faux conservatives trying to wish or ignore these hard questions away just can’t seem to stem the tide the way they used to. Where once it was so very easy to just pretend to be a conservative while being an outright Socialist in practice, the decentralization of things like education and media has made it harder and harder for them to sweep inconvenient truths under the rug.

The latest example of this comes by way of an article posted last week by The Miami Herald, in which we’re informed of a 6-year-old who took a knee during The (Socialist) Pledge. The State-employed teacher, of course, admonished him for “disrespecting” the State-empowering Pledge to the State-symbolizing flag.

While, like many others in the wave of “take a knee” protests that have hit the country in recent weeks, this is probably another example of a kid who doesn’t know much about what he’s doing and is probably just mimicking his sports heroes. This will surely be the cover that (Socialist) Pledge loving “conservatives” use to dodge the meat of the matter on the subject of ignoring or protesting The (Socialist) Pledge.

But that won’t fly.

The fact that this kid and the vast majority of people currently protesting or ignoring things like the National Anthem or The (Socialist) Pledge in no way delegitimizes the many valid reasons to openly oppose things like The (Socialist) Pledge.

For those who may not know the origin and purpose of The Pledge of Allegiance and for those who’ve never considered important questions like, “Would the Founding Fathers have ever advocated The Pledge?”, please read through two helpful articles on these subjects: Is it ever okay to refuse to salute (or sing or pledge) to the U.S. flag? and Would the Founding Fathers say the Pledge of Allegiance?

These are important questions that we need to be asking and answering rather than ignoring and avoiding if we truly love America and Americans.

So, at the end of the day, the questions stand:

Should those claiming to be “salt and light” in State-run children’s schools take a knee or protest/decline in some other way when they’re prompted to take the Socialist-written, Socialism promoting Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag?

Or should they just be like the rest of the Socialists-in-training and take The Socialist Pledge?

The way most professing Christians have been answering this question in practice over the past 100 years or so tells us all we need to know about why America’s on Socialism-fueled rocket ride to hell.
The way professing Christians answer this question from here on out will determine whether we continue on that ride.

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  1. When i was a youth pastor i volunteered for vbs at my church (Southern Baptist) and the vbs was ran by a public school teacher. They started the day with the pledge of allegiance and i sat then entire time. I only have one allegiance.

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