While most “conservative” Americans have been racing to see who can bend over backwards the fastest to lick the proverbial boot of compelled American Socialism and defend the various icons, songs, and traditions used by the American State to prop up the notion of centralized power in Washington DC being an essential to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, there are people around the world who see things very differently.

They aren’t interested in pledging undying loyalty to the indivisible power of the State above them.

Instead, they’re striving to do just the opposite.

You know, like our Founding Fathers who, as anyone with two brain cells to rub together must know, would never take or advocate The Pledge.

But that’s a drum to beat more elsewhere. For now, let’s get back to the move toward decentralization that’s actually happening in Spain. As ZeroHedge reported today, the Spanish government is having some serious trouble keeping its subjects in line as its wealthiest region, Catalan, is about to have a vote on whether to secede:

The Spanish ambassador to UK, Carlos Bastarreche, has warned Catalan government’s move will have ‘serious implications’ for European stability…

“Europe is watching “a slow-motion, low-cost coup d’etat” by the Catalan government.

“If the Catalan government succeed it will be a drama for Europe, starting with the UK, because it will mean that a region can disobey the rule of law.

“This is not a dispute between Madrid and Catalonia. On the one side is a democratic Spain and its independent judicial system, and on the other side not Catalonia, but a group of radical nationalists and leftwing extremists in the regional power that are not complying with the law,”

Which perhaps explains how aggressive Spanish authorities are in their efforts to stop any voting taking place.

The Civil Guard, acting on orders from the High Court in Catalonia, entered and shut down 29 database and census applications at the Catalan government’s telecommunications centre on Saturday.

Additionally, as DPA reports, the central authorities in Madrid have shut down the electronic vote-counting system in Catalonia in a further effort to prevent Sunday’s planned vote on independence for the region.

By blocking the counting system, Madrid had effectively “cancelled” the referendum which it had already declared illegal, government spokesman Inigo Mendez de Vigo told journalists on Saturday.

This “further strike against the illegal proclamation” of the referendum “was carried out within the scope of the law,” the spokesman said.

But as tensions come to a boiling point across Catalonia, separatists are occupying more than 160 schools designated as polling stations on Saturday in an attempt to keep them open ahead of Sunday’s referendum on independence from Spain.

“The history of my country is going to be decided in the next few hours, so there’s no way I’m going to be staying at home in bed and watch it on TV,” said Eduard Elías, 50, a computer science engineer at a school in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, adding that he would leave only if the confrontation became violent.

“Imagine you would have been offered the chance to fight alongside George Washington,” Mr. Elías said.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see a reference to the Founding Fathers that makes some sense.

On the down side, it’s sad to see Americans so deeply immersed in State-run propaganda that they can’t even think of the Founding Fathers as being associated with a thing like secession anymore…even though that is exactly what they were, and dramatically so.

How did they become Founding Fathers?

By seceding.

No secession = no Founding Fathers.

Get it?

Now back to the Spain situation.

Please note the national government’s response to actual democracy in action when it comes to the will of the people to leave or remain subject to Madrid (Spain’s Washington DC). What’s that response? To shut down the election. To make it “illegal”.

So much for the myth of democracy.

Once that shell game fails to serve the forces of centralized power, it’s simply turned off. It goes away.

Leaving what?

Why, the centralized State above, of course.

These are the farcical scams and deceitful systems that more and more people are waking up to and actively opposing. At least in Spain, anyway. We’re too busy here in ‘Merica trying to prop up our centralized beast.

By at least trying to decentralize political power from the central hub that had been place above (and on top of) them, the people of Spain are showing us something good. Something important. Something true. And something utterly unlike what the American State would have us to even consider here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

Maybe if we’d stop mindlessly repeating things like The Pledge and started actually thinking about what it is – a Socialist mantra written by a Socialist to promote Socialism in America – we might get a clue and start acting like the Americans from the past that we pretend to revere.

Whatever we do or don’t do, the radical decentralization of political and governmental power is coming – just as it’s coming to every other area of life where power has been centralized in the hands of a few for so very long, from education, media, and art to industry, economics, and pretty much everything else.

Since here in the U.S. we seem to be clinging to State-promoted pride and dependence on DC, this decentralization may come last to America, but it is coming.


And soon.

In this context, we should all thank the people of Spain for giving us at least a tiny glimpse of a spirit that’s long been dead in America.

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