For all the blather, bluster, and propaganda about equality in America, we all know that there’s a rigid, set Hierarchy of Human Value here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA – a sliding scale upon which each individual’s comparative legitimacy is determined based upon the number of “victim” or “oppressed” groups with which they are associated.

This is why, for example, if you’re a white guy, you’re inherently of less value and your opinions are inherently less legitimate and therefore inherently less worthy of consideration than those who place higher on the Hierarchy of Human Value.

According to The Hierarchy, women are inherently more valuable than men, black or Asian women are more valuable than white women, lesbian women are more valuable than black or Asian women, and black lesbian women are inherently more valuable than the others listed here.

This part of The Hierarchy’s flow serves as a good example of its methodology in action.

Basically, values are assigned with ethnicity (skin color) serving as a sort of Stage 1 factor in separating the more legitimate from the less legitimate, and sexual preferences serving as a kind of Stage 2. For those “lucky” enough to cash in on categorizations in both Stage 1 and Stage 2, they inherently deserve classification as more valuable than all of those with only a Stage 1 or Stage 2 star on their group identity card.

And remember, the one and only group occupying Stage Zero in this scenario is white males.

Not that Stage Zero is the lowest position in The Hierarchy of Human Value. It is not. There are negative numbers on the chart.

White males are deserving of additional degradation when they are of a Christian persuasion and especially when they dare to speak aloud about things like…The Hierarchy of Human Value under which they are openly penalized, insulted, maligned, and oppressed for the mere fact of being a white, heterosexual, Christian male.

Even daring to speak or type words like this on a subject such as this will automatically qualify as “hate” or “racist” speech in the programmed minds of those seeking to prop up their racial/sexual, bigotry-fueled hierarchy by shaming or shouting all dissent into silence.

But that isn’t gonna work here. At least not for those capable of reading as honest, intellectually coherent individuals unencumbered by inherently racist, sexist, bigoted, hateful constructs like The Hierarchy of Human Value.

For the record, my view on race is this: There is one race – the human race. All members thereof are 100% image-bearers of the one true God.

Nothing I think, say, or share here will ever be contrary to that fundamental reality, no matter how much the race-baiting, anti-Christian, bigoted Cultural Marxist Snowflakes of our age may squeal and whine to the contrary.

With all o’ that noted, let’s check out a recent example of The Hierarchy colliding with and attempting to crush yet another hapless, rudderless, crumbling American institution. In a nifty little article entitled Harvard’s Next President Finds a Teaching Moment Even Before Taking Office, The Sun reported that:

“Harvard University had only just announced its next president before he came under attack — not for anything he did, but for who he is.

That is, in the eyes of his critics, at least, a “white male.”

The New York Times greeted the selection with a news article reporting in its second paragraph that, in selecting Lawrence Bacow earlier this month, the search committee had missed “an opportunity for Harvard to choose a leader who would reflect the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements.”

Harvard’s student newspaper, the Crimson, of which I was president 25 years ago, reported that the announcement, “surprised and disappointed some College students who had hoped a person of color would take the University’s top job.”

Such intense reaction tells two newsworthy stories: a negative tale about the politics of race and gender on campus and a positive one about America and its Jews.

The Crimson described the incoming president as “the 28th white male to sit in the president’s Massachusetts Hall corner office.” The newspaper quoted a college junior, Sebastian Reyes, who said, “I think the one sort of thing I had in mind for the new president was that it would be a person of color, so it was really disheartening.”

Then the Crimson followed up with an op-ed column by Ruben Reyes Jr., who denounced the choice as “uninspiring and frankly a bit disappointing.” He described Mr. Bacow as “the second white, male economist named Lawrence to serve as Harvard’s president.” (Larry Summers, call your office.)

The Crimson columnist complained that Mr. Bacow “does not understand, first-hand, what it means to be reduced to your gender or the color of your skin.”

And there, precisely, is encapsulated the irony of the situation. The vanguard of the anti-racism, anti-sexism movement on campus looks at an individual chosen for a job and can’t see past his skin color or his gender. If Mr. Bacow didn’t “understand, first-hand” what it means to be reduced to gender or skin color before he was chosen for this job, he sure does now, because it appears to be the only thing, or the main thing, that his critics can see about him.”

After generations of sliding into Marxist, anti-Christian worldview approaches to life, law, culture, and education in America, this is where we are…and where we were always destined to arrive once we started down that path.

We are now a culture of overt, hostile racism, bigotry, and rage, all conducted in the name of equality, tolerance, and justice.

This is what happens when terms are perpetually redefined apart from the Word of God.

This is what liberty, tolerance, education, and equality become when evil becomes good and good becomes evil in a land, as it clearly has here in America.

We tackled the insanely racist course set for American culture last year in Raising Christian White Boys In A Culture Programmed To Hate Them, where we noted that:

“…in 2017 America – the self-described “land of the free and home of the brave” – to even use the word “white” like that is incredibly risky. It’s borderline taboo…minus the borderline.

You just don’t talk about white people, boys or not, as if they’re somehow deserving of equal consideration and treatment in America when we all know that every other gender (of which one is real), every other ethnicity, and every other religious perspective is totally deserving of “special consideration” above and beyond what “Christian white boys” in America ought to have or even expect.

You aren’t supposed to notice, and certainly not speak out against, the fact that American culture has been systematically programmed to embrace and promote an attitude of open hostility, discrimination, and disdain for several groups, with particular hostility acutely focused on Christian white boys, who literally embody the sin of being several problematic things all at once, namely: Christian, white, and male.

To be not only a male, but a young male in America, makes you the target of an anti-Christian educational system and a pagan pop-culture designed to feminize and castrate you by various means, including the mass prescription of mind altering drugs (and I mean literally mind altering – the brain is radically altered by these things) to compensate for and/or crush the more “annoying” aspects of maleness in youth.

To be a Christian – an actual Bible-believing Christian – in this culture makes you a fringe kook even in most “conservative Christian” churches. To actually believe in Jesus as Lord over everything in His creation for real is to be a relic of America’s Calvinistic past that it’s anti-Calvinistic/anti-Christian present can’t seem to ditch fast enough or impugn loudly enough.

I mean what kind of racist, sexist, homophopic, islamophobic, transphopic, global warming denying white devil do you have to be in America these days to dare to publically acknowledge that your children are, um, white, and that said whiteness is totally cool and good?”

As Christians, we dare not run from this fight. As Spirit-filled image-bearers of God, we cannot sit by and silently allow the obliteration of true equality of freedom, liberty, and justice for all to be trampled under the toxic, culture-destroying chaos of The Hierarchy of Human Value.

There is no inherently superior ethnicity. Opinions and perspectives are not to be ranked or considered in order of importance based on the ethnicity of those who hold the opinion or perspective in question.

And those who identify themselves primarily by their association with what Scripture clearly describes as sin and perversion are certainly not to be exalted above others in value or legitimacy because of their association with what is, plainly, evil.

All things – including the opinions of all people, equally regarded as image-bearers of the one true God – are to be tested by the perfect light of His Word.

That light is the unbreakable, unavoidable standard by which every hierarchy in His creation either rises or falls…which is precisely why advocates of The Hierarchy of Human Value do everything within their power to mock, undermine, and avoid the truth of Scripture.

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  1. About twenty years ago I had a supervisor who went to team training. When he returned he was truly perturbed. He told me that in about twenty years the only minority would be the white male.

  2. “…black or Asian women are more valuable than white women…”

    False. White women are the top of every food chain in this nation. They are the prime beneficiaries of nearly all social programs from WIC to Social Security, merely on the basis of numbers alone.

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