Public schools don’t get nearly enough credit for the truly amazing job they’re doing.

In an age when wildly inaccurate things are routinely paraded around as truth, one of the most ridiculously off-base assertions regularly repeated by Americans from all across the political spectrum is the contention that public schools are somehow failing in their mission.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Public schools are not a failure.

They are a remarkable success.

They are accomplishing exactly what they were designed for: The production of a population that is increasingly ignorant, increasingly proud, increasingly State-dependent, and increasingly anti-Christian.

Put more simply: American public schools are very successfully fulfilling their mission of making malleable cattle out of American people.

Public schools are literally designed to produce successive generations of people who are each more ignorant, more State-centered, and more overtly anti-Christian than the last. So when we look back at 100+ years of steady trending in each of these areas where American culture is concerned, we can see that American public schools have been and continue to be an incredible success.

We now have an “education” system so intensely delusional and committed to the propagation of insanity under the guise of “education” that it cannot even coherently, consistently define such basic terms as “boy” and “girl” anymore…yet we still send our boys and girls to it for an “education”. (For more on this, please read If a system can’t define “boy” and “girl”, we shouldn’t send boys or girls to it for an “education”.)

And why?

Why do we do such an idiotic, destructive thing as send our little boys and girls off to be educated by the State in a manner that is so obviously unhinged from reality?

Because we’ve been programmed to do so.

By the State.

We’ve been discipled to believe that taking the young minds that God has given us to raise and educate according to His Word and handing those minds over to an explicitly anti-Christian State system for “education” is somehow an okay thing to do.

This is where multigenerational State discipleship has led us as a people.

This is why the culture is dying around us.

This is why the feeble attempts to somehow tweak or save various godless systems can never and will never accomplish the goals that are routinely promoted by well-funded, often well-meaning “conservative” political groups.

Overtly Marxist/Statist/anti-Christ constructs like State-run children’s education cannot be reformed.

They cannot be saved.

They cannot be tweaked or modified into acceptability.

Public schools are no more salvageable than strip clubs. Any legitimate reforming of either institution will, as it runs its course, fundamentally transform the institution in question to the point that it ceases to exist as the thing that it once was.

A properly reformed strip club would cease to be a strip club, just as a properly reformed public school would cease to be a State-run institution of “education” based upon the approach to education advocated by the Serpent in Genesis 3.

God is either God, or He is not.

Jesus is either Lord, or He is not.

And if He is Lord, then He is Lord over everything, including education, and His Word on everything, including education, is the binding reality of all creation, including the United States of America.

These are fundamental truths that public schools, by definition, can and will never accommodate.

These are fundamental truths that public schools, by design, can and will always oppose.

So when public schools, by design, continue year after year, decade after decade, and generation after generation in the production of increasingly ignorant, increasingly State-dependent, and increasingly anti-Christian disciples of the State, those disciples are then used by the system that disciple them for its benefit.

They are weaponized.

Their staggering ignorance of basic truth is weaponized.

Their incredible pride is weaponized.

Their increasingly overt anti-Christian worldview is weaponized. (See also: Disciples of the State: 10 ways that State-run “education” is (purposefully) killing us.)

After generations of State-managed programming, with one crop of public school product piling on top of the last, we are now seeing with some clarity where the Genesis 3 approach to education has always been destined to lead us.

Yet even in the running of this sad, tragic, and entirely predictable course, God is glorified.

His Word is demonstrated to be the unbreakable thing that it has and will always be.

His Lordship over every realm and area of life is yet again proclaimed, even as we cling to pride, tradition, and the many idols that continually preach and encourage our continued embrace of the serpent’s pitch in Genesis 3. In practice, we are determined to prove the serpent’s approach to education to be the right approach to education…even as our culture circles its grave.

Wrapping an American flag around a satanic approach to education doesn’t make it a less satanic.

Focusing more on the Founding Fathers cannot and will not redeem a system that is fundamentally at war with God. (See: Jesus vs. the Founding Fathers: Which is essential to children’s education?)

State-managed “education” will always advance a State-centered agenda. It will always be inherently Socialist, inherently Marxist, and inherently Satanic. It will always produce increasingly ignorant, increasingly State-dependent, and increasingly anti-Christian people.

This is why God has so clearly and lovingly provided us with detailed instruction when it comes to children’s education.

When we obey His perfect, loving word, we will find true life, peace, prosperity, and freedom for ourselves, our children, our culture, and our civilization.

When we reject His Word on education in favor of a State-run, satanically inspired alternative approach, we weaponized our own children against the very values we claim to desire.

When we ship our little girls and boys off to systems for indoctrination in which even the concepts of “boy” and “girl” are intentionally clouded and undermined, we have no business whining about the culture going to hell around us.

We are without excuse.

We have no one to blame more than ourselves if we continue to feed our children to the beast.

It is time to stop allowing our little ones to be programmed and weaponized by the enemy.

It’s time to get them out of public schools.


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