The cause, character, and continuing trajectory of the Harvey Weinstein scandal now consuming Hollyweird is, in essence, neatly summarized in one tiny little scene from last year’s big budget blockbuster “superhero” flick, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Before we dive into that clip, it’s important to note that this Harvey Weinstein thing is a Big Deal, and not just for today or this week. It’s a giant flaming meteor whose impact will be felt for decades. As much as the Harveys, Gwyneths, and Afflecks of Hollyweird may wish it to pass quickly, leaving their happy little kingdom of culture-wrecking hypocrisy to resume its business as usual, that just ain’t gonna happen. Things will change.

So as we examine this particular scene from one particularly lame Hollyweird blockbuster, let’s keep in mind that this is not a short term, flash-in-the-pan story. It’s yuge.

With the yugeness of this deal duly noted, on to the scene in question…

It lasts only a few seconds and was barely noticed by most, but it’s always been loaded with valuable information – information that we now have a unique opportunity to contemplate in a different, much brighter and much broader light than was shining on all things Hollywood up until about a week ago. (Yes, there’s a significant silver lining even in this Harvey Weinstein nightmare situation.)

The brief clip comes immediately after Bruce Wayne/Batman (played by Ben Affleck) wakes from a dream, where we see him in bed. This, in and of itself, would be no big deal at all, since bed is exactly where we’d expect to find someone waking from a dream, right?


Here’s a pic from the scene in question:

I apologize for the darkness of the shot, but that’s just the way it was made. In order to help get a little clarity here, let’s walk through some key ingredients of this carefully planned Hollywood take on the life of a “superhero”:

Ingredient #1: An unnamed woman who never speaks, never is described, and is never addressed in any way whatsoever by Bruce Wayne, Batman, or anyone else, though her placement makes it clear that she has previously been addressed by Batman Bruce.

For the film’s sake, she’s a prop…and a very specific sort of prop, which we’ll get into more later…

Ingredient #2: Bruce Wayne’s bed. Lest there be any confusion as to what sort of a prop she is, we have the clear nonverbal transmission of her value and purpose by the fact that she’s sleeping soundly in Bruce Wayne’s bed.

Ingredient #3: Bruce Wayne. Also known as “Batman”. Also presented as “a superhero”.

Now let’s put all the labeled ingredients together:

So we have “superhero” Batman/Bruce Wayne in bed with a faceless, nameless prop woman.

It’s very important to remember that this is a carefully planned scene.

Nothing is accidental.

Everything in every frame is purposefully placed. Every angle is calculated. Everything is scripted.

So, from the perspective of those writing, producing, scripting, and filming this “superhero” flick, it’s important that we note a few things about how they want you, me, and especially our superhero-loving children to view women and sex:

1. Random sex with random women is a given in the life of a “super hero”, just as it ought to be for everyone else.

2. It’s perfectly fine – desirable, even – to treat women as props. It is perfectly fine to use them, and it’s perfectly fine to move on without a second (or maybe even a first) thought once you’re done using them.

3. Successful people need not worry about “little things” like sexual purity and virtue. Successful people transcend such petty barriers to the fulfillment of their lusts.

There are many more points along these lines that we will explore more in future posts as The Great Weinstein Fire continues to burn through Hollyweird, but you get the basics, which, just to recap for retention’s sake, are:

1. Women are sexual props.

2. Sex is not sacred and marriage is not necessary. Even superheroes understand this.

3. Successful people do what they want sexually.

4. Sexual purity and virtue is for “the little people”.

When the various tools and minions of Hollyweird tell us again and again and again that this is how heroes and even “super heroes” view and live out morality, how seriously can we take the “shock” and “horror” of the Hollyweirdos now pretending to be stunned that Harvey Weinstein would use women as he has over the course of decades?

They all voted for Bill Clinton, didn’t they?

Most of ’em donated fortunes and lined up to make campaign speeches for that serial sexual predator.

Many of ’em, with Harvey’s help, have produced some of the most vile (and wildly popular) stuff that’s trashed the culture and made women (and men) into sexually deviant animals over the past three or four decades, and now they’re “stunned” to see…what, exactly? The application of the worldview they’ve been pimping and pitching for most (if not all) of their careers?

A whole lot of the grandstanding being done out of desperation and damage control by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow is revealing, as well. (More on that in future posts, Lord willing.) Not as revealing as Batman in bed with [her name doesn’t matter], but revealing nonetheless, and in important ways.

As the rancid kingdom of Hollyweird burns and its suddenly vulnerable royalty rushes to put out the fire, adherents and disciples of the Hollywood worldview are desperately trying to pretend that the ugly truths now leaping from a long sealed but recently opened box can somehow be stuffed back into secrecy again.

They want us to go back to pretending that they are good, decent people capable of giving us a healthy perspective on what it means to be heroic and how we ought to treat women and sexuality.

But they are not those people.

Never have been.

They hate women. (Again: See Bill Clinton)

They hate true beauty.

They hate marital fidelity, purity, and virtue.

They pretend to be Big Heroes on the big screen and they love to lecture us on the horrors of whatever leftist cause inspires their sparkly, fluffy little heads at any given moment, but they are fundamentally – and evangelically – evil in their approach to most important things.

And despite what Hollywood would have us to believe, evil isn’t heroic.

Evil isn’t good.

A Batman who beds random women and wants to show pictures of the evidence to our impressionable children isn’t a hero.

He’s a villain.

He’s evil.

That word – evil – is very important here.

However much our “heroes” in Hollyweird may want to obscure and transform that term as they do countless others, we have to understand that evil is real and it applies here.

Harvey Weinstein isn’t some wacko anomaly. Harvey Weinstein isn’t some weird mutant supervillain fluke.

Harvey Weinstein is the natural product of a worldview aggressively promoted by Hollyweird for generations now.

Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood.

He’s just the Hollywood version of Bill Clinton, and you don’t see Gwyneth & The Gang repenting of their associating with Team Clinton now, do you?


Because Harvey Weinstein’s behavior isn’t the problem to Hoillyweird and its diciples.

It’s his being so dramatically exposed that’s the problem.

And that should tell us all we need to know about the evil of Hollywood…and the judgment that’s beginning to consume it even now.

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